Monday, April 24, 2023

National Park Week: Visit Joshua Tree!

 This week is National Park Week in America!  The hashtag is #NationalParkWeek  To celebrate, we will be featuring different parks visited by Mrs. Yollis and her students.

First up is Koush! He and his family visited Joshua Tree National Park. This beauty is located in a desert region of southern California. It is close to Palm Springs, California. 

Joshua Tree National Park was established in 1994. The park is 560,000 acres and tourists come from all over the world to bird watch, climb boulders or rock walls, camp, and hike.

The park is named for the Joshua tree that grows throughout. Some people think the Joshua tree is ugly, but we think this unique tree is gorgeous! What do you think?

Anaitis also spent some time at Joshua Tree National Park! Here are some of her photos that showcase the beautiful trees and giant boulders. 

If you could go to Joshua Tree National Park, what would you spend your time doing? 

What do you notice about the unique Joshua tree? 



  1. Dear Koush,

    I love your collage of pictures from being in Joshua Tree National Park!

    When I was there I hiked to skull rock. Did you see it?

    Your park-loving teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Dear Koush,

    I like the photos of you in Joshua Tree National Park. I would really like to go one day it looks beautiful.

    Did you see any wild animals? If not, what animal would you like to see?

    From your classmate,

    1. Dear Li,

      Thank you for all the compliments! I did not see any wild animals. If I did, I would want to see a red-tailed-hawk.

      From your fun friend,
      Koush and Toby

  3. Dear Koush and Anaitis,

    I loved ALL of your photos! I've been to Joshua Tree National Park. I went to see skull rock. Do you know how big it is?


  4. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I love the pictures on this page. I never knew that there was a national park week. Joshua Tree National Park sounds lovely and the trees are very pretty.

    Did you see any wild animals in the park?
    Is there a fee to enter a national park?



  5. Dear class,

    I would also really like to got Zion and Grand Canyon National Park. I would like to see the tall hoodoos and the beautiful nature. I really hope I go this summer.

    Do you think you will go to a National Park this summer? If so, which one?


  6. Dear Koush

    I also went to Joshua Tree National Park during winter break. I heard and saw coyotes. In fact, there were paw prints right outside our tent!

    Did you see or hear any coyotes or other wild animals?


  7. Dear Koush,

    I think the Joshua tree is a beautiful tree. I disagree with the people who say it is ugly.

    Did you go on any hiking trails? If you did, were they hard or were they just a small easy one? Did your whole family go or was it just you and your mom or dad? Did you do any fun activities?

    I went swimming at a hotel outside of the park, and I went on a scavenger hunt. I had to find crazy things like a coyote, a Joshua tree (that's easy they're everywhere!)

    Your National park loving friend,

  8. Milano & Johny BoyApril 25, 2023 at 1:35 PM

    Dear Koush,

    I love your blog pictures. I wish I could visit Joshua Tree National Park. It looks lovely.

    Is there a fee to enter Joshua Tree?
    Are there any wild animals there?

    Love, Milano & Johny Boy.

  9. L&clubs:na and br♥oklynApril 25, 2023 at 1:35 PM

    Dear Koush,

    We think the Joshua trees are beautiful!

    How old were you when you last went?

    L♣na and br♥

  10. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    We went to Joshua Tree National Park too! Both of us think that the Joshua tree is pretty. What animals did you see while you were there? We saw lots of birds.

    Net and Anaitis


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