Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's Learn Some HTML Code!

Mrs. Yollis' students consistently compose 
2-Point comments on the blog 
that makes the blog conversation very interesting.


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Recently, Mrs. Yollis was asked to explain how to get italics or hyperlinks in a comment.

As a reward for great commenting, here are a few HTML tricks!

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language.

Learning to write HTML code, or HTML tags, is a somewhat simple way to take your comment to the next level.

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To write HTML code, use the following symbols:

Important: Do not add a space between the HTML tag and the word or sentence.


1.  To put text in italics, place this HTML code around the text:



The sentence will look like this when published:

Bloggers should always proofread a comment before publishing.


2.  To make text bold, place this HTML code around the text:

The sentence will look like this when published: 

Bloggers should always proofread a comment before publishing.



3.  To make a hyperlink, it gets a little tricky.

Use the following HTML code around the URL and add your own link word/words:

  [The URL is the address of the web page. It starts with http://www…]

The HTML code below:

Will become this hyperlink when published:

*     *     *     *     *

What do you think about learning a little HTML code?


  1. Hi Mrs. Yollis and class,

    We really enjoy your class blog. I appreciate this HTML information and will certainly pass it along to the students in my class who are interested. I'm sure a lot of my fourth graders will find it interesting and challenging.

    Have a nice day,
    Mrs. Madden

  2. Thanks for the Lesson Mr Yollis, were just about to start blogging online and that's one of the things that I wanted to cover so the students can come here next week and see that!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,
    The information is very helpful. I'm going to use it in the next sentence. This blog is great! It's true. Thanks for your help.


  4. @ Mrs. Madden,

    Thanks for your kind comment. I'm glad that you're enjoying our blog!

    I introduced the HTML to a couple of students and they loved it. There's something exciting about writing code, no?

    @ Mr. Webb,

    I'm so glad that your students will be able to use this tutorial. Learning to write HTML code a little bit at a time is fun. Plus, it really makes you feel like you're a computer wizard! :-) Just saying that you're writing code sounds impressive! :-)

    @ Jonah,

    Your comment made me smile. Not only did you read the post, you already wrote some code in your comment! Go Jonah!

    I challenge you to write me another comment right here. But, this time include a link to your blog! Go for it!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Thank you for the html information. I love learning new things. As a novice blogger I've noticed that when I'm posting on my blog, it is very easy to post a link but in comments I would have to know the html code. My dendrites are tingling :)

    Mrs. Levy

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you for the great post. I've been wanting to know how to link and bold in my comments. I was wondering if I could write my own post without plagiarism? I will just copy the HTML codes, but put it in my own words. Then instead of going to your blog I could go to my blog.

    Also, I went on World Book Web, and I looked up sunflowers. On World Book. I learned that a sunflower is a tall plant with showy yellow flowers. Also, did you know that there are dozens of species of sunflowers? I found out that sunflower seeds are extremely rich in protein. Amazingly, sunflowers produce up to one thousand seeds. Did you know that the most common sunflower grows from three to ten feet tall.


    P.S. I tried to link my blog but it didn't work.:(

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really liked learning the HTML tags. Also, I especially like how you can make your text two times better. I'm going to be using the italics, bold and hyperlink HTML tags a lot. What is your favorite HTML tag to use?

    I learned on the World Book Web that flamingos can grow up to be 3 to 5 feet tall. Did you know flamingos live in colonies and some colonies can have up to 1,000 members? That's a lot of members in a flamingo colony.


  8. @ Mrs. Levy,

    You are quite welcome! I love adding a little something extra to comments, and the HTML code is quite easy to use. My dendrites are sprouting, too!

    One thing I do is leave a Word document on my desktop with the codes I like to use, especially the tricky hyperlink code. Then, when I want to make a hyperlink, I just paste the url in the code and add the link words. It makes it easier to create a link. :-)

    @ Ben,
    You have been one of the people requesting the HTML code. I knew you'd love it. :-) I noticed you already used it! I'll help you write a hyperlink. It can be confusing at first.

    I did know about sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers! Did you see the photo I have on the wall of me standing in a sunflower field? Look for it.

    @ Nick,

    I'm glad you think you can use the HTML code. It can help a person emphasize a word or sentence in a comment.

    Thanks for the fabulous flamingo facts. (Alliteration!) I saw a flamingo colony at the zoo once. They're quite unusual.

    Mrs. Yollis

  9. Thanks Mrs Yollis!
    I had been wondering how to get a hyperlink into a comment so you have really helped me out!
    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  10. @ Miss McGeady,

    I'm glad that you can use the code! It's exciting, even for teachers, to be learning new things.

    I know your school year begins soon, and you must be getting ready for that. Enjoy your last weeks of summer vacation in the southern hemisphere!

    Mrs. Yollis

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thanks for giving us the HTML codes. Were did you get the codes? I will be using these codes a lot. I think the italics and bolding will pump up the comments. What do you think?


  12. @ Sydney,

    Yes, your comments are really getting pumped up!

    You asked how I learned the HTML. I learned the code by researching. Whenever I am interested in something, I use the Internet or books or experts to help me learn. How do you learn new things?

    I am going to draw a conclusion:
    You and Nick are having a play date.

    Here is how I drew that conclusion:

    Clue #1: Both of you have posted comments within minutes of one another.

    Clue #2: You are friends who blog together

    Is my conclusion correct?

    Mrs. Yollis

    P.S. Why don't the two of you look up some facts about North America. We need more facts for our movie!

  13. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Since you taught my about HTML code, it has helped me make my sentences more understandable. One of the points I've made with the italics is when I'm joking around it makes it sound like I'm being friendly.

    I was on World Book Web I looked up the Ice Age. I learned that an Ice Age generally lasts about 100,000 years long. Did you know the most recent Ice Age happened 11,500 years ago?


  14. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Right now I'm looking up Kenya (KEHN yuh or KEEN yuh). Did you know that Kenya has antelope, buffaloes, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses, zebras, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, eagles, ostriches, and storks?Also here is a link to Kenya's national anthem.


  15. Dear Mrs. Yollis Class,

    I thought your Sports Day video was cool. Not only did it show jerseys and the people who where them, but it had you guess what sport it was. I saw baseball, football, and bowling. This is a wonderful class blog, and in our class blog, I would want to have videos too.

    Bryan D

  16. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you for teaching me some basic HTML. Please teach me more!


  17. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Yollis' Students,

    I am continually impressed with your terrific postings and really enjoy following what you are doing in class. I am behind on my reading, though, so just finally got to this posting about HTML code. I have been thinking about introducing my seventh graders to HTML for their blogs, and this has inspired me to do so.

    One other piece of code that I like is adding " target=blank" to a link to keep the current page open and display the linked page in a new window or tab. I tried to add an example of how to do that in this comment, but I learned that Blogger won't allow the target tag in a comment. It is a good little piece of code to use in postings, though.

    I love your idea of keeping the codes in a Word document on your desktop. I am going to adopt that strategy, since I so often forget the codes and have to look them up.

    Thanks for sharing all your amazing class activities!

    with best wishes,

    Mrs. Lofton
    Lindero Canyon MS Teacher

  18. @ Ben,

    Thanks for bringing up an excellent point about using HTML. Using italics lets your reader interpret what you are saying. It kind of brings your voice to the text. For example, you said you could use italics to let someone know you are joking, and it does sound more friendly. Great information, Ben!

    @ Ayush,

    You are getting better and better at commenting! I especially liked how you added a pronunciation key to your Kenya comment. In addition, you added the HTML for a hyperlink. That is really hard to do at first. Great job, Ayush!

    @ Brian,

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment for us. Let us know how it goes adding video to your blog!

    @ Mrs. Lofton,

    Thanks for a thoughtful comment! I really appreciate all of your feedback.

    A couple of students noticed that I have fancy text or links in my comments and they wanted to know how to do it.

    At first, I thought the code would be too confusing as third graders are beginning writers. To think about what you want to say and add HTML code...I wasn't sure it would be doable. I was dead least half of my third graders use the code frequently...AND they use it appropriately. I love it!

    Yes, keeping a Word document on my desktop with the code really shortens my time sometimes. The hyperlink code in particular. I have five or six blank codes ready to just be filled in.

    I added the HTML lessons to the top of this blog for easier access!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    Mrs. Yollis

  19. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I think it is great that you are teaching your students how to write basic HTML. It will help them if they ever need to add anything extra to a comment or posting. I have been coding HTML for awhile now and have found the internet very useful. It is a cool skill to have and makes you feel like you can do anything on a computer. I really like your blog and hope more of your students take interest in HTML.



  20. Mrs. Yollis-
    Thank you so much for posting this! I've always wondered what that foreign language was! I can't wait to start using it myself! Thanks again!!

  21. Dear Carey,

    Thanks for visiting our blog, and I'm glad that you learned a little HTML!

    Good luck with your EDM310 class! Dr. Strange is giving all of you a great start!

    Mrs. Yollis


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