Saturday, March 3, 2012

QuadBlogging Begins! Week 1

Mrs. Yollis' class enjoys sharing and learning with other classes. This year, they are QuadBlogging buddies with three other classes! For the next four weeks, these classes will connect and learn about each other.

Here is a fabulous video we made last year explaining how QuadBlogging works! QuadBlogging was invented by @deputymitchell. Learn more about Quadblogging here.

Mrs. Yollis' class will start the process!

*     *     *     *     *

Mrs. Yollis' class is an enthusiastic group of third graders. There are twenty-five students in the class, and they live in a suburb of Los Angeles, California.  Students enjoy learning and meeting other classroom bloggers. The class maintains two blogs, Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog and the Yollis' 366 Project.  The 366 project is a daily digital documentation. Anyone, including YOU, can submit a photo of the day. Just email Mrs. Yollis an interesting photo with some text to accompany the shot!

We have two blog mascots, Panda and Beverly. Panda is a polite, punctual, panda who enjoys pole-vaulting. Beverly is big and un-bear-ably cute. Although bears only hibernate in the winter, she seems to go into a deep sleep quite often! 

Mrs. Yollis' students have been in school since August 2011, so they have numerous posts in the blog archive. 
(An archive is a list of past posts published. Hey, that's alliteration!
The archive is located in the sidebar.)

Here are some class recommendations to help you 
get to know Mrs. Yollis' bloggers!

Madison recommends that you check out Poly-gone from our 366 Project. Here you will see Mrs. Yollis' new puppy, Buck, helping her grade the geometry tests!

Parsa and Brenden recommend Orange You From California?  They like this post from our class 366 project because it has a pun in the title. Plus, the fabulous photo was taken by guest photographer, Mrs. Morris! 

  Sarah and Kelly recommend another 366 post called Seed Pod or Mr. Green. It features Buck, Mrs. Yollis' new puppy, making a judgement about what to eat.

  Ellie recommends a post that features her dad. It is called Fire Safety With Ellie's Dad. This an important post for all to read!

  Alyssa and Leila recommend our 100,000 Visitors post! We created a movie to welcome in a new place value position...the hundred thousands place!

Parsa and Brenden are back with one more recommendation. Check out Skyping With 4KM and 4KJ. Learn about Australia and the United States. We look forward to meeting B4 and Skyping with Mr. Salsich's class again!

Sasha thinks that you should check out Google Earth Geometry. See how we investigated our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., while identifying 2 and 3-D features!

  Beverly recommends you check out her post called Beverly's a Pirate! (Do so at your own risk!)

  Mrs. Yollis' recommends you take a look our student blogs. So far, six students have earned their own blogs by demonstrating responsible work habits and regularly participating in our class blog.

  Panda recommends that you watch this video.  He says you will learn FIVE tips to help you compose a quality comment! Remember it is important to make a good impression when leaving a comment.

Tips for writing a quality comment:

1. Compliment the writer in a specific way.
2. Make a connection
3. Add relevant information.
4. End with a question if you'd like to start a conversation.
5. Proofread! (Anything underlined in red is probably misspelled.)

We look forward to meeting everyone and getting some conversations going!

Please leave us a comment telling us about yourself! 

Feel free to ask questions!


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Wow this is just great that you are quad blogging once again with your pals.
    Somehow I have got the feeling that you are all going to learn heaps from each other.

    I am so looking forward to reading all about what you have learnt from each other, but the best thing of all is while you are all learning is the friendships that are been formed.

    Happy Quad Blogging everyone.


    1. ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★

      @ AA,

      How perfect that you would be the first person to comment on our QuadBlogging post!

      For visitors who don't know, AA is a former parent from Mrs. Morris' class (Australia) two years ago. She has consistently supported our classroom learning and is a role model for parents about how to get involved in education. Love it!

      I noticed that Bianca has 10,000 visitors on her blog. What a milestone! I left her a congratulatory comment!

      A million thanks for all your support, AA!

      Mrs. Y&hearats;llis

      ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★ ♥ ★

    2. Dear Mrs yollis,
      today everyone enjoyed
      skyping with you and the class today
      bye for now bye

      shakira (4KJ)

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    A new QuadBlogging adventures begins. The quadblog posts I've seen have been fantastic in the past so I know there will be some great posts with the new quadblog.

    Your instructional videos are wonderful, particularly the video clip explaining how to write quality comments. Commenting is a great way to show others you've read their posts and thought enough to leave a comment.

    I hope I have the chance to visit some of your posts soon.

    Do you know what topics or activities you will be dealing with in posts? It's exciting to wait and see what will happen. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Dear Mr. Mannell,

      Thank you for leaving our class a comment! QuadBlogging is one of our favorite things about blogging. You get to learn about three different classes!

      You are right, blogging is wonderful way to show the other person that you are reading their posts.

      Usually, in quadblogging, you see posts about what the other class is learning, or interesting activities that they really enjoyed.

      Hope to hear from you on Leila's blog, Leila's Lounge, and Mia's blog, Mia's Marvelous Moments.

      M♥a and Le♥la

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Hi, I'm Skye and I am from 4KJ.

    What a great post! If someone did not know how to write a quality comment they should come and have a look at this post. Also, if they did not know what quad blogging is they should come to this post.

    I will tell you a bit about myself:
    I love Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris as teachers.
    I love blogging especially with other people.
    I am in a family of four.
    My favourite colour is purple and my favourite food is chocolate.

    If you want to visit my blog this is the address:

    Your blogging buddy from down under,

    Skye ♥

    1. @ Skye,

      Thank you for your quality comment! You are right, someone who doesn't know how to write a quality comment should watch the video.

      A little bit about myself:
      I love Mrs. Yollis and my classmates.
      My favorite color is black and my second favorite is purple!
      My two favorite foods are chocolate and peanut butter.
      I'm in a family of three, and we have a dog.

      I can't wait to check out your blog, and look forward to seeing you and your class via Skype again soon.

      Do you play any sports?

      Your blogging buddy,

    2. Dear Skye,
      That was a realy good comment you left on this blog. It must of taken a lot of time to write that comment. I like the closing you put for your comment.
      from Maddy in 4KM

    3. @ Rexon,

      Thanks for replying to me. It would be cool if we had a conversation.

      I also like peanut butter. Also, I have a dog. His name is Kyza and is a Boxer dog. Do you know what's weird, he does boxing with my dad.

      I can't wait to skype again and hopefully I'll get to meet you.

      I play netball and do ballet.

      From Skye

      @ Maddy,

      Thanks for writing compliments about my comment. It didn't take that long to write.

      From Skye

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    My name is Thomas from 4KM and 4KJ.This is a wonderful poast.Thanks for the tips about blogging,

    I am going to have lots of fun doing quad blogging with all of our friends through out the world.I will also be blogging at home.This is my first time blogging on your blog this year.

    I have never done quad blogging so this going to be fun.I hope you have fun quad blogging with us.

    bye for now

    1. @ Thomas,

      Thank you for leaving us a quality comment. We, too, hope we have fun with quad blogging.

      Let me tell you about myself.
      My name is Trey, and my favorite color is blue. My favorite sport is baseball, and the team I follow is called the Dodgers. In fact, I have been to their stadium and watched them play. I'm from a family of six, and I have two sisters and one brother.

      Also my friend will tell you a little about himself.

      My name is Etai, and my favorite color is orange.
      My favorite sport is soccer, and I follow the Spanish team Real Madrid.

      Please tell us a little about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?

      Your blogging buddies,
      Trey and Etai

    2. @ Trey and Etai

      thanks for reaplynig to my comment.
      Some of my hobbis are playing sports,playing music and I like playing Moshi Monsters on the computer.If you aye wondering what Mosh Monsters is,well its a game that you play on the computer,you hve too adopt a monster and try and keep it alive.

      from your new blogging buddy

  5. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    I am Clancy from 4KJ. It will be so fun to quad blog with you but I must say that I like the new post!

    When did you start your blog called Yollis 366 project?

    I think your puppy Buck is cute. He looks like he is getting a bit annoying.

    From Clancy (4KJ)

    1. @ Clancy,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment.
      We started the 366 blog in the beginning of the year of 2012. We also have annoying dogs too! Maya's dog Jasper barks all the time,and steals my toys. Logan's dog Tiger always cries a lot ,and chases his chew toy and that is very annoying when he does it all day.( yaaw ) but we still love them.

      Logan and Maya

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    My name is Iesha and I am from Australia in 4KJ.
    I think quadblogging is great!
    I can't wait for more blogging ideas.

    From you're new friend,

    1. Dear Iesha,

      It is nice to meet you!

      I think that quadblogging is great too! Since you can not wait to get more blogging ideas I will tell you some fun places to go! The first place is my blog! words . Another place is The 365/366 blog! words . They are both a lot of fun!

      Here is a little bit about myself.

      • My favorite color is purple.

      • My favorite food is lobster and crab.

      • I live in a family of four.

      • All types of candy is my favorite!

      • My favorite animal is dogs.

      Can you tell me anything about yourself?

      Best Wishes,

  7. Dear everyone,
    I think QuadBlogging is a fabulous idea.How did you come up with it?

    I really like your blog,but Im not on it that much

    your friend,
    Bronte (4KJ Australia)

    1. Kelly and J♥rdynMarch 5, 2012 at 12:20 PM

      Dear Bronte,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Kelly has a friend whose name is Bronte.

      We did not come up with QuadBlogging, Mr. Mitchell from England did.

      Jordyn likes to play soccer and Kelly loves to do ballet. What is your favorite/favourite thing to do?


      ♥Kelly and ♥ Jordyn

    2. Dear Kelly and Jordyn,
      sorry its taken me a while to reply too you,
      anyway my favourite thing to do is horse riding(i'm HORSE CRAZY!) I have tried soccer and ballet when I was really young.

      your blogging buddy,

  8. Hi Mrs Yollis and class,

    Hi I am James from 4KM.
    Wow what a great post. I liked the idea of the quad blogging. It is really cool, so was the video from youtube.

    from James

    1. @ James,

      Thank you for the interesting comment.

      We also think the idea of quad blogging is awesome. Meeting new friends is fun!

      Here are some facts about us:

      I am Parsa, and I like playing basketball. In fact, I play on an after school team every Tuesday. The coach is teaching me how to protect the ball from being stolen from the other team. He says to hold the ball tightly and pivot way from the opponent.

      My name is Aidan, and I love to play basketball and play video games. I also do an after school enrichment class for basketball. My favorite video games to play are: NBA 2k12 and NCAA College Football.

      What are your hobbies?

      Aidan and Parsa

  9. Dear rs Yollis and class,

    Hi I'm Maddy from 4KM,
    It sounds like Quad Blogging is going to so much fun.
    Hopefuly we get to skye soon. The post is fantastic. A realy good comment is inportent and it is also realy good if you re read your comment

    from Maddy

    1. Dear Maddy,

      That was a wonderful comment. my name is Madison my friends call me Maddy. Is Maddy your full name or do your friends only call you Maddy.

      My favorite hobby is gymnastics. I go to a gym four days a week to practice. It starts a 4:00 and ends at 8:00.

      What are your hobbies?

      (Mrs. Yollis' student)

    2. Dear Madison,
      Thannk you for replying to my comment. My full name is Madeline so my friends call me Maddy because it is easy to say. I also do gym my gym starts at 4.00 and ends at 5.00. My hobby is writing. See you on Friday when we skype again. Your grade dose a lot of blogging.

      from Maddy

  10. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    I think this is great that you are quad blogging with Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan's class.

    I remember way back when I first meet you I was in grade two with Mrs Morris. I am now in grade four.
    When we blogged with you it was called Collabrating.

    Oh before I forget I am BB and have been blogging for a few years now and have made heaps of friends because of blogging.
    Hope you all have fun and learn heaps.

    From your friend,

    1. ♥Sarah and Ell♥e♥March 5, 2012 at 1:40 PM

      Dear Bianca,

      We really enjoyed reading your comment! Ellie and I agree, quad blogging is a good idea.

      Here are some things about us:

      Our names are Sarah and Ellie, and our favorite/favourite colors are blue and purple.

      We both cherish KitKat candy bars.

      We both treasure piano. Sarah has been taking lessons for two years, and Ellie plays on her own.

      Here is a link to Sarah's blog where she plays the piano!

      Listen to Beethoven!

      We have some questions for you:

      What does heaps mean?

      How many people in your class adore Vegemite?

      What are you learning in school, and is it fun?

      What is your favorite subject in school? Ours is math.

      We hope you will continue to leave us some quality comments!

      ♥Sarah and Ell♥e♥

    2. @ :) Sarah and Elle :),

      I am so glad you enjoyed reading my comment.

      My top two favourite colours are Blue and Aqua.
      I used to do piano but now I do Musical Theatre
      which means I act, dance and sing.

      Heaps mean lots of things for example I have heaps (lots) of lollies.

      I think lots of people in my grade enjoy Vegemite it is YUMMY.

      In Grade 4 we are learning about Australia and it is so much fun.

      My favourite subjects are Sport, Art, Music, Reading, Intergrated Studies, Spelling, Indonesian, Literacy and Maths.

      I sure will leave you more comments.

      From your pal,

  11. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Hi I'm Jess from 4KJ! I am really looking foward to do some quad blogging with you guys!

    I have really wanted to ask you some questions so here I go
    When you are shopping do you see any pop stars or any body famous?

    What do mostley do in class and is it fun?
    Do you have a very big school and do you have an oval?

    Also here are some things about myself,

    My favourite colour is black.

    My favourite food is prawn crackers.

    From your blogging buddy

    1. @ Jess,

      Wow! You are a fabulous blogger! What a comment!

      Yes, we both have seen celebrities. We've seen Derick Fisher and Jack Black.

      We are learning about perimeter and area, and it is very fun. Area is measured in square units. To learn about area, we made squares. For example, we made a square inch, a square foot, a square yard, and even a square meter. Maybe Mrs. Yollis will let us build them again, and we can make it the photo of the day.

      The population of our school is around 584 students. We do not have a big play area. What is an oval?

      Here is a little information about us. Both of us love the color/colour black. We also adore chocolate with peanut butter. Here in America you can buy a candy called Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and it is a mixture of both. Yum! Have you ever had a Reeses?

      What are prawn crackers?

      What are you learning in school, and is it fun?

      ⚔ Rexon and Sammy ⚓

    2. Hi Sammy and rexon,

      Thankyou for calling me a fabulous blogger and I think you guys are fabulous bloggers too!

      Wow you saw Jack Black once. Also who is Derick Fisher?

      It also sounds like you two like learning about perimeter and area. I also hope she lets you build them again.

      You guys have 584 kids that is alot. My has around about 700 and something. That is a bit sad that you guys dont have a big play area. For our school we have a very big play area. We have a bit of a play area for nearly each year level.

      An oval is a big oval of grass that you can play sports on and all other kinds of things.

      You both like the colour black too. I also love chocolate. Reeses sound yum and I've never had them.

      Prawn crackers are something that you can get with Chinese food in Australia.[they are very yum.]

      I am lerning about Australia and decimals and it is so FUN!


  12. Dear Mrs Yollis and Class

    I am Max from 4KJ in Australia.

    I have never done quad bloging before so I think it will be so much fun.I can't wait to skype with you again.
    I don't know B4 and Mr Salsich very well so I am looking forward to keep comenting on thier blogs.

    Talk Soon Max

    1. @ Max,

      I am in Mrs. Yollis' class, and this is the second time that I have done QuadBlogging. I like that you get to learn about the other classes experiences, and what they do in their class.

      Here are some things about me:
      *I play volleyball and dance in my school's variety show.
      *I love dragons.
      *I have a dog and a fish.
      *I love blogging.

      Do you have any pets? What do you like to play?


  13. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Great post! Oh, I forgot to tell you my name, I'm Millie from 4KJ.

    I'm really excited about QuadBlogging with everyone. This my second time QuadBlogging and I'm really excited.

    Some things about myself are:

    ♥ My favourite foods are pinapple and probably chocolate.
    ♥ I love playing netball.
    ♥ I am in a family of four with a brother, mum and dad.
    ♥ I think the 4KM and 4KJ and your blog are really cool.

    A question for you is, what is the most popular foods you eat?
    Another is, can you name some popular shops in California for me?

    Your blogging buddy from down under,
    Millie :-)

    1. Dear Mille,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am also excited about QuadBlogging. I am too a family of four with my brother and my mom and dad. My brother is away for college though and I miss him.

      Here are some things about me:
      • My favorite/favourite color is pink.
      • I love ballet and dance almost every day
      • I have a greyhound named Diesel. He used to run races and we rescued
      him. He is very sweet and gentle.
      • My favorite foods are chocolate, french fries and strawberries.
      •I love blogs and I have my own.

      A popular shop in California is Target. You can find almost anything there like food, clothes and lots of toys! I love Target and wished my mom would go there more often.
      What is your favorite store in Australia?



    2. Dear Millie,

      Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on our blog!

      This will be my second time QuadBlogging an I am also really excited to comment on everyones blogs.

      Here are some things about me:

      • I like jump roping and hula hooping.
      • I play soccer
      • My favorite color is blue.
      • My favorite food is pasta.

      Some of the most popular kid foods here are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, and hamburgers.

      Popular kids clothing stores are Abercrombie and Fitch and Justice.

      Department stores: Target, Walmart, Macy's, and Nordstrom.

      Grocery Stores: Vons, Gelson's, and Ralphs.

      What are some popular stores in Australia?

      ⚓ Leila ⚓

  14. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    My name is Sophie and I am in 4KJ.
    I am looking foward to doing quad blogging with you.
    This is the second year my class has had a blog
    but last time my class had a blog we didn't do much blogging.

    Here are some things about me:
    I live in a family of 4,
    My favourite colour is blue,
    My favourite food is nachos,
    I like to do athletics,
    I do lots of swimming.

    Here are some questions:
    Have you done quad blogging before?
    Is this the first time you have had a blog?

    From your blogging buddie,

    1. @ Sophie,

      Thank you for leaving our class a comment! No, this is not the first time our class has done quad blogging. Our class quad blogged with Our World, Our Stories

      Our world our stories was a blog with a lot of classes and we shared things about our state or country. For example, when It was our week, we chose popular songs, so every class would pick a popular song from their state or country. Each class got to know a lot about all of the classes at the end because most students and teachers commemted and asked a lot of questions.

      Here are some things about me:

      ∆ I am in a family of four. I have a brother, mom, and dad

      ∆ My favorite color/colour is vibrant purple

      ∆ My favorite food is frozen yogurt and crab

      ∆ My hobbies include doing gymnastics, playing soccer, dancing, and playing the piano

      That's what happened to me. When I was in Mrs. Levy's class in 1rst grade, we had a class blog, but we didn't really go on the blog that much. At the end of each day, we would do a class comment on what we did. The most people that commented was the parents. Not the students.

      Is this your first quad blogging?

      From your blogging buddy,

    2. Dear Mia,

      Thank you for replying to my comment.
      By how you explained quad blogging it
      sounds like lots of fun. What is your
      favourite part about quad blogging?

      Yes, this is my first time quad blogging.

      From your blogging buddie,

    3. @ Sophie,

      I think that this is a wonderful conversation! That is one of the reasons why I love quadblogging. You get to communicate and have conversations, like this one.

      If this is your first time quadblogging, then you are REALLY good at it! The first time I quadblogged, I barely left any comments. I would leave one in one week. Now that I am better at blogging, I leave one almost everyday.

      My ultimate favorite thing about quadblogging, is going on other people's blog. I like seeing different posts that I have never seen. That interests me a lot. And that goes for regular blogging too. I like to go on different blogs. For example:

      BB's Awesome Blog,


      Mr. Salsich's Class Blog.

      Your blogging buddy,

  15. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class - My name is Bonnie and I live in Whitefish, Montana. I have gone back to school to get my K-8 teaching credential and am currently enrolled in an Instructional Technology course. I am featuring your blog for my current project, it is so wonderful and I have learned so much from you! I love how active the students are with the blog and all the technology they use on a regular basis. The 'Polygon' movie was terrific, it helped me quite a bit with my Geometry class! Thank you for producing such a wonderful blog.

    Whitefish, Montana

    p.s. I have included the Latitude and Longitude of Whitefish, Montana in case you want to look it up using Google Maps. 48° 24' 40" N / 114° 20' 12" W

    1. @ Bonnie,

      Thanks so much for a wonderful comment! Good luck with your studies! What kinds of things are you learning in the Instructional Technology course?

      I know exactly where Whitefish, Montana, is because I was born in Montana! Townsend, Montana, is the place of my birth! My family moved to California when I was quite young, but I still have a lot of family in Lewistown, Montana, so I have been back throughout my lifetime.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the Polygon movie. We had fun making it, but more importantly, we learned about polygons.

      What age would you like to teach?

      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Kia ora Mrs Yollis
      My name is Nikita and I am Matthew. We like playing with Lego.
      We love cats and dogs.

      Do you have a pet?

      by Nikki and M♥tthew.

    3. @ Nikki and Matthew,

      My name is Maya and I'm in Mrs. Yollis' class. I like to play with Legos too. I really like dogs. The kind of dog I have is a Corgi, and his name is Jasper. I also have a Betta (that's a fish) named Spike. He has been alive for a year. That's a long time for a pet fish to live.

      Do you have any pets?


  16. Dear Mrs. Yollis
    Our names are Ganda and Stevie. We are 7 years old.
    Ganda use to live in Phillippines and Stevie was born in Raroa. Ganda was born in October 17 2004, Ganda likes chocolate, egg, kiwi fruit, melon, mango, ice cream, ice blocks, juicies, avacado, and dragon fruit. It is the national fruit of Phillippines. Stevie likes kiwi fruit and egg.

    from Gand♥and Stevi♥

    1. Ganda and Stevie,

      My name is Leila and I am eight years old.

      Here is a little bit about myself:

      ∆ My favorite color is blue.

      ∆ I have a yellow lab named Conner. Here is a link to my blog where you can meet Conner!

      Meet Conner

      Do you have any pets?

      What does the dragon fruit taste like? Is it a citric like an orange?

      ⚓ Leila ⚓

  17. Dear Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    Our names are Yaksh and Kaeleb and we like to play lego
    and our favrourite food is sweets.
    What is your favourite food?

    We are 7.

    by Yaksh and Kaeleb

    1. @ Yaksh and Kaeleb,

      I like to play Legos too. I have the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle, Indiana Jones sets, and Spongebob sets. I like sweets too. My favorites are strawberry ice cream, brownies, popsicles, and lollipops. I am 8 years old.


  18. Dear Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    I like the movies that you make, especially the ones on Make New Friends and I like the mascots. Beverley falls asleep all the time because she hibernates in the winter. Hedgehogs hibernate in the winter too.

    Do you have hedgehogs in America?

    your blogging buddy

  19. Dear Mrs Yollis.
    I am 7 years old. Mrs Yollis.
    I like your class writing. They are writing lots of words. Keep up the good work.

    by Jonatho♥

    1. @ Jonathon, (B4)

      Thank you for leaving our class a comment! Thank you for complimenting our writing. Our class is super excited to start quad blogging with you!

      I had a great time on Our Worlds, Our Stories, so I think we'll have a spectacular time quad blogging.

      Are you excited to quad blog with 4km and 4kj? I'm ecstatic! I miss 2km and 2kj, but it's fun to meet new classes and try new experiences.

      Have you ever quad blogged before? What are you hoping to learn?

      Your blogging buddy,

  20. Dear Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    Hi my name is Lukah and I am Louisa. We are 6 years old. We like ponies and dogs and cats.
    Louisa's favourite colour is pink and red and me Lukah Likes red and pink.

    Our nannys' have dogs. They are fun, and cats, they are fun too. Our nannys' dogs' names are Casey- Louisa's nanny's dogss name, and me Lukah my nanny Wendy has a dog too.

    your blogging buddy
    Louisa and Lukah.

    1. Dear Lukah and Louise, (B4)

      I too have a dog and his name is Tiger. He is two years old. My favorite color is hot pink and purple.

      How do you get to school? I drive with my mom because we live a few mile/km from school


    2. Dear Logan
      Thank you for your comment. What colour is Tiger.
      My mum brings me to school and Louisa's mum brings her to school and sometimes we walk home and to school. My favourite colour is pink and red. We have a school pool.

      Do you want a cat?

      From Lukah and Louisa

  21. Kia ora Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    Hi I'm Paige and this is Neil.
    We like playing ball. neil likes green and I like black. We live in NZ. We like playing chess. We think it is FUN!!!!

    bye for now
    Paige and Neil
    P.S we are 7 & 6

    1. Dear Paige and Neil,

      It is very nice to meet you!

      My name is Sasha. My favorite color is purple. I like anything made out of candy, and I do mean ANYTHING! : ) My favorite food is lobster and crab. I am nine years old.

      I have some questions for you.

      • What is your favorite food?

      • What is your favorite candy?

      • What does Kia mean?


    2. Dear Sasha
      Kia ora means Hello.
      My favorite food is lollipops and crab and Paige's favorite is lollipops and steak.

      from Neil and Paige

    3. ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩

      @ Neil and Paige,

      I love how all of you are adding details to your comments.

      I noticed that you two like two of my favorite foods. I ♥ crab, especially with butter. Mr. Yollis makes that special meal once in a while. Steak is another favorite. Out of all the steaks, I love the rib eye!

      Do either of you like to cook or barbeque?

      You friend,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

      ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩ ♥✩

    4. @ Neil and Paige,

      Great comment!

      Aidan's favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and Ceasar salad, but my favorite dessert is cookies and milk mmmmmmmmm. Parsa's favorite food is pizza and noodles from P.F. Change's. I also adore salads.

      Aidan loves to cook, but Parsa is not allowed to cook.

      Aidan and Parsa(Mrs. Yollis' students')

  22. Kia ora Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    Hi our names are Elizabeth and Tyla. Elizabeth is 6 and Tyla is 7.
    We like blogging with you because it is exciting, cos it's FUN!

    by Elizabeth and Tyl♦

    1. Rexon and Ellie (Yollis)March 7, 2012 at 12:39 PM

      Dear Elizabeth and Tyla,

      Our names are Ellie and Rexon. Ellie is nine and Rexon nine also. We love blogging because you get to meet other people around the world.

      Here are some facts about us:

      We both like the color black and purple.

      We cherish chocolate.

      We both have dogs.

      We have some questions:

      What are your favorite colors?

      What are your favorite food?

      Do you have a dog?

      Rexon and Ellie

    2. Dear Rexon and Ellie
      Elizabeth’s favorite colors are pink and purple and Tyla’s favourite is black.
      Elizabeth has a dog called Roxy and Tyla has a dog called Gizmo.

      Elizabeth likes curry with chicken n it and Tyla likes chocolate and rice, but not together!

      bye for now
      Elizabeth and Tyla

    3. Dear Elizabeth and Tyla,

      My friend has a dog named Roxy. I like the name Gizmo because it is fun to say it.

      My dog is named Charlie. He is a Yellow Labrador Retriever. He loves children and loves his family.



    4. Dear Elizabeth and Tyla,

      I really love all of your comments and this conversation! I have some questions:

      Does Gizmo have a meaning?

      What is curry?

      Do you have any other dogs?

      Are you planning to come to Mrs. Yollis classroom?

      I hope we can keep on running this conversation.


  23. Tena koutou Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    My name is Aleigha and I am Jia Xuan. We live in Reefton.
    Aleigha's favourite colour is pink.
    Jia Xuan's favourite colour is purple.
    We are 6.

    We ;ike your mascots and we like your blog. Our mascots are Mr Beesley and Quicksiolver and Squirmy Wormy.

    from Aleigha and Jia Xuan

    1. Dear Aleigha and Jia, (B4)

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      Here are some things about myself:

      ♥ My favorite color is pink.
      ♥My favorite sport is ballet.
      ♥I have a dog named Diesel.

      What does tena koutou mean? What language is that? :-)


    2. Dear Kelly
      Tena koutou in maori means hello when you are talking to more than two people.

      Aleigha has a cat called Diesel!

      It was nice talking to you!

      your buddies
      Mrs McKenzie and B4

  24. Dear miss Yollis class,

    Hi my name is Hayden and i am from 4KM.It is my first time quad bloging it sounds relly fun.

    Hayden (4KM)

    1. @ Hayden,

      Hi my name is Maya, and I am in Mrs. Yollis' class. This is my second time QuadBlogging. It is very fun because if one of the classes is learning about something neat, we all get to learn about it too.

      I really enjoyed learning about your class last year, and I can't wait to do it again!


  25. Dear Mrs. Yollis' ,

    my name is brooklyn and I am in 4KJ here is a bit about myself I love choclate and ice cream I barrack for collingwood and cats . oh by the way I love runing
    what does you kids barrack for ?
    brooklyn :)

    1. Dear Brooklyn,

      My name is Ellie, and I love mostly everything. Here are some facts about me:

      I am nine, and I love all food.

      I treasure dogs, but I am allergic to cats.

      I am from a family of six. I have an older brother, two younger sisters, and my mom and dad. I have a dog named Charlie.

      We are learning about fractions, and my favorite fraction is nine ninths.

      I play club soccer, and my uniform is white. I have another uniform it is blue.

      My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple.

      I have some questions:

      What does barrack mean?

      What is collingwood?

      Are you allergic to anything?

      Do you have any pets?

      Do you play any sports?

      I hope we can comment back to each other longer.


      P.S. I am in Mrs. Yollis' class.

  26. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,
    I am so exsited about quadbloging with you,oh! I'm sorry it's me Patrick from 4KM,and I am really looking forword to skiping with you, and some one is going to be intervuing me! Well bye for now.
    Patrick :D

    1. @ Patrick,

      Hi my name is Maya, and I am in Mrs. Yollis' class. I can't wait to Skype with you guys too. I wonder what we will talk about. This is my second time QuadBlogging.

      Here are some things about me:
      * I have a pet dog named Jasper, and a fish named Spike.
      * I have a little brother named Roman.
      * My two favorite hobbies are art and video games.
      * My favorite creature is a dragon.

      What are your favorite hobbies? Do you have any pets? What is your favorite animal?


  27. Dear Maya,

    Thanks for the reply,

    Here are the anwsers to your questions yes I have one pet witch is a cat.I like to play soccer (football)and play with my friends I also like to play lots of other sports.

    From Max :)

  28. Dear everyone,
    I cant wait to blog with you on Friday, I'm so excited!I love skype, my brother has it but he never uses it,so I'm always wondering why he has it?

    your blogging buddy,

    1. Dear Bronte,

      My name is Sasha. I am nine years old. My favorite food is crab and lobster. My favorite candy is pretty much every single candy in the world! I live in a family of four, my mom, dad, and my brother. My brother's name is Ethan, my mom's name is Joy, and my dad's name is Robert (Rob for short).

      I am excited for the Skype too! My favorite part about Skype is that you get to meet people around the world! For example, my babysitter and I Skyped with her cousin in Israel!

      What is your favorite part about Skype?

      Best wishes,

    2. @ Bronte,

      Thank you for leaving our class a comment! For you, it will be Friday, but for us, it will be Thursday. Which is today. But anyway, we are really ecstatic too!

      We both have via Skype and we chat with our friends and Skype. It is really fun! That's how we keep in touch without having a play date.

      Some people have an account, but they don't really go on because you and the person that you want to Skype with or chat, both have to be online.

      Hope you leave a comment on my blog!

      (Mrs. Yollis' student)

  29. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I'm so glad to see you all started up quad blogging again! It's always a fun time to get to learn about a class in detail! You're paired up with some amazing classes as well!

    I love how you all shared suggestions for what others should check out. It made it really easy to search through some of your favorite things!

    I look forward to seeing what else you have to share!

    Mr. Avery

    1. Dear Mr. Avery,

      Thank you so much for leaving us a quality comment! I visited your blog and saw the post that you did on the spelling bee. I think it is very cool, that you have a real spelling bee just like on television. In our school, we get a list of words to practice and then we take a spelling test. If you get 100 percent, then you get a medal. I got 100 percent. I was very happy. I think the way your school does it is better.

      Here is a little about myself:

      My name is Sarah and my favorite colors are pink and blue.

      I have my own blog and it is called Come Somersault With Sarah. I think blogging is important because it teaches you how to write and type. The fun thing about blogging is when you get to meet different classes from all around the world. I hope you will continue to leave us some quality comments!



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