Thursday, December 2, 2010

Skyping With Our Friends in the East!

 Mrs. Yollis, Mr. Salsich, and their classes are friends! They have a shared reading blog called

Today Sheriff Yollis and Sheriff Salsich connected the west and east coasts of the United States through Skype!

Ryan and Hannah typed the facts in TodaysMeet, our backchannel.

Sheriff Yollis and Sheriff Salsich circled the wagons at the meeting post.

Miriam and Jaden shared facts about our community.

Here we have collected facts about our community.

Good bye! Happy trails!
Lindsay:  I liked how everyone spoke clearly.

Iman:  They have way more snow that us. We get zero inches and they get 10 inches annually.

Grace:  It was nice speaking with them because we've never seen them in real life. We only know them through our blogs.

Hannah:  They have much more rain than us. We only get 14 inches of rain a year and they get 50 inches! (We are very close to being a desert which only get 10 inches of rain per year.)

Jaden: Our winter climates are VERY different! They get snow, and  they even have snow days!

Adia: They live closer to the ocean than us and have a lower elevation. We are about 800 feet above sea level and they are only 14 feet. 

Finn: They live near the Atlantic Ocean and we are near the Pacific Ocean. 

Nicole: Their population is 18,000 and ours is 24,000 people.

Ryan: Their school population is about 100 less than our population. Ours is 611 students. 

Amitai:  Our community is 13 square miles, while theirs is a vast  50 square miles. (We just learned the word vast.  :-)

Nick:  We are 34˚ N and they are 41˚ N of the equator. 

Alexa: Our summer climate is similar to theirs. We are 60˚ to 90˚ F. However, their summers are sticky and humid.      

 ✩  ★  ✩  ★  ✩  ★  ✩  ★  ✩  ★

Here is the transcript for TodaysMeet from Hannah and Ryan!
Thank you Ben for being our photographer!

Have you ever been to the Atlantic or Pacific coast?

Do you know any facts about your community?
What is your favorite fact and why?

Have you ever Skyped before? Tell us about it!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    We loved skyping with Mr. Salsich's class. Both of us have been to the Pacific Ocean. We have skyped with Miss Mcgeady's class and now Mr. Salsich's class.

    The best part about Skyping was the fact that their school population is about 500 students. (Jaden)

    I liked that they have snow. I wish it snowed here! (Alexa)

    Jaden and Alexa

  2. Dear Sheriff Y★llis,

    What a wonderful Skyping that was with Sheriff S★lsich!

    Yes, we have Skyped before, not including the one we did with 2KM and 2KJ.

    We have been to the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic Ocean. We saw the Atlantic Ocean when we were in Florida.(Not at the same time!) Wow!

    Have any of you ever been to the Pacific Ocean?

    We would ♥ to know!

    Deputy Sheriffs,
    ★Adia and ★Hannah

  3. Dear Adia and Hannah
    I have been to the Pacific Ocean!
    Did you know, the Pacific Ocean borders New Zealand's east coast.
    On our west coast we have the Tasman Sea, which in turn, borders Australia's east coast.
    I guess that tells us that around the world we are linked in many ways.
    From Mrs M♔Kenzie

  4. Dear West Coast friends,

    Thank you for a marvelous Skype call today! That was our first official Skype call of the year. We had a video chat about deserts with someone in Arizona, but that was through Google Talk.

    It was so cool comparing the similarities and differences between our communities. The biggest surprise for me was the difference in our elevations. We are going to solve some subtraction problems tomorrow to find the differences in rainfall, population, elevation, and land area. Then we'll post our findings with some pictures from the call.

    I love the transcript from TodaysMeet. Great job Ryan and Hannah!

    Yes, I have been to the Pacific Ocean. The first time I swam in it was in Costa Rica. That was a great trip because I could swim in the Pacific one day, and then take an all-day bus across the country to swim in the Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea). It is a pretty skinny country. I've also been in the Pacific in Mexico and in Monterrey, CA. Finally, I went in the Yellow Sea in China, which is also part of the Pacific.

    Thanks again for a great learning experience!

    Your trail companion,
    Sheriff Salsich

  5. @ Mrs.Yollis,

    It was very very exciting to see Sheriff Salsich and his class, especially Pizza, Pepperroni, Guacamole, and Chips! I liked that we got to reply back to him and his class. I never knew that one of his students lives on a island.

    This is for Sheriff Salsich.
    Do you know how many miles does it take from Connecticut to us?


  6. Well howdy Sheriff Yollis,

    How lucky are you all to be able to round up with your other partner Mr Salsich and his students.
    You have been busy travelling to the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully you will be able to lasso those students back to class now.

    Yes I have skype early on in the year with your other students and I must say I really did enjoy every minute of it.

    Keep up the great work,
    from your blogging buddy AA.

  7. Dear Sheriff Y&#9733llis,

    No, I havn't been to the Atlantic Ocean BUT I have been to the Pacific Ocean. On my trip to China I flew over the Pacific Ocean. I also swam in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica beach before I moved here.


  8. Dear Sheriff Yollis,

    I live in China now, but I used to live in Ohio. I sometimes went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.that was in the Atlantic Ocean.

    I use Skype all of the time to contact my family in America. I think it comes in handy sometimes.

    Do you think it comes in handy some times? Have you skyped with any other classes around the world? I wish my class could do that. I think it would be fun to skype with other classes.

    Team Toa Shanghai

  9. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I love your class blog.I think it has many great things in it. I love your class videos on your blog.I hope you chek out room 12 blog if you can.


  10. Hello Mrs Yollis,
    Again I have posted, do you remeber? The keep it up complement on the triangles video. Well anyway it must have been fun being on Skype with friends from the East! Your class is awesome and just so intelligent.

    From Sydney
    Year six grader :)


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