Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Skyping With B4 in New Zealand!

On Monday, we Skyped with our blogging buddies, Open the Door to B4 in New Zealand! We often leave comments for each other so it was nice to get a chance to talk face to face!

Locating Reefton in New Zealand.

Placing an orange marker to show we have Skyped with a class in that country.

TodaysMeet is a great website for students to record what they've learned.


We both have classroom blogs and like to use HTML code in our comments.
Both have around 20 students (Yollis-23/McKenzie-22)
The elevation in our community averages 800 feet above sea level and in Reefton, New Zealand, it is around 650 feet.
Students everywhere enjoy having pets!


They have a Pets Day!
They live in a rural area, and we live in a suburban area.
Our population is around 24,000, while their population is around 1,000.
Their annual rainfall is approximately  86 inches (218 cm), and we get a mere 14 inches (36 cm)! Wow!
It was Monday for us, and Tuesday for our new friends!
Their school year ends this week, and our year ends in June!

Thank you Miriam for being our photographer. Thank you Jaden, Iman, and Adia for being our recorders on TodaysMeet. Here is the transcript.    (The computer was responding slowly, so a few lines got repeated accidentally. )

✵     ✵     ✵     ✵     ✵

What fact surprised you the most? 

Which animal did you enjoy seeing at their Pets Day?

What do you like about Skyping other classrooms around the world?  


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Thank you for sharing your experience of skyping with B4! How cool!

    I enjoyed hearing about the similarities and differences you mentioned.

    I too was very surprised when I read about B4's Pet's Day! What fun. We don't have anything like that either.

    Maybe next year 2KM/2KJ could skype with Mrs McKenzie's class too!

    Skyping is an amazing way for students (and teachers) to learn!

    Your pal,
    Mrs Morris (Miss McGeady)

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    How wonderful you and your students were able to Skype with B4 in New Zealand.

    It's so great you can share and learn from each other. Like Miss McGeady I enjoyed reading about Pet's Day's.

    You can learn so much and build such wonderful friendships, with Skyping/blogging.

    From your blogging friend down under AA.

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and Grade 3
    It was so great to share a few moments of our lives with each other!

    Iman and Jaden, you did such a wonderful job typing the comments.
    I especially ♥ the comment about the 'weird swoopy birds'.
    I think you must be very quick typists. ☆

    B4 children are very accustomed to hearing American accents because of the TV programs they watch.
    I wonder, did you find the New Zealand accent tricky to get used to?

    from your friend
    Mrs M♔K

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I really liked skyping with B4. It was outstanding! I like skyping with other classes to learn more about thier area and how it is alike and different from our area. I like their accents and could understand them most of the time. I alsolike thier pet day and wish we had one too! But my pets are fish which would be hard to take to school!
    Yours truly,

  5. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    I love Skyping especially with you guys! How great Skyping with B4 in New Zealand. Skyping is a great way to learn from one another.

    From Biancasblog. 2KM

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I was very surprised that your school has pet day. I wish our class had pet day too so that I could bring my dog Romeo. In fact, we are not even allowed to have any pets on our school grounds. The most interesting fact was how small your population is compared to ours. You probably know every person in your town.

    What kind of pets do most of the children have? Do you have farm animals as pets as well?



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