Thursday, October 7, 2010

Word Problem: Hoppy and Panda!

Today we learn about a new kind of math problem. It was different than other word problems we've done.   Usually word problems ask questions like:  

How many in all?         How many more?       How many fewer?

This was a new kind of word problem.
Panda and Hoppy left 25 comments. Hoppy left 5 more comments than Panda. 
How many comments did Panda leave? 
How many comments did Hoppy leave? 

Here is a tutorial Adia made illustrating one way to solve this type of problem.  

What do you think of this process?

If you wrote an extra math problem, leave it here! Perhaps one about Lincoln and Washington?

Maybe one about you and a friend!


  1. Dear Adia,

    I loved the video that you made. I have some questions.

    1.Was it hard to make the video?

    2.Did you have a fun time doing it?

    Finally, did you like your video?

    Your friend,

  2. @Adia,

    You did a great job on the video. I liked that you spoke loudly and clearly.

    Here's my word problem.

    Tucker and Ethan are playing ball. The total goals we scored is 128. Ethan scored 8 less than Tucker. How many goals did Tucker and Ethan score?


  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis' class,
    I am Miriam's sister, Sarah, and I like math. Here is a math problem.

    Lincoln and Washington have 98 books. Lincoln has 12 more books than
    Washington. How many books does each boy have?

    Sarah (Mrs Clebanoff's class)

  4. @ Sarah,
    The answer to your math problem is: Lincoln has 55 books and Washington has 43 books.

    @ Mrs Yollis' class

    Here is another problem:

    Lincoln and Washington have 57 flags all together. Washington has 5 more flags than Lincoln. How many flags does each boy have?

    Miriam ♥

  5. Hi Miriam,
    Lincoln has 26 flags and Washington has 31 flags. Thank you for such a good word problem.
    @ Adia,
    I liked your video. I liked the characters and how loud you talked so people could hear you.
    Here is my word problem:
    Tiger and Bear have 26 cookies. Bear has 6 less cookies. How many cookies does each have?

  6. wow what an awsome math question!How much time did it take you to do such a great question?

  7. Jaden's word problem:

    Drew Brees and Tom Brady were signing autographs. Together they signed 158. Drew Brees signed 8 more. How many autographs did each football player signed?

    Good luck!

  8. Nick's word problem:

    Mrs. Yollis and Principal Harding together have 50 students. Mrs. Yollis has 4 more students than Principal Harding. How many students does Mrs. Yollis have? How many students does Mrs. Harding have?

    Good luck!

  9. Adia's word problem:

    Stefan and Michael Jackson ate ice cream. Together they ate 100 scoops! Michael Jackson had 60 more scoops than Stefan. How many scoops did each have?

    Good luck!

  10. Hannah's word problem:

    Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were collecting pennies. Together they had 200 coins. President Lincoln collected 10 more pennies than President Washington.

    How many pennies did each president collect?

    Thank you!

  11. Grace's word problem:

    Frog and Toad were collecting lily pads. They have 24 pads all together.
    Frog has 4 more pads than Toad. How many lily pads did Toad have? How many lily pads did Frog collect?

    Get hopping!

  12. @Iman,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. You are becoming a really good blogger and I am very excited and look forward to blogging back to you again.

    Your friend,


    P.S. (Remember, it is a video, not a comment! :)

  13. @Kristen,

    Thank you for your really really nice comment.

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. No, it was not hard to make the tutorial.

    2. Yes, I did have a fun time doing it.

    3. Yes, I did like my video.

    Your friend,

    Adia ♥ ♣

  14. Dear class,

    Your video was exceptional! Here are some things I noticed you did well:

    * You spoke clearly.
    * -I also liked how you spoke loudly.
    * You never spoke too fast.


    Here is my math problem:

    Hannah and Adia are collecting silly bands. They collect 122 silly bands in all. Adia collects 18 more
    silly bands than Hannah. How many
    did Adia collect? How many did Hannah collect?

    I have another one:
    Amitai and Bob are collecting spiders. Together they collect 88. Amitai collects 6 more spiders. How many did Amitai collect? How many did Bob collect?


    Ryan ♠ ♥

  15. @ Hannah,
    That was a great and hard problem! I know the answer to your math problem. President Lincoln had 105 pennies and President Washington had 95 pennies.


  16. @ Adia,

    That is a great tutorial about math problems. I have a math problem. Jack and I are playing football and trying to score touchdowns. We scored 173 touchdowns in all. I scored 101 more touchdowns than Jack. How many touchdowns did I score? How many touchdowns did Jack score?

    Jaden :-)

  17. @Tucker,

    Thank you for your comment. That was very nice of you to say that I did a great job.

    The answer to your word problem is:

    You have 68 goals and Ethan has 60 goals.

    Is that right, Tucker?

    See you later,

    Adia and Hannah

  18. @ Jaden,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. That was very nice of you. Though I didn't seem nervous or scared I was a little scared and nervous. Have you ever made a blog video and you had butterflies in your stomach, like me? If you did please comment to me because I would like to know. You are a terrific commenter and I feel that you will earn your own blog someday in November.

    @ Ben,

    Thank you for your great comment. Well, I tried to talk loud except I did not talk as loud as I usually do. Thanks for the comment, though. I also liked the characters in the math tutorial just like you.

    @ Yanely Vazquez,

    Thank you for your comment. When you wrote "How much time did it take for me to do such a great question" did you mean how long did it take me to think of the problem? If you do mean that, I would like to tell you that I actually, did not come up with it. My teacher did.

    @ Ryan,

    Thank you for your exceptional comment. That is very nice of you to tell me that you noticed that I spoke clearly, loudly, and not too fast.


    Adia ♣ ♥ ♦

  19. Dear class,

    I have a word problem for you.

    Martin Luther King jr and Obama are collecting votes. They collect 138 all together. Obama collects 16 more. How many does Obama collect? How many does Martin Luther King jr collect?


  20. Hi Mrs. Yollis and class! My name is Ellie and I was assigned to check out your blog for my EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. This post about Hoppy and Panda's math problem was great! I really enjoyed the video that came along with it. Adia you did a wonderful job solving the problem and showing your work. You spoke clearly and had neat hand writing which makes it easy for your classmates to watch and understand the video! Keep working hard and learning everyday!
    Ellie Irish-Jones

  21. Dear Panda, Beverly, and Hoppy,

    I am going to make a word problem for all of you! I am going to start with Panda because Panda is wise. Then Hoppy. Then Beverly.

    Here is Panda's word problem:

    Panda was going to leave a comment and accidently used ten exclamation marks. He knew that he used too much exclamation marks and took four away. How many exclamation marks did he leave?

    Here is Hoppy's word problem:

    Hoppy caught four flies. The next day he caught fourteen flies. How many flies did he catch in all?

    Here is Beverley's word problem:

    Beverly was sleeping and dreaming that he saw one copy machine. Ten days later, she saw ten MORE copy machines. How many copy machines did she see (in her mind) in all?

    I hope you have a great time writing word problems!

    Your word-problem-loving friend,


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