Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visit Lake Tahoe

Chloe visited Lake Tahoe with her family. She created a beautiful travel blog of her trip. Learn about Lake Tahoe through her pictures and information!

Behind me is Emerald Bay located on the south side of Lake Tahoe.
Emerald Bay State Park is located around Emerald Bay; a National Landmark at Lake Tahoe. Emerald Bay is one of Lake Tahoe's most photographed and popular locations. This is a very beautiful place to visit.

This is a view from the gondola coming down from the Heavenly ski school. The view is of south shore Lake Tahoe. My mom was really terrified while taking this picture because she does not like heights.

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States, with a maximum depth of 1,645 feet, trailing only Oregon's Crater Lake at 1,949 feet. Tahoe is also the 16th deepest lake in the world, and the fifth deepest in average depth. It is about 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. It has 72 miles of shoreline and a surface area of 191 square miles.

This is my dad and me on the top of Heavenly ski slopes. He is a great skier, and he is very advanced. We went up so that he could teach me to be a great skier just like him. We skied on both the California side as well as the Nevada side. It is really fun to ski with my awesome dad!

Above is a picture of an area called Sandy Harbor which is located in the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.
The sand is from years of erosion of sandstone and granite rock.

Native People

The area around Lake Tahoe was originally inhabited by the Washoe tribe of Native Americans. Lake Tahoe was the center and heart of Washoe Indian territory, including the upper valleys of the Walker, Carson, and Truckee Rivers. The English name for Lake Tahoe derives from the Washo dá’aw, "lake".


  1. Dear Chloe,

    Thanks so much for teaching us about Lake Tahoe. I loved all of your photos, but I especially liked the view from the aerial tram. From that high up, I could get a good view of how big the lake really is.

    I also enjoyed learning about the Native American from that area.

    Thanks for a great post!
    Mrs. Yollis :-)

  2. Dear Chloe,

    It's been a long time since I have been to Lake Tahoe, but your pictures reminded me how beautiful it is. My family visited there and we also skiied in two states - California and Nevada and my daughters thought that was fun.

    Your post reminded me about how deep Lake Tahoe is, which is quite impressive.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Mrs. Harding

  3. Dear Chloe,

    I love your blog! I go up to Lake Tahoe almost every summer. My grandparents have a house in Lake Tahoe. Did you go crawdad fishing? Did you stay up top where the ice skating rink is? Did you know the lake at Lake Tahoe is the depest lake in California?

    Love your post,
    Taylor S. :-)

  4. Wow Chloe that is real interesting. My mom dad & me are excited to read about your trip. Did you learn how to ski with your dad? Me and my dad love to go snowbording in Big Bear. My mom visted Lake Tahoe with friends once before. She is also scared heights. I hope to vist Lake Tahoe too. from,Alasia :)

  5. Your blog is really great! We had such a wonderful time up at Lake Tahoe. You are such a great skier and snowboarder. We need another ski trip soon.


  6. Dear Chloe,
    My family loved your post about Lake Tahoe. We can not believe how deep the lake is at over 1,000 feet at the deepest point. It brought back fond memories for my mom as she spent many Summers there with her family! Thanks for sharing, Chloe.


  7. Dear Chloe,

    The picture of you on Sandy Harber was so beautiful! How long did it take to get there? I ask because I want to go some day. If you can answer my questions because I'm interested in your blog post!
    Your classmate,

  8. Dear Taylor S,
    We didn't go crawdad fishing because the lake was too cold! No, we didn't stay up at the top where the ice rink, but there was an ice rink were we stayed.

    C.B.J. :-D

  9. Dear Chloe,

    Your post is really cool! Now I want to go to Lake Tahoe!

    Your Friend,

  10. Dear Alasia,

    I learned how to ski with my dad. Did you know that my dad has skied for 35 years?!


  11. Dear Chloe,

    I have never been to Lake Tahoe, but when I read your post it was like being there myself.


  12. Dear Chole,

    I have never been to Lake Tahoe, but now that I have read this post I want to go there very badly. I did not know that Sandy Harbor was home to Native American


  13. Dear Chloe,

    My family goes to Lake Tahoe about every other year. We always go in winter time, and we love skiing and sledding with each other. This we are going to Lake Tahoe for Christmas. I hope it snows because I really want a white Christmas. Sadly, every year we drive there and that takes 9 hours!



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