Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fabulous Fads!

Currently, Mrs. Yollis' third graders are reading

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 
by the wonderful, well-known author, Beverly Cleary.

We have just finished reading hilarious Chapter 3, "The Hard-Boiled Egg Fad!"

In this chapter, Ramona and all her third grade buddies are having fun with the latest fad: packing a hard-boiled egg in their lunches each day. The fad isn't just about eating a hard-boiled egg, however! It's really all about cracking it on your head before you peel it!

Some of the kids use the timid "rap-rap-rap" method. Others, like Ramona, like to show-off with one big "whack" to the head!

The fad is not so much fun anymore for Ramona, when she finds that the egg
she thought was hard-boiled was really raw! Boy, how humiliating!


A fad is something that is very popular for a short time, and fads can be a lot of fun! Fads often involve fashion, an activity, or some kind of toy or trinket.

In your comment, tell us about a fad that you know about.

What is popular right now where you live? 

What has been popular in the past?

Family members and friends, this is a great post for you to get involved in! Tell us about fads that were popular 
when you were young!


  1. I remember the shoulder pads in the 1980s. Why we gals had to have big ole' shoulder pads in all our outfits is beyond me. I was actually cleaning out a drawer recently and found a pair of the detachable kind we use to add to our outfits. What were we thinking?! "The Breakfast Club" & "16 Candles" are great examples of the shoulder pad style back then. Too funny!
    Flash back moment.
    Ryan's Mom

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I go to New York every Christmas. My cousin's school had a crazy fad! It was wearing silly pants to school! My 12 year old boy cousin was wearing pink shorts with cupcakes on it! Me and my family were laughing so hard! What was a fad you've gone through?



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