Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Write a Compound Sentence!

Remember: November is Family Blogging Month! 
This is the perfect post for family comments!

Mrs. Yollis' students are always trying to improve their writing skills.

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 A compound sentence:
  1. Combines two shorter sentences (so has TWO subjects)
  2. Joins the two sentences with  a conjunction (and, or, but, so)
  3. The comma goes BEFORE the conjunction.
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 Here are some sample compound sentences, and they are all about Thanksgiving!
(Hey, that's a compound sentence!) 

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, and many families gather for a traditional feast. 

In 1620, the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but they had really planned a trip to Virginia. 

 The Massachusetts winter was extremely cold and  harsh, so everyone had to work together to survive. 

The Wampanoag Indians helped the struggling Pilgrims, so they were able to harvest crops for their first feast. 

Modern Americans dine on turkey and stuffing at home, or they make a reservation at a local restaurant.


In the comment section, tell about your plans for Thanksgiving. Be sure to include at least two COMPOUND SENTENCES.


  1. Hello Mrs Yollis,
    My name is Anneliese and I am in Miss Jordan's grade in Leopold. At school we have been learning about Temperature in Maths, in Literacy our CAFE strategy is, Use pictures, illustrations and diagrams and in Inquiry we have been learning about First Contacts, which is the first fleet and the Aboriginals.

    In 4KJ we once had a brief discussion about simple, compound and complex sentences. A simple sentence has just one part to it. A compound sentence has two parts to it. A complex sentence has three parts to it.

    From Anneliese

    1. Dear Anneliese,

      What a wonderful comment!

      Your schoolwork sounds interesting. I would like to know all of the subjects you are learning right now, but I do not know all those subjects.

      There was one subject that particularly interested me. That subject was CAFE strategy. It looks like CAFE stands for something. It either stands for something or you are yelling cafe. Can you tell me what CAFE stands for?

      Complex sentences sound grand, but they also sound confusing. How do you write a complex sentence? Could you write one on the blog?


  2. Hi Mrs Yollis,

    It's Yunus from 4KJ. Just a couple of months ago we had August is Family Blogging Month. Jessica won this year.

    I don't know a lot about compound sentences but I do know that there are three types of sentences. There are the Simple, Compound and Complex. These sentences you should use when trying to make a good comment or post.

    This year we haven't learnt a lot about the different sentences.

    From Yunus

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love compound sentences! It is a fun way to make your vocabulary higher, but they are sometimes tricky.

    Here is a story with only using compound sentences, or conjunctions. ( Hey, thats a compound sentence!)

    It was the start of Monday night football, and the match up was between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. Packers won the coin toss, but they chose to receive the football. The Chicago Bears punter kicked all the way across the field, and the Packers ran it to the 40 yard line. It was a hard fought game between a rival that has seemed to gone on for ever, but the Chicago Bears won that game.

    Can you make up a story with only using compound sentences, or conjunctions?

    Your compound-loving friend,


  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Happy Thanksgiving to the people who celebrate it, and Happy Hanukkah to the people who celebrate it. I celebrate Thanksgiving, but I'm not Jewish. Do you celebrate both? If you don't, which do you celebrate?

    I like your gif that you made on this post. Get it Buck! also has a gif. If you want to see it, click on this:

    Get it Buck!

    I was obviously not a pilgrim because if I was, I wouldn't even be alive! Sometimes I still wonder why people are not still called pilgrims. For instants, my parents were reguarly from China. Then, when they married, they moved to America. They are immigrants, but why aren't they called pilgrims? Can anyone answer this question?

    This may be a whole different story, but when I searched up my question above, Wikipedia had a List of Mayflower passengers. They said that the passengers landed in the Plymouth Colony, which is now Massachusetts. It sounds like the Pilgrims. I'm not sure though. Does anyone have the answer? Here is a link to the website if you are intrested:

    List of Mayflower passengers

    Your interested student,

    1. Dear Heather,

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too! As you can see, I am not Jewish because I said Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      I am just as interested in Pilgrims as you are. This Thanksgiving, I am planning to dress up as a Pilgrim. The Pilgrims wore such interesting clothes back then. There are a couple of questions I am wondering about the Pilgrims. I am wondering why the Pilgrims wanted to go to Virginia in the first place. I am also wondering why the ship was called the Mayflower. Do you know the answer to my questions?

      I am also very interested in the Wampanoag Indians. The Wampanoag Indians helped the Pilgrims in a time of need. The most famous Indian in that tribe was Squanto. I am still wondering why Squanto was the most famous in the tribe. Do you know why?

      Anyways, I think the Wampanoag Indians were very kind to show the Pilgrims how to survive. For instance, the tribe probably showed the Pilgrims how to fish, pick corn, and many other things.

      As you may know, the two people shared a feast together. The main course was turkey that they hunted. The special day that they shared the feast was declared Thanksgiving Day.

      I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving Day, or Hanukkah!

      Your interested friend,

    2. @ Keira,

      I do not have any of the answers to any of your answers, but I am just wondering where you get all of your facts. Did you get them from Wikipedia, or maybe World Book Online?

      Like you, I also have a Pilgrim costume. Right now, it is too big for me. I am waiting to wear it for Colonial Day, in fifth grade!

      I don't know for sure, and I also don't want to spread a rumor, but I think that Squanto might have been the leader of the Wampanoag Indians. Would you want to be Squanto? If so, why?

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all who celebrate it! I usually eat turkey, with mashed potatoes, gravy (on the mashed potatoes), pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and some other foods that I can't remember. What do you usually dine on?


    3. @ Heather,

      Thank you for the reply!

      I have one reason I would not like to be Squanto. I would not like to be Squanto because he was once a slave. If that reason did not exist, I would be glad to be Squanto.

      On Thanksgiving, I usually dine on: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy (on the mashed potatoes), tri-tip, salad, and some other dishes that I cannot think of. If I think of some more, I will tell you. Can you remember any more foods that you dine on?


  5. @ Heather,

    You are a great blogger, and I think you are an excellent researchers. You always offer quality writing with exceptional vocabulary, and each of your comments show us that you proofread.

    Yes, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are very close together this year. Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday in November, but Hanukkah comes at a different time each year.

    You ask about pilgrims. There are several definitions.

    1. A pilgrim is a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.

    2. a member of a group of English Puritans fleeing religious persecution who sailed in the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.

    In my compound word post, I am referring to the Pilgrims. Notice I capitalized the word. That means I am talking about a special group of pilgrims, definition #2.

    Thank you for the link to the Mayflower passengers. Did you see that there were about 102 passengers, but about half of them died during the harsh winter in Massachusetts. I looked through the list you linked, and I noticed that there were some unusual names on the list.

    How many compound sentences did I include in my quality comment?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  6. Mrs. Chalfin and classNovember 6, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Here are a couple of new compound sentences for you.

    Squanto was a famous Indian, and he helped the Pilgrims.
    Since the Wampanoag Indians helped the Pilgrims, they survived the winter.

    From your new blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Chalfin's class ;-)

    1. Dear Mrs. Chalfin and class,

      We hope you had a wonderful experience blogging with us!

      I am so grateful that you are our new blogging buddies, so I decided to reply to your comment.

      Your first compound sentence is a terrific sentence, but I think the second compound sentence is grand.

      Can you come up with any more compound sentences?

      Happy blogging,

    2. Dear Mrs. Chalfin and class,

      Those are some very nice facts to know. Squanto sounds like a great and generous man, and he should win a Nobel Peace Prize (if there was one during their times).

      I love that you guys came over to our class to learn about blogging. I'd be careful if I were you. It is a great thing to do, but I find it addicting.

      I myself have a blog, and it is called Peter's Plentaful Posting's. I would love it, if you left a comment on my blog. Right now the most current post is called Rainbow Loom.

      The Wampanoag Indians were probably the greatest tribe in the whole word. I love history, and it is very fun to learn. I love that the two tribes met together, and they had a great feast called Thanksgiving.

      I have a question for you, and it includes a challenge. I'd love to know more about Squanto, and I'd like if you could give me some facts about him.



    3. @ Mrs. Chalfin's class, Peter, and Keira,

      Squanto sounds like a very nice man, who cares about his surroundings. I have heard of Squanto before, but then, I suddenly forgot. Thanks to you, now I remember.

      Peter, I agree with you. Squanto is a great and generous man.

      Everyone, I have a blog too (as many people know). My blog heading has two words that are alliterated, Perfect Post. The whole title is Heather's Perfect Post. Like Peter, my newest post is A New Fad and an Old Fad. If you want to go to my blog, click on this:

      Heather's Perfect Post

      Keira, I can come up with some compound sentences. The first one I got from Peter:

      Squanto sounds like a great and generous guy, and he should have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

      If the Wampanoag Indians hadn't helped the Pilgrims, they would have been dead.

      Massachusetts was called Plymouth Colony, but now it is called Massachusetts.

      That is all I have for the compounds, and I hope to see your reply soon!
      (That's a compound!)

      Can you come up with anymore compounds?


    4. Dear Heather,

      What a wonderful comment!

      I do have more compound sentences for you.

      The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth Colony, but really had planned a trip to Virginia.

      The Wampanoag Indians not only helped the Pilgrims, but the Wampanoag Indians saved the Pilgrims' lives.

      The Pilgrims' ship was called the Mayflower, and that ship is what took the Pilgrims to the Wampanoag Indians.

      That is all the compound sentences I have for today, but the next comment I will have more! (That was a compound sentence!)


    5. @ Keira,

      The speed that you see this comment and reply is amazing!

      I have some MORE compound sentences for you:

      The winter was very harsh, so many passengers died the first day.

      Some people's ancestors are Native Americans, but I'm not one of them.

      Wikipedia has many facts, but not all of them are easy to figure out.

      Only one baby was born during the trip, and his name was Oceanus Hopkins.

      Squanto was kidnapped by an English fisherman, and he was then taken to England to be a slave.

      Squanto endured the slave time, and he finally escaped England.

      That is all I know about Squanto and the compound sentences with conjunctions in a variety.

      Can you still add on to our list?

      Your impressed friend,

  7. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Thanks so much for writing this blog post to share with us. I love to write and so do many other students from my class. My name is Olivia and I have left many comments on your blog before.

    I am from 4KJ down in Australia. And I love to blog so I find it very easy to do because I like it. We all like blogging down in Australia.

    We had Family Blogging Month in August this year and it was a great challenge. My best friend Jess one and I came second. I also left over 130 comments on the blog in just that month so I got a prize too.

    I wish you guys all the best with family blogging month and can't wait to see who won. I will keep checking on your blog after November and see who won. I will be sure to leave a comment for you all.

    We like compound sentences and like to try and use them during writing. My other friend Millie is very good at it and I think she will want to be a writer one day maybe.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

    1. Dear Liv,

      Thank you for an excellent comment!

      I think that your friend, Jess, was very lucky to have won Family Blogging Month. You said your amount of comments was 130, but you never said how many Jess had. Can you tell me how many comments Jess had?

      Thank you for wishing us a great Family Blogging Month and I hope that you have a great time in your Family Blogging Month in August.

      I hope your friend, Millie, will continue writing compound sentences and maybe she will become a writer.


  8. ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★

    @ Keira, Heather, and class,

    I love the discussion about the Pilgrims, and I certainly hope it continues.

    Use World Book Online to research facts about the Pilgrims and Squanto. Here are some question to think about:

    What hardships did the Pilgrim endure during their winter?
    Why did nearly half of them die?
    Who was Squanto?
    How is it that Squanto knew how to speak English?
    What did you find interesting in your research?

    Use the "Kids" section as you begin your research.

    Looking forward to hearing what you learn!

    Mrs. Y&hears;llis

    ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★ ✩ ★

  9. Hello Mrs. Yollis and class!

    My name is Lauren Bradley and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. I am currently enrolled a class that completely merges learning and technology. I am involved in a series called "Comments for Kids", where I am encouraged to check out different educational blogs such as yours and gain some insight. I must say that thanks to blogs like this, I CANNOT wait to start teaching and changing lives!

    What I love about this post is it is so effertlessly educational and fun. Post like get right to point, and involving your family makes it more interesting!

    What I have learned from the C4K series is that blogs create an audience for the students, whether it be parents, guardians or people halfway across the world, they are motivated to learn. I have not yet seen a blog like yours are I want to let you know you are greatly appreciated!

    Lauren Bradley

    1. Bryce, Sheila, and PeterNovember 12, 2013 at 2:33 PM

      Dear Lauren,

      Hi! Thanks for a fabulous comment on my wonderful teacher's blog;) My name is Peter, and I am one of Mrs. Yollis' students. The C4K series sounds like a great session to attend. I am only in elementary school, but I'm curious about college. What is it like? Do you like to sleep at college? Do you enjoy being with your friends?

      I myself have a blog, and it is called Peter's Plentiful Posting's. Here is a link to it: Peter's Plentiful Postings

      Bryce likes that you are blogging on Mrs. Yollis' blog for us. Sheila likes that you used high level vocabulary in the stellar comment. Peter likes that with other educators just for the fun of it, and for the sake of learning.

      Have you left comments here before?


      Bryce, Sheila, and P♣t♣r

  10. Hello again Mrs. Yollis and class! I hope you have some plans for Thanksgiving for as I well have some plans! I got off work and school, so, I get to go home and see my family! Should we eat apple pie or should we eat pumpkin pie? Have an absolute great Holiday Season!

    1. Dear Lauren,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment!

      I think that you should eat pumpkin pie rather than cherry pie. One reason I am saying that is because I do not like cherries. Another reason I am saying that is because pumpkin pie is my favorite pie on Thanksgiving. I think that you and your family should really decide though.

      (If you want to see a post on pie, here is a link: Pie Fixes Everything)

      What kind of pie do you fancy?


  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I love this post about compound sentences and Thanksgiving as they are two of my favorite topics. I absolutely love Thanksgiving, and I love to write compound sentences!

    Did you notice that the word Thanksgiving is a compound word and is made up of the words thanks and giving?

    This leads me to the next portion of my post and to my favorite holiday plans.

    You ask what our plans are for Thanksgiving.

    Our family has started a ritual each year where we remember to give thanks, and every member of our family makes sure to actively participate in giving.

    Each year, we volunteer at a local event where we have the opportunity to greet, seat, and serve senior citizens and veterans from the community at a special senior Thanksgiving luncheon.

    It is a very special experience for us because we get to give back to the community. We get to meet some very special people, and we make sure that they have a nice meal and company on Thanksgiving.

    Many of the people we serve do not have any family to go to on the holiday, and it touches our hearts to be there for them. It also reminds us just how fortunate we are to go home to our family, and that we have our loved ones sharing our Thanksgiving meal with us.

    Another ritual we make sure to partake in is to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. That is a very important component of the holiday.

    Do you have a family ritual during Thanksgiving?

    Liat (Chloe's mom)

  12. Hi Mrs. Yollis and class,

    My name is Keri Brown. I am a student at the University of South Alabama, and I am majoring in Elementary Education. I am currently enrolled in the course EDM310. In this course we are learning about different uses of technology for our future classrooms. Each week we are assigned a "C4K," or comment for kid. I have been privileged to get to see so many different kid blogs and classroom blogs by doing this. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking around on your blog. The organization is wonderful! I also love that you have included your family in this blog post.

    Every year for Thanksgiving I have lunch with my family and grandparents for our big meal. At this meal, we all talk about what we are most thankful for. Our Thanksgiving is a very relaxing day for the most part. I normally get up early with my dad and my brother to go hunting. When we get home from the hunting club, it is normally "nap time" until lunch. After lunch all of the girls rest up to go shopping at midnight to start our "Black Friday."

    I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!


  13. Eva (Keira's Stepmom)November 15, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house. We will have 20 family members to feed, but that is nothing compared to last year. Last year, we had 30 family members celebrating with us!

    I will be cooking the turkey while my husband, Casey, will be barbequing tri-tip. Our oven isn't big enough to cook enough meat for everyone, so we have to extend our kitchen into our backyard.

    My husband requested all family members dress as Super Heroes, but Keira proposed we dress as Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians.

    Which one would you prefer to dress as at your Thanksgiving celebration?

    Eva (Keira's Stepmom)

  14. Hello my name is Cori Burks ,and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. My major is Secondary Education/ History. This semester I am taking EDM310 with Dr.Strange. We have assignments in this class that require commenting on different blogs. This week I was assigned to yours and it was interesting. I really enjoy all of your graphics.

    My plans for Thanksgiving consist of going home to Montgomery ,and spending time with family and friends. I am so excited to see my hometown friends. The holidays are our annual Reunion season. It is sure to be filled with laughs and shenanigans. More than anything I plan to cook and eat to my heart's content. It will be weird to cook without my sister this year ,but I know she'd want the holiday to be the same. All in all, I look forward to my Thanksgiving this year.


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