Monday, January 4, 2010

Halloween: Who Were You?

For this post, each blogger created and emailed Mrs. Yollis
a jpg image of them posing in their Halloween costume.

Rather than using a boring image of them standing in their costume, each student tried to create an image that told a story about who they were.

Wow! Great image!

Next, students could choose to compose a descriptive paragraph about the costume
use the photo as an
inspiration for a creative writing piece.


* * * * *

Jack the Jailbird

By Trent

I am Jack the Jailbird, and I escaped from prison two months ago. I love to take candy from the houses that leave bowls out for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday because there are so many opportunities for candy. I enjoy candy because it is delicious. This year on Halloween, there happened to be a police officer with his child walking to many houses in his neighborhood. He spied me pouring candy from the bowl into my pillow sack, and he arrested me because he noticed I was on the FBI top ten list of most wanted candy thieves. Now, I am back at the same prison where it all began.

* * * * *

Phineas Phantom

By Richie

Behold! The mighty Phineas Phantom! I can get away with any crime I commit. In fact, I once took candy from a baby! I have a very sharp scythe, a black robe, and flashing red eyes. My sidekick, Boxy the Boxman got to turn another phantom into a box! I just created a potion that is made with lava and poison. Anyone who touches it will be a servant of the dead, for me. You better watch out!

* * * * *
Ben Potter

By Ben

I am Ben Potter fighting the Dementors in a dark, narrow alleyway. Trying to think of a delightful memory is very hard, which is the only way my Patronus charm will work. A Patronus charm is a difficult spell to cast. I’m in dueling stance which makes it much more comfortable to conjure the charm. Okay, here it goes…

Wow! It worked, and now I know that my Patronus is a white stag with glowing, sparkling antlers.

* * * * *

Wendy the Witch

By Anais

I am Wendy the Witch, and I dwell in a old, haunted mansion. On Halloween day, I plan to embark on my broom into town. I will hide behind a green bush and then steal all the candy from trick-or-treaters. I am not going to share my candy with anyone!

Soon I will zoom on my broom. Beware!

* * * * *

By Gal
I am Dr. Danielle, and in my career I have helped 1,ooo adults and children. In this image, I am using my stethoscope on the infirmed and am trying to see if her heart is beating. The best skill I have in my job is assisting people toward good health.

* * * * *

By Corey

I am Garrett Gladiator, a rookie marauder. As you see, I have two weapons with me, my black and gray shield and my two-handed sword. Crouched next to my pool, I am prepared for battle with General Eugene from Keyboard Land! This blocking stance helps me work with other gladiators to be triumphant!

* * * * *

By Ava

I am Wortanager the Wise Witch. I am going today to destroy the world to make people into fascinating insects and encourage people to be my slaves. Right now, I am going to zoom off. Wait! My broom is broken! I’ll just put a spell on it. Yeah! I was triumphant! I will take off now to destroy the world!

I finally landed. Wait, I can’t destroy the world... nobody is here! Maybe I already eliminated them...

* * * * *

By Kendall
My name is Violet the Vampire. The costume I am wearing is a long, midnight black dress with white sparkles you can barely see. My netted sleeves are hanging down at my hands, and are covered with black spiderwebs on it. Here I am, ready to bite!

* * * * *

By Kayla

My name is Becky Bride. I am getting married today, and it’s the 10th of January! Itai (E-tie) is the handsome groom. In this picture, I am emerging from of a limousine. The place I will be wed is a beautiful hotel in California. The hotel has a enormous dance floor. Itai and I invited about 300 people to our spectacular event.

* * * * *

By Ethan

I am Ninja Night, and I have a death sword in my powerful hand. It looks like I’m flying, but I am really battling a burglar. My crimson mask hides my identity. Attacking is what I am about to do to the burglar. In my pose I am striking my foe with a sword.

* * * * *

By Nick

My name is Skull the Skeleton, and I am scaring and haunting the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. The kids are getting very frightened, and youngsters believe I am alive!
However, I am really dead. I died January 31, 1865.

* * * * *

By Jared

I’m J. J. the closing pitcher, and I’m ready to blast the batter with my 100 m.p.h. fastball. My team’s uniform is dark blue . My coach always relies on me in the ninth inning to strikeout the challenging batters and to be victorious. My fans in the stadium cheer me on! I lead my team to victory. We strike them out all the time.

* * * * *

By Jaxon

I am Rebecca Referee. My black and white vertical striped uniform is easy for players and spectators to see me. I’m tossing the violet and silver soccer ball to the Dragonflies. I’m blowing the whistle at the Firecrackers because they had a hand ball foul.

* * * * *

By Moraiya (featuring Poncho)

I am Fern the Fairy. Something I want to do makes me very nervous. My mom will not buy me a dog, so I will use my magic wand to transform her into a white, fluffy hound.


It worked! How do I change her back?

* * * * *

A Thriller!

By Caleb

My Halloween costume is Michael Jackson. As you can see, I’m donned in the famous jacket that Michael Jackson used in Thriller, and my hand is dressed in the sparkly glove he wore in practically all his concerts. I like Beat It and Thriller because when I experience those songs, I sing along!

* * * * *

By Charlie
I am Boxy the Box and I find pleasure in sneaking up on innocent citizens in my community. Inhaling people is what I enjoy. The smiley face on my front inhales the humans, and the smiley spits them out as a box. Hiding in my box is another thing I enjoy.

* * * * *

By Sydney

Behold! I am the world’s greatest eight-year-old championship boxer, Becky B. Boxer . I am planning on defeating the Great One on April 6, my lucky day. I am wearing a extra professional boxing robe will help me master my skills. My boxing skills are amazing! (At least I think that.) My fans appreciate them, and that’s what matters. By the way, the B. stands for Best. So it is Becky Best Boxer.

* * * * *

By Paul

* * * * *

By Sam

I’m Frankie the Phantom. There’s another killer phantom dwelling here in California, so I’m going to get her. I’ll sneak up on this human who calls herself a phantom while she’s slumbering. I'll eliminate the poor phantom. My next fleshy victim is my unfortunate sister. She embarrassed me when I was three in Sydney, Queensland, Australia. I will destroy her in no time. She will bow down and pay the consequences.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

* * * * *

By Kate

I am a villager from the town of Matilha. For three moons, I have been surviving in the mountains by myself. My bow and arrow is so frail that if something goes wrong, it will break. The bow I made with a piece of string and willow. That's how I got my name. My friends in the villager will be excited to see me, and I long to be back home.


Which character did you enjoy reading about and why?

Which pose told the best story?



  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really like all these stories and photos. But my favorite photo and story is Ben's because I liked how he put his name Ben instead of Harry. Also I think Anais' picture told the best story because you could really tell she really is a witch.

    P.S. Great Post



  2. Dear Trent,

    First of all, we love your photo and your picture. Your brother as a cop really makes the picture more interesting. Jack the Jailbird make the story better because of that name. By the way, love the costume! Did you come up with the costume by yourself?

    Kayla and Jared

  3. Dear Ava,

    I like the colors of your costume because they go together very well, and they look super spooky! Another thing I like about your costume is the hat because it stands out with the background, and I love it!

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Rebecca Referee,

    I love your pose! It really looks like you are throwing the ball to the Dragonflies. What team were the Dragonflies playing against? Which team won the game? Who touched the ball with their hand?

    Becky Bride

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Anais has my favorite pose because she is covering most of her face with her hand. Also, I like how she is sitting next to a pumpkin.

    My favorite story is Trent's because it matches his picture, and I really like his writing piece.

    Creating a story and pose was very fun for me.

    If you dressed up for Halloween what were you?

    Your student,

  6. Dear Jack the Jailbird,
    Sorry for all the bad luck. I think I know how you feel because everybody wants to have all the candy in town. But don't worry I'm sure you will do the same thing and be even more successful.


  7. Dear Violet the Vampire (Kendall),

    When I first saw your picture I didn't know who you were because of your teeth! By the way, I love how you took your photo outside. I also like the way your costume has spider webs on it. Did you take it in your backyard? What were you ready to bite? Is that your real hair?

    Becky Bride (Kayla)

  8. Dear Jack the Jailbird,

    I loved your story about your attempt to steal candy. What did it feel like to escape prison? It must have felt good because you were able to celebrate Halloween again. I was wondering if you break out again, can you hook me up with a big bag of goodies?

    Ben Potter

  9. Dear Dr. Danielle,

    It seems that you have discovered a lot of people that are hurt. In your image, it looks like you’re helping an adult. What made you think of becoming a doctor?


  10. Dear Sydney,

    I loved your costume. You look like a real boxer. Wow, the pose is so realistic. I like the name you came of with, Becky the Boxer. Where did you get the costume?

    Your friend,

  11. Dear Kate,

    I enjoyed your paragraph because it was Badger Claws. The dark brown stripes on your shirt, red leaf, and the boots were the best part about your costume. What is the most joyful part of your experience?



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