Monday, May 18, 2015

What is Blue? :: Wrap Up #clrpoem

♥ This project is dedicated to the memory of Mr. David Eldridge of Hawes Primary School in Yorkshire Dales, England. David was a pioneer in the area of meaningful technology integration through educational blogging, a passionate innovator, and a generous learning partner. David recognized the importance of a global education and the power of collaborative learning.  You are missed, David. 

We just completed our FIFTH week of the Twitter Time :: Color/Colour Poem Project. What is BLUE?

Mrs. Yollis apologizes for skipping "What is Green?" Wrap Up. 
She has been sick. :-(

The object of this collaborative project is to create digital images, share original poems, and publish through our classroom Twitter account using the hashtag #clrpoem! Each week a color of the visible spectrum will be showcased! Everyone is invited to participate!


One way to remember the visible spectrum is the
ROY G BIV acronym.

*We'll be going with purple. 

Here are some highlights of What is BLUE? week. Thank you to all who participated!

Los Angeles

Blueberries are blue,
Super antioxidant,
Delectable fruit!

#clrpoem #haiku
 By Nicholas



New Zealand

New York City

Mrs. McKenzie's students inspired by Mr. Webb's students!
We are using poems as mentor texts as well.


Observation from Mrs. McKenzie in New Zealand. Social media can be used to promote and motivate learners. It is all about having an audience

Here is a fabulous summary of some blue poems from Mr. Webb's class in New Zealand! Check them out! 

Final week, what is PURPLE?

Join the fun! Shoot an image, write a complementary poem, and tweet it out using the hashtag #clrpoem.

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  1. Mrs Yollis
    Thank you so much for the kind mentions - I will be sharing this with our students here in New Zealand tomorrow morning and they will love the exposure and the information and details that you have put on your class blog. That will be such a wonderful thing to share and thank you so much.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.


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