Thursday, November 21, 2013

Incredible Stories!

Our new language arts unit is called Incredible Stories.

Here is the definition of incredible:

incredible (in kre də bəl)

1. impossible to believe

✽     ✽     ✽     ✽     ✽

 Dogzilla, by Dav Pilkey, is the first incredible story in the unit.

In this fantasy, a monstrous mutt emerges from an ancient volcano after the irresistible scent of barbecue from the Mousopolis Annual Cook-Off drifts his way. Like the movie character, Godzilla, Dogzilla terrorizes the town. The citizens of Mousopolis drive the colossal canine out the city is a humorous the dastardly dog a bubble bath!

The best sentence in the silly story is this one, full of word play:

The Big Cheese tried to catch up to the hot dog with all the relish he could muster.  

Dav Pilkey is a real wordsmith!

✽     ✽     ✽     ✽     ✽

In class, we have been making up and telling incredible stories. 

You're invited to leave an incredible story of your own in our comment section!

Try to use some:

Alliteration : repeated beginning sound  
Example: panicking pooch

Word Play : using words that have more than one meaning in an effort to be humorous

 Quotations : use punctuation correctly 

"What are you, man or mouse?" asked the Big Cheese. 
The Big Cheese asked, "What are you, man or mouse?

 Three sentence stories are acceptable!

We look forward to reading your incredible story!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I have an absolutely amazing fantasy story for you.

    Once there was an animal named Crunch. Crunch was a sweet animal who didn't like to harm people. He was also very fast. One day, he even jumped over the moon and landed right wear he started!

    I think that is a crazy story.



  2. Clare and Ali PfahlerNovember 22, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    Sparkles' Adventure
    Once there was a unicorn named Sparkles the Wonderful. One day she saw a rainbow, and at the end of the rainbow, there was pot of gold. Next to the pot of gold, a leperchaun gaurding it. Sparkles really wanted the gold, but she had to get past the leperchaun, so she used her kung- fu ninja skills to knock him down. As she was doing this, she realized that the leperchaun was her brother. Sparkles said "Sorry my sassy shrimp. You are just so short." Then, she helped him up, and he was so grateful, he gave her the pot of gold.

    Clare and Ali Pfahler (your former student)

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    We have some incredible stories that we want to share with you:

    1. One day, a naughty boy named George who brought a balloon. It had an iron attached to the bottom of the balloon. After one minute, he floated up to space!

    2. Once there was a cat named Mouse. She lived in California. Mouse got chased by a dog. She got so scared, she jumped to Russia!

    3. One day, Heather and Sheila got their flutophones. Right on that day, they had a play-date planed. The two girls played them over and over, and when they played the flutophone for the one hundredth time, the flutophones grew as big as an elephant!

    4. Lenny the Leopard was resting on the soft grass. She had been tired chasing after a deer all day, and she actually failed. "Why do I have to have all of the bad luck," Lenny thought to herself. Lenny looked around, and once she did, a plump deer popped right out of nowhere in her mouth!

    5. In October, a mouse for a computer was being used. The mouse clicked on hyperlinks, and all sorts of things. Then the mouse came alive!

    6. Pork the Pig was rolling in a puddle of mud. On his "To Do List", Pork wanted to eat, sleep, and roll in puddles of mud. One Wednesday, he decided to go to Texas, and he teleported to Texas with a hat and clothes!

    Those are the incredible stories that we have for now.

    Your creative students,
    Heather and Sheila


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