Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Avery!

Mr Avery is a special sixth grade teacher in Massachusetts, USA.

He maintains Mr Avery's Classroom Blog which is a model blog for classes around the world. Mr Avery is very talented at making videos with his students to help them understand maths concepts.

Mr Avery has been blogging with his class since late 2010 and we sometimes leave comments on each others blogs.

Saturday March 17th is a special milestone for Mr Avery. It is his...

Mr Avery's blogging buddies wanted to surprise him by getting together to create a special birthday post!

Here is a Prezi that B4, Mr Salsich's class4KM & 4KJ and Mrs Watson's class collaborated on.


  1. Dear Mr. Avery,

    Happy Birthday! You have been such a good help on my blog and Mrs. Yollis' blog. Without your comments, we wouldn't have all of these amazing conversations! It has been a pleasure commenting with you.

    You are very lucky to have a birthday on March 17th. It is St. Patricks Day! I bet you are going to wear green today! I know I will! Two holidays in one. My dad's birthday is on June 20th, so sometimes Father's Day lands on his birthday! What a coincidence! Our family has to give him a Father's Day present, and a birthday present. It is okay because we love him so much.

    What are you going to do on your birthday?

    Happy Birthday,
    M♥a ( Mrs. Yollis' Student )

    1. Dear Mia,

      Thank you for such a nice comment! I definitely wore green on Saturday. We also all wore green at school on Friday as well.

      My birthday was amazing! I got to go see a Boston Bruins game which is one of my favorite things to watch. It turned out to be an incredible game and they won at the end! Then, every year in Boston, they have a HUGE parade so we were able to go to that.

      Did you do anything special for St. Patrick's Day? What did you get to do on your last birthday?

      Your blogging buddy,
      Mr. Avery

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Thank you SO much for my birthday post! I couldn't believe it when I saw so many of our blogging buddies had posts to wish me a happy birthday. You helped to make it a truly special one for me!

    I'm lucky enough to be able to celebrate my birthday on St. Patrick's Day every year. It's always a great day to have a birthday. To celebrate, we went into Boston to see a Boston Bruins game. They won in a shootout! Then, we were able to stay up in the city at night and go to the parade the next day. It was so much fun!

    How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

    Mr. Avery


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