Monday, October 25, 2010

Mrs. Yollis' Class Walks for Uganda!

For the month of October, Mrs. Yollis and her class have been working on the Ugandan Global Project. The international members are: 2KM  * 2KJ * Mrs. Yollis * Mrs. Ranney * Mr. Salsich * Team Toa  

The project raises money to purchase a play area for the students of the ABC Divine Foundation School in Uganda. Donations can be made via check or PayPal here
On Friday, October 22nd Mrs. Yollis' and Mrs. Ranney's classes walked their hilly community to raise awareness and money for their new Ugandan friends.

It was a lovely autumn day. Although the weather forecast predicted rain, it was a magnificent 68˚ F (18˚ C)! Thanks to the parents who help with the community walk!
What was your favorite part of the walk?

Do you have any questions for the classes?


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis and students,

    I love the video of you all singing the Hello Hello song (G'day Mate)!
    You all did an awesome job.
    I cannot stop singing this song.
    Do you like singing the Hello Hello song?

    Now it is time to say Good bye Good bye, until next time.
    From your blogging buddy,

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    I really like the video that you made!! I also really really really like how you said "G'day mate"!!

    I have a question for your students beside... Why didn't you walk in your school?

    Talk soon,
    The new blogger,

    Jazmin (in 2KJ)

  3. @ Bianca,

    G'day mate! Thanks for your kind words about our singing! We had a lot of fun and sang all of the songs many times!

    I ♥ how you ended with "Good bye! Good bye!" You are funny!

    @ Jazmin, (in 2KJ)

    G'day mate to you too! I am so glad you liked our video.

    You asked why we didn't walk at our school. Although we have a big school population, we do not have a lot of play space. We could have run at school, but we would have been going around in little circles. We thought it would be better to got out and walked in our community. It was fun, but I realized that our community is very hilly!

    Your mate,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis and your wonderful students,

    I like BB love your singing and I can ensure you all BB just loves that song too.
    As a matter of fact ever chance she get she will sing it to everyone who is willing to listen to her.
    Another favourite part of the video which I really enjoyed watching was looking at some of your homes decorated for Halloween.
    They looked awesome.
    Great work everyone your a great bunch of kids.
    From your blogging buddy AA.

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I am very sorry your sick.I hope you feel better.

    Your student Nicole

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really enjoyed watching the video about Uganda. I know that Lori and Vivian also enjoyed being part of the special day! Thank you for another amazing adventure!!

    I have a question for you:
    Will there be another walk?

    Brad and Alexa

  7. @ Mrs.Yollis,

    My favorite part of the walk was when we got to sing the "Hello" song. I also liked that we shared our fun facts. The walk was great, I wish we could do it again. I was tired at first but I told myself not to give up!

    What was your favorite part of the walk?

    Your student,

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    My favorite part of the walk is when we were singing in front of the office. I am just happy that we earnerd some money for the Ugandan friends.

    from ♔ Aaron

  9. Dear Mrs.Yollis
    The walk was very fun.I liked it when we got back from school and Finn brought us blessing rings. That suprised me! My favorite part of the walk was when we stopped to sing.

  10. Dear Mrs Yollis',

    "G'day mate again!

    Thank you for writing back to me!
    So now you have explained why you didn't walk in your school grounds!

    Thank you for telling me why because I had no idea. I have a question for you. Did you get tired after going up the hills?

    Your Blogging Buddy,

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I really enjoyed the walk. It was fun to walk with my teacher, my friends and my mom. More importantly, it was for a good cause. I am excited to help the Ugandan children get their playground.

    My favorite part of the walk was singing the Hello Song. I especially liked saying hello in different languages.

    Were you tired after the walk? I was, my thighs hurt!


  12. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I loved our amazing walk! I wish we could do it at least 5 times a month! I enjoyed singing our hearts out with my my best friends! I sang songs with Hannah, Adia, Iman, Alexa, and Amitia. We got tired, but someone would keep the song going. What a fun day! Did you sing any songs?


  13. Dear class,
    Congratulations on your walk
    and i hope you raised alot of money for the children in Uganda.

    from Braydon

  14. @ Jasmine,
    I am glad that you like the video. What I liked most about the walk was that some students got to share facts about Uganda during the walk. We also sang songs while walking. One of the songs we sang was "The Hello Song". My part was to say Hello in Russian, Privet.

    How did your walk go?



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