Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Turkey Takes a Vacation :: Happy Thanksgiving!


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Turkey Takes a Vacation!

Stories and Vacation Photos by Mrs. Yollis’ Third Graders


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How did we create this project? 

First, we read Turkey Trouble, by Wendi Silvano.  The funny fantasy follows our feathered friend as he finds out what Americans feast upon for Thanksgiving.  Thank you to Noah and his family for purchasing the book for the class! 

Second, we selected an exotic vacation location for Turkey. (If he left America over Thanksgiving break, he would not get eaten.)

Third, we researched an international landmark using reference materials like Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 

Fourth, we located the international landmark on Google Earth and took a "vacation" screenshot. Pegman was so helpful! The screenshot was uploaded to our class collaborative photo album. 

Fifth, we used our facts to create a story about Turkey's time at the international landmark.

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What was your favorite part about the project and why?

What landmark would you like to visit? 


  1. Lucas, I am so glad that Turkey got to travel to so many places and not end up on our Thanksgiving plates! I love that he visited Brazil where your dad is from and that he got to take a fun trip to the beach. I hope you taught him a few words in Portuguese so he could enjoy his stay! What a fun class project, looks like you and all your classmates really enjoyed this research. Gobble, goggle -- Lucas's Mom.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

    I loved looking at all the Turkey Takes a Vacation pages! My Turkey is enjoying tea with the Queen! I liked how Ayda's went to Egypt. He must have been hot in the desert. See you on Monday! From Molly.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
    Great blog thanks for posting.


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