Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. Mann Hits a High Note

By Clementine

About a month ago, the setting for one of our stories was Italy. Mrs. Yollis played some Italian opera in class. Mr. Mann, an opera expert, came to our class and taught us about the opera, La Boheme. It’s a story about four friends who were very poor and lived in Paris. One of them met a girl and fell in love with her. But she got sick and died. Mr. Mann played music from the opera for us and brought pictures of a few scenes.

Some of the songs were happy songs like when everyone was out at a parade. Some of the songs were beautiful, mushy, love songs. There were very depressing songs too at the end when the girl died. All of the songs helped tell the story and set the mood of the opera.

I interviewed Mr. Mann over the phone after the lecture and asked him a couple of questions.

C – “What did you think about coming in to lecture to our class?”

MM – “I was looking forward to it and I enjoyed it very much.”

C – “ How did you think the kids behaved?”

MM – “ I thought I would only talk for 15 minutes, but I went much longer because everyone was paying such good attention. They were so smart and so wonderful. This was my first time speaking to children and it was a treat.”

C – “Have you gone to a lot of operas?’

MM – “Yes, I have.”

C - “What was your favorite?”

MM – “La Boheme – the one I talked about.”

C – “ Is there really a fat lady with a hat with horns on it that sings in an opera?”

MM – “Sometimes.”

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dear Clementine,
    Thanks for writing about the opera lecture. I liked the interview you did with Mr. Mann and I know that he liked it too. It made the piece really come alive. I think you described the lecture very well.
    Clementine's Mom

  2. Dear Clementine,

    I have never been to an opera, but your article has made me think that I should go see one. Maybe I'll even go see La Boheme.

    I really liked that you took the time to have an interview with Mr. Mann. It seemed like he really enjoyed coming to your class.


    Mrs. Harding

  3. Dear Clementine,

    You have done a great job on this post! Your interview was a new feature here on our blog and I'm sure we'll use that idea in the future.

    I loved how Mr. Mann not only brought music for us to hear from the opera, but also pictures. They really helped visualize the characters on stage.

    I was wondering what operas you have seen?

    Thanks for your post!

    Mrs. Yollis

  4. Dear Clementine,

    I loved the way you showed the questions you asked about Mr.Mann! I know you put a lot of effert into this blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Clemtine,
    I really enjoyed reading your interview with Mr Mann. I think you did a terrific job on it and I must say it made me want to listen to Opera music ....
    Not sure I will get to see an Opera soon here in Nassau so iTunes will have to do !
    I really hope to see you again soon here in The Bahamas.
    Keep up the great work on your blog - its very very cool.
    Clementines friend in The Bahamas

  6. Dear Clementine,
    I'm a little late, but I really enjoyed talking to your class about the opera "La Boheme." Your class seemed to enjoy it as much as i did. I hope some of you will go see a real opera or, at least, listen to the opera on the radio on Saturday afternoons. Please ask me to come back again to tell you and your class about another opera.

    Mr. Mann


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