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Learning About Compound Sentences

Adding compound sentences to your writing can make your stories and essays more interesting. 

What is a compound sentence? 

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A compound sentence:
  1. Combines two shorter sentences (so has TWO subjects)
  2. Joins the two sentences with a conjunction (and, or, but, so, yet, nor, and for)   The comma goes BEFORE the conjunction.

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Here is an acronym to help you remember some conjunctions: 
(for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so)

 This image has information about WHAT each conjunction means. 


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For social studies, we have been reading a book called Badger Claws of Ojai. This realistic fiction story is about a Chumash boy who wants to become a brave. To prove he is worthy, he must live in the mountains for three moons, hunt a big game animal, and complete a service project for his community. 

Here are some compound sentence examples that will tell you more about this great realistic fiction story. 

Badger Claws could go and live with his aunt and uncle, or he could try surviving in the wilderness for three moon. 

Badger Claws was a young boy, yet he was able to survive successfully in Little Matilha. 

Old Silver Tip was stalking the women and children as they collected acorns, but Badger Claws was able to save the villagers. 

*       *       *       *       *

Here are some great student examples, but they are not about Badger Claws. (Hey that's a compound sentence!) 

Abigail's example:

Lily's example:

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By Friday, leave a blog comment with at least two compound sentences! 

(for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so)


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I like compound sentences, so I wrote three down below. Badger Claws had to stay in the mountains for three moons/months, and he had to survive. He also had to hunt a big game animal, and he had to do something for the village. Old Silver Tip was stalling and started to charge at the people, so Badger Claws assassinated Old Silver Tip.


  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I am very fond of both compound sentences, and Badger Claws, so I decided to write 3 compound sentences about Badger Claws below.

    Badger Claws was trying to hide from 2 enormous grizzly bears. The bears were probably very hungry, for they had already eaten the rabbit he had hunted. He picked up his bow and arrows. This made him feel better, but he never got to sleep that night. In the morning, Badger Claws walked over to where the bears had been. The tracks were too tiny to be a bear's, for they were only a couple of raccoons!

    I hope you enjoyed my 3 compound sentences, and I also hope that you like the on that I just wrote!

    Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis,
    Badger Claws was also about to shoot a bow and arrow at his friend the deer , yet he didn’t because the thought of killing his dear friend who trusted him, made him feel shameful. If I were Badger Claws I would have responded the same by not shooting my deer friend, for killing a friend is so appalling.

    While Badger Claws was sauntering toward the canyon, he spotted a rabbit, so he took out his bow and arrow. He tried to shoot, but he missed. After that, he realized that he wasn’t good at pulling back the arrow, nor was he good at shooting, so he did target practice. After a couple of rounds of target practice, Badger Claws started to get really good at it.

    Towards the end of the story, the Shaman came back to Badger Claws to tell him the third task that he had to do. It was to kill big game for the whole village and do something else that was helpful the village. Badger Claws was wondering what he should do. Then one night Badger Claws had a dream of the Mountain God saying that if you dig a hole, then you would find a spring of water. The next day, Badger Claws remembered his dream and dug a hole with an abalone shell, but he only found muddy water which disappointed him.

    What disappoints you?

    Your student,

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Badger Claws sneaked into the sweat house, so there were consequences. He had 2 choices, one was to go live with his aunt and uncle, and his other option was to go survive alone in the mountains for 3 moons.

    Badger Claws chose choice #2, so he had to go live in the mountains for three months.

    During these three months, Badger Claws had a mysterious dream that sounded real. In the mysterious dream, it stated that if he dug a hole, water would spring out. He went to work, digging a hole, yet only muddy water came out.
    Everyone laughed at him, poor Badger Claws!
    Then, at the end, when Badger Claws was chosen to be a brave, they blurted out that right after he left, clear and pure water sprang out!

    Toward the beginning of the book, when Badger Claws was only a novice at shooting bow and arrows, he had tried to shoot a rabbit but had missed and scared the rabbit away, so, he did some target practice. Then, when we tried shooting another rabbit that came by, he finally shot him! I think he is a great kid because he perseveres.


  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I believe that Badger Claws is my favorite character. I think that he is a great person, but he did make mistakes.

    I think that Badger Claws is a splendid hunter. For example, he can kill huge game for the tribe, and he killed many rabbits when living up in the mountains. Not only is Badger Claws a great hunter, he is also observant. Badger Claws could never of survived in the mountains for three moons if he didn't watch Aged One, the shaman, and the braves. If he did not watch these people he could not make acorn cakes, a fire, a basket, a rabbit skin blanket, and most importantly an ap. But thank goodness he watched these leaders.

    Badger Claws has great traits, yet he also disobeyed his tribe. Badger Claws went into the sweat house without permission, so he had to he got in trouble. If Badger Claws had never went into the sweat house, he would of never had to go live in the mountains.

    Lastly, I think I consider Badger as my favorite character from the book. Who is your favorite character?

    Your blogging friend,

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Here is a story that includes some compound sentences:

    One night Picky-Picky the cat was sleeping soundly. Suddenly Picky-Picky woke with a start. “Meeoow. Meow. What was that clank?” Picky-Picky whined. Picky-Picky did not like being woken up late at night, nor did she like the thought of something mysterious prowling about the house.

    Picky-Picky decided she was going to find out what that clanky-clanky noise was, for she did not want that “thing” disturbing her.

    As she set off, she heard a tiny and delicate squeak coming from the kitchen. Hmmmmm. “I wonder what that noise was?” she asked herself. She trotted into the kitchen and found the refrigerator door open.

    “This is very strange. Usually the human people leave it closed.” Just then Picky-Picky heard a faint sound of nibbling. Picky-Picky knew this sound at once; after all, she hated when those gruesome creatures went nibbling at the cheese late at night. Ha! Those mice thought they were sooo smart. Well! Old Picky-Picky was aware!

    Now she just had to get that mouse, and of course have a midnight snack too. As she continued to proceed toward the feasting mouse, she heard the mouse mutter something about how good the cheese was.

    The mouse did not know that a cat was stalking him, so he just kept on devouring the parmesan cheese. “Wow! This must be my favorite type of cheese so far,” the mouse murmured through a mouth full of cheese.

    While the mouse was talking to himself, the cat was getting closer with each step. Just as Picky-Picky was about to swipe his left front paw, the mouse (whose name happened to be Peeps) noticed that a gigantic furry cat face was about two inches away, razor sharp teeth and all. That face was straight in his own cheese-stuffed face, so he squealed.

    “Ssssssss” Picky-Picky hissed ferociously (at least for a mouse). Peeps ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. “AAAAAAHHHH!” peeps screamed as he ran for a little hole he saw in a dusty corner .

    He was just about there when he felt Picky-Picky’s claws grab hold of his tail. But wait! Picky-Picky’s claws lost their grip, and Peeps sprinted back to the safety of his hole.
    “NOOO,” Picky-Picky yowled. She was so close! Just then she heard her owner say in a stern but sleepy way, “Now what is all this fuss about? Picky-Picky you better have a good explanation for waking me at two in the morning!”

    “Meow!” Picky-Picky answered. “Now you mister, go to bed NOW, and I mean it!” Without having to be told twice Picky-Picky slumped away to his cat bed, but he looked scornfully at the mouse hole just in case.


  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I think Badger Claws is one of my favorite characters in a book because he has many different personality traits which make him fun to read about. Badger Claws is mischievous, daring, funny, and he perseveres through challenging times, he's also very courageous.

    I also really enjoyed the raccoon, because he was funny and made Badger feel good when he was feeling really low and he was also really cute!

    The book overall was very exiting because Badger had to survive for 3 moons in the wild and encountered deer a bear and coyotes!

    Your student,


    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      I think Badger Claws is one of my favorite characters in a book because he has many different personality traits which make him fun to read about. Badger Claws is mischievous, daring, funny, and he perseveres through challenging times, he's also very courageous.

      I also really enjoyed the raccoon, because he was funny and made Badger feel good when he was feeling really low and he was also really cute!

      The book overall was very exiting because Badger had to survive for 3 moons ,so he had to encountered deer a bear and coyotes!

      Your student,


  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Our homework was to write a blog comment including three compound sentences and I didn't want mine to be boring and catch no interest in people, so I decided to write my own story!

    It was a rainy day outside, yet Roy wanted to play outside. He politely demanded to his parents if he could do so and nicely responded yes but not more than fifteen minutes.

    Once outside Roy just thought about how it would be way more fun if he were outside with his friend, so he went and gently knocked on his best friends front door and to his delight, his friend Carl was here and was bored too; he loved the idea of going outside to play in the rain. Roy had always loved rain, he loved to jump in the puddles with his friends and splash each other!

    He couldn't wait another minute to play with Carl at the park. The park was beautiful, it included colorful flowers, a field of green and pure grass, and a basketball court, a bench for elders and even a slide!

    After fifteen minutes of splendid fun in splashing,jumping, running, chasing, Roy scurried to his house as his mother had suggested and his mom was glad he had followed her instructions and since now she knew now that she could trust Roy she propose for him to play for an hour and a half more outside. Roy was very happy and told himself that he would always be trustworthy so that people will always trust him!

    Roy hurried to his friend to to tell him the good news, and he was extremely glad too! Then Carl revealed that during Roy's absence he had come up with a great idea : they could go get some more friends of theirs and have even more fun! Roy thought it a fantastic idea too.

    So the two best friends headed for their other friends' house, but to their surprise, when they rang the doorbell on Luc's house, a very good friend of theirs too, there was no response, nor did they get a response when they knocked on Richard's house, and it was the same effect for each of their friends.

    Roy was disappointed and so was Carl.The two boys were about to head home and wave goodbye to each other, when from behind, they heard great shouts, "Surprise!" Carl thought they were all his friends' voices but wasn't sure, he turned around to check and looked and there were his friends! He ran up to his best friend and told him what he had found out and both were delighted!

    Luc, Richard, Tom, Paul, Ned, Theo were out, but where was Zack? Roy wondered this was strange, Zack was usually the first one out, was he sick?
    Roy headed for his door when Zack swung the door open and everyone stared in amazement at the 101 cookies he was carrying in a box. Then, Zack blurted out his story : When he had heard Carl and Roy knock on everyone's house and figured they weren't coming out, he thought of making 20 cookies for them but right when he was done, he heard all his friends come out, so he thought it wasn't fair if each friend only got 2,3,4, or 5 cookies each, so he made 101 of them!

    All the friends were happy to play together and had tons of fun!

    The one hour and a half had passed quickly, and Carl had to head back home... He said good bye to his friends and went back home, meanwhile his beloved mom had prepared a hot tomato soup for him, it was very good!

    That night in his bed he thought, "I have had so many incredible days in my life, yet this was the best one!"

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    I must say that I am extremely impressed with the the writing skills that you have displayed! You have not only shown ability to write excellent compound sentences, but you have shown great creativity as well!

    Because it is one of my favorite 3rd grade stories, I loved the comments about Badger Claws, yet I found the creative stories that were written to be very entertaining!

    The FANBOYS acronym is very helpful, so I know I will remember it and use it. I'm looking forward to reading more creative comments using compound sentences.

    I learned from Ari that you are reading biographies right now, so perhaps you'll have some biographical comment sentences to share!

    All the best,
    Mrs. Ranney


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