Sunday, February 2, 2014

UPDATED: Who WAS Our Millionth Viewer?

Mrs. Yollis and her students are excited to be approaching a huge milestone. The classroom blog will hit 1,000,000 page views today.

Who will it be the millionth? 

Please take a screenshot for us if it is you!

*   *   *  UPDATE  *   *   *  

Excitement was high! Our RevolverMap was going up.


I tweeted out that we were close! 

As I watched the statistics in the Blogger dashboard, it suddenly read one million! 

 Thank you Chris Ericson from York, Nebraska, for being our millionth viewer! 

We appreciate you documenting the event with a screenshot.   

My Google Teacher Academy classmate, 
Joe Woodwas very close!  

Students, the event occurred on Sunday at 3:42 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST). What time was that in our Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone?

Which student be the closest with their guess? 

We'll see tomorrow!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,

    This is Lesli, and I am thrilled to be spending time with your class today. It is an honor to be counted among your followers. I love all your blogging and following what you are learning.

    Thanks to Peter and Daniel for teaching an "old dog" some new tricks. I had the best time!

    All the best,

    School Board Member

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    Congratulations for getting a million viewers! You rock! Did your class celebrate when you had a milllion visitors?
    Mrs. Hembree's Reading Group
    P.S. Do you like the Seahawks?

    1. Jemma, Bryce, and PeterFebruary 7, 2014 at 12:30 PM

      Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you for the grand comment! Two of us adore the Seattle Seahawks! We both watched the Super Bowl, and we both wanted Seattle to win. Did you know that Centurylink Field is the loudest NFL stadium? Their field is the loudest, and the owner of the Lombardi Trophy.

      Our third blogger, Bryce, thinks the Broncos are the best. Peter and Jemma disagree completely!

      We did celebrate when we hit one million! Peter's mom made cupcakes!

      Do you like the Seattle Seahawks?
      Or, do you prefer the Denver Broncos?


      J♥mma and ♣Pe♣er♣ and Bryce

  3. We were visitor number 1,004,427.

    Miss Tyler-Smith and the Montessori 9-12 class from Cape Town, South Africa.

    1. Dear Claire Tyler-Smith,

      Thank you for the comment! You're our first South African visitor this year!

      In California, a Montessori is a preschool. Is a Montessori a high school where you live? We're in elementary school.


      Chloe and Sheila

      P.S. here is a link to Chloe's blog: <a href=">Chloe's Creative Corner</a>

  4. Dear Mr. Ericson,

    It must be exciting to be the one millionth visitor to Mrs. Yollis' Blog. I noticed in your photo that you're holding a huge fish. Did you catch it? What type of fish is it? I think it might be a salmon. Can anyone else guess what species of fish Mr. Ericson is holding?


  5. Nate!! I must admit that I was VERY excited to be the one millionth visitor. This blog is amazing and I really like the information that she shares. The fish is actually a Walleye. I caught it off of our dock at Johnson Lake, Nebraska where we used to have a cabin. Do you like to fish? What kinds of fish do you have there?

  6. Dear Mr. Ericson,

    I do like to fish, but only for short amounts of time. I have never caught a fish but I got a bite fishing for trout. My dad and grandpa have gone fishing for walleye in Minnesota. My dad once caught a pretty big northern pike. He doesn't remember the weight, but he does remember it tasted good.

    What is the biggest walleye you've ever caught?


  7. Dear Jemma, Bryce and Peter,
    We LOVE the Seahawks! Three of us have been to Century Link field and have seen the Seahawks. It is crazy super loud at the games there!
    Have you been to a football game before?
    Mrs. Hembree's Reading Group


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