Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Josefina Story Quilt

Second graders are reading The Josefina Story Quilt by Eleanor Coerr. This historical fiction book is about a family of pioneers who head out for California in the 1850s. Faith, the main character,  wants to bring her hen, Josefina, on the trip west even though Pa says she is useless. He said that Josefina is too old to lay eggs and too tough to eat!

Ma gave Pa  a special look, and then Pa changed his mind. Pa did say that if Josefina caused any trouble she'd have to go.

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Pick a character from the book and drop us a comment from his/her point-of-view!

How are you enjoying the journey west?  

What exciting events have occurred? 


  1. Ma and Adam (Shayna and Aashi)May 2, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    Hello Partners!

    Ma and Adam talkn' here.

    That was one bumpy ride alright.

    For the first time I agree with my husband. Yeah, why oh, why did I jump in that dirty river to save Josefina. Now my boots are filled with muddy water! I just hate it when Faith gets all emotional with that hen. And then out of no where Josefina laid an egg. Now Faith won't get fussy about Josefina not coming for the rest of the trip. Ma, I think you're right. Josefina is now helpful. Yum, scrambled eggs for

    Almost Californians,
    Ma and Adam

  2. Will Wagon ( Nate and Daniel)May 2, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    Howdy Everyone,

    I hate this trip! When does this trip end? These oxen are crazy! Why do they run through rivers? Do these oxen know what I have been through? My wheels are aching.

    Why did these people decide to take this trip?

    Will Wagon

  3. Deer pEoPle,

    Todey we crosed a very ROcky rever. I was so scard and mad lots of nose. Me was glad that fath tok me oot of me cag. i love how FATh stoked the fethers on i.

    ThiNGs got wors. ThE wagon Whel got stuK in a hol. ThIngs got evin WOrS! FAth let go of my and i fel in to the rever. Fath cride,"Help josefina! help her!" "By by to me," i thot! Just Then, Adem jumped in and tryed to sav me. but the curent caryed her awey too. it tok tree men to tak adem and me out. I thot it was my last dey.

    ThiNGS got better. ME layed a beutful purfect eg?

    *sigh* stil a long wai to go.

    me hop my liv,

  4. Howdy, everyone!

    The trip has been going well so far, but some parts like the rivers are bad. For example, I just fell into the Missouri River. Adam tried to rescue me but the current was to strong for him too. Three men came to rescue us, and in a jiffy we were safe. But, after we were safe Pa said I have to go. Luckily, I produced an egg in the nick of time! Pa changed his mind and said I can stay. Now we are across the river and on the trail again. I can not wait till we get to California!

    When will we get there?

    Cluck Cluck,

  5. Oliver Ox (class)May 2, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Howdy, everyone!

    This is Oliver Ox, and I have been pulling this heavy covered wagon for months. When will we get to California?

    We just crossed the Missouri River, and we got stuck! One of the wheels got stuck in a hole, and it was a catastrophe! Even that useless hen got involved! When we hit the bump, Faith had her in her arms and let her go. She fell into the river and got caught in the current. Who jumps in? Adam. Adam got caught in the current too. Who jumps in? Bob McDaniel, Marty Squirrelhawk, and Joe Yollis! What a mess! Luckily, all four were rescued and the old hen as well!

    When will we get rid of that silly hen?

    Yours truly,
    Oliver Ox

  6. Josefina ( Peter and Ali)May 2, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    Dear Josefina,

    Just because your owner is Faith I am in charge of the WAGON! ( which right now is also leaving a comment) I hope you're happy because if you even DARE to cause any trouble OUT YOU GO ! I don't care if you are a pet of my daughter, you still don't even mean a THING to me!

    You 're good for now,


  7. Faith (real name ) bryceMay 2, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    Howdy everyone,

    My name is Faith. This has been a humdinger of a time on the trip.

    First, stubborn Pa won't let me take Josephina. Then Ma gives Pa a special look. Then he says I can take Josephina.

    Next, we go in a river and our wheel sinks. What could be worse? This could take forever if the old hen doesn't make those mistakes. Josefina falls in the water and with the river's current it is even worse. Now Adam needs to jump in the water and save Josefina. That doesn't do the trick so three men need to go in and fish out Adam and the hen. Then Pa now says that Josefina has to go, and then out of no where Josefina lays an egg. That is a relief.

    I hope this ends better.



  8. Josefina (Chloe)May 2, 2013 at 1:39 PM

    This comment was made using Google Translate. Chicken/English ;-)

    Cluck Bak. Yollis,

    Clock bak bak cluck-idy-bak back!

    Clock cluck bak bak bak idy back cluck peek. Click baky bak bak cluck claock wok cluck bak back. Cloack clock bakie bak back crock a bak brack. :-(

    Back backily,

    Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love the incredible post!

    I do think that grouchy Pa needs to be more kind. It wasn't my fault that the wheel fell in the hole. Though I do agree that I did a little trouble. :-(


  9. Hello there! My name is Dharyl and I am from Mr.Miller's class. What a great post. I love how she wants to bring her hen even though it's useless. Just because it's useless doesn't mean you have to treat it that way. Does your class think that the hen will be going away or do they think Josefina will stay? Have fun blogging!

  10. Dear Mrs. Yollis/Diary,

    I, Faith, am extremely anxious to arrive to California. It has occurred to me that California is going to be a fantastic place. A lot of famous song talk about “California Dreaming”, and soon I am going to be in that “California Dream”.

    “California Ho!” yelled Pa when we started heading for California. A smile lit to my face, and I myself exclaimed,
    “California, here we come!” Full of enthusiasm.

    I have been busy in Will the Wagon creating a quilt full of memories. My mom gave me the wonderful idea of constructing this quilt so then I could have memories from where I was before I arrived to California.

    A scene that I truly HATED was when Josefina, one of my best companions almost died because every animal was after her. Luckily, Pa was strict and speaking with authority, he ordered Josefina to come back at the moment.

    Another scene that was scary, but didn’t terrify me as much as the one above was when Josephina jumped out of Will and into the river. I went in to save my best friend’s life, but the current took me away too, so, Pa jumped in to rescue both of us, and he succeeded! But, it was not over, Pa announced that Josefina was causing too much trouble for our family. Just at that moment, Josefina laid a beautiful, shiny egg. That made Pa change his mind about leaving Josefina. I was proud of Josefina and I was happy about the decision Pa had made.


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