Tuesday, April 25, 2023

National Park Week: Visit Yosemite and Sequoia Parks

 This week is National Park Week! The hashtag is #NationalParkWeek.  America has so many beautiful parks to visit!

Grace is sharing two wonderful national parks today, Yosemite and Sequoia!

Yosemite National Park 

Here is Grace's trip to Yosemite! Yosemite National Park was established in 1890 and is found in the state of California. It is usually open all year, however, sometimes it closes for heavy snow or flooding. This park is about 760,000 acres and it has a lot of wildlife. Tourists might see mule deer, ground squirrels, bears, marmots, and a lot of birds. Remember, never feed wild animals! 

See Half Dome in the background! This giant is made of granite and many mountain climbers like to ascend the face. 

Grace and her family hiked up to Mariposa Grove to see the giant sequoia trees. Mariposa Grove has hundreds of giant sequoias. One tree is called the Grizzly Giant and it is approximately 1900-2400 years old! It stands about 210 feet tall. Wow!

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park 

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks are also located in California. The General Sherman tree is a highlight for tourists. This tree is the largest tree in the world by VOLUME. It is 275 feet tall and is quite a beauty. 

If you could visit one of these national parks, what would you like to do or see? 

Which was your favorite photo from Grace's trips and why? 


  1. Dear Grace,

    Eli and I really love the photo of you as a baby looking down at Yosemite National Park.

    We would love to see the animals, mainly the birds and mountain goats.

    What animals did you see or what animals would you like to see?

    El♣i and L♥i

  2. Dear Grace,

    Your pictures are stunning. Our favorite picture was when you were standing and looking out through the railing.

    Which national park do you want to go to next? We would love to go to Yellowstone National Park!

    Anaitis and Liv

  3. Dear Grace,

    We really enjoyed reading your post. It is so cool that you were standing next to the largest tree in the world by volume! We were also wondering which national park did you prefer and why?
    We have one more question for you since your post was so fascinating: Where did you guys all stay? Did you camp there?

    Your curious friends,
    Noah and Rachael

  4. Dear Grace,

    Your trip to Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks is so cool. Those trees are so elegant and stunning!

    Love your classmate,


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