Sunday, April 3, 2016

Join Our Twitter Poetry Project! #clrpoem

April is National Poetry Month, so let's enjoy some Twitter Poetry!


Twitter is a wonderful microblogging platform to connect, share, and learn with others. You can learn a lot in 140 characters! This annual #clrpoem Twitter project incorporates color, poetry, geography, social media, science, and fun!

This week, we will start this colorful global collaborative project in an interesting way. We will start with:

 What is Black and/or White? 

When you think about color/colour, some people don't think of black or white as colors/colours. In science we learn that, a black object absorbs all the visible light and reflects none of the color to our eyes. A white object reflects all light. Let's have fun with black and white. Use silhouettes (shadows)! Use a black and white filter on your ipad! Find things that are black or white!

The object of this collaborative project is to share original poems, create colorful digital images, and publish through classroom Twitter accounts using the hashtag #clrpoem! Each week a color of the visible spectrum, plus black and white, will be showcased!


One way to remember the visible spectrum is the
 ROY G BIV acronym.  

(ak rÉ™ nim)
  1. an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word

(*Indigo is the color between blue and violet. We will combine it with blue.) 

Teachers, YOU are invited to join our collaborative project! The more, the merrier!

A tip of the hat to Catherine Monaghan for this colorfully clever idea.

Consider adding your poetry to Mrs. Hembree's Global Poetry Unites Project.

What are some things that are black?
What are some things that are white

Have you ever used your black and white filter? Try it!

What are some elements of poetry? 

Couplet, triplet, or haiku,
What kind of verse can we expect from YOU? 



  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I am so glad you are having the Twitter Color Poem project again! It's my favorite during poetry month! I also really appreciate you sharing my poetry project in my post. I am looking forward to seeing what some of your poets create this month.
    Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis's Class,
    Our first graders just wrote this poem about red.Tulips
    So beautiful and red
    A field of tulips
    Bright and red
    Near the other colors
    Pointing up to the sky

    Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    Our Acers are black. The keyboard is also that color. Desks normally come in the same color as laptops do.

    Snow is white. It is very fluffy and soft. Paper is the same color as walls. It can be used for drawing or writing.

    Something that is both black and white is a dalmatian. It has white fur all over it and there are black spots on top of the fur.

    Some elements of poetry are to never use words twice. For example, “it” is a common word that is used over again.

    Do you like the colors black and white?


  4. A big HELLO to Mrs Yollis' Class!
    We're so pleased you've launched your poetry month with #clrpoem - we'll be joining you soon! It's our Easter break this week, but we'll be back in the classroom next Tuesday, ready to join the fun! Looking forward to seeing the creative works this time around.
    Mrs Monaghan


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