Friday, February 21, 2014

Thank You, Mr. Webb and Class!

Guest post by Nate, Samantha, Ali, Sheila, and Peter

Blogging is a great way to connect with other classes, learn about geography, and make new friends. 

Recently, we got a lovely package from our blogging buddies in the southern hemisphere!

Thank You, Mr. Webb and class from New Zealand!

 Thank you New Zealanders for the grand maps, stickers, calendar, posters, and pens. They are all wonderful things to have in our classroom. We especially like the the roadsigns and the map. Where we live, you do not see a sign that says, "PENGUINS and SEALS next 500 nautical miles." 

In addition, we do not see any kiwis or kiwi signs. We have kiwi, the fruit, but not the bird. We looked up facts about kiwis on World Book Online. Kiwi are interesting birds. They are flightless and nocturnal. We guess that you probably don't see kiwis during school. 

We also like the posters of the school mural and your QR code. We have murals on our walls too. However, our murals are all realistic animals from this area. The students painted the murals years ago. 

 The map of your neighborhood has a really big volcanic National Park. Does the volcano ever erupt or is it dormant?

What is the mascot of your school? Is it a kiwi?

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  1. Mrs Yollis and Class and Guest Bloggers.
    We are glad that our pack about our area, country and school has made it through to you. We will be sharing this as a classroom on Monday and the students will be very excited to learn that it has arrived.

    The mascot for our school is the Pukeko. That's the bird that you see walking around with the backpack on in the photos that we sent you. It has blue feathers and a red/orange beak. Our school loves playing cricket and entering robotics competitions which are two of the things that you can see in the backpack of the Pukeko.

    The Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand but it is not common everywhere. It is not common for most people to have seen one because it is nocturnal and has to live in protected areas as dogs and some other rodents can cause significant harm and danger to them. There are some areas where they live in mainland New Zealand but they tend to be isolated.

    Yes we have a few from our school field of an active volcano, which is Mt Taranaki, this is the key geographical feature is our area (and which our area of New Zealand is named). It is an active volcano although it hasn't erupted since the 1860s. When organising the material to send to you Mr Webb found out on Wikipedia that is 'supposed' to erupt every fifty years, so an eruption is overdue. Its not going to happen anytime soon.

    Do you have volcano that are in California? Do you have an recognisable geographic features that are nearby? Our school mascot is the Pukeko and our national mascot is the Kiwi. Does California have a mascot? Is the United States one a bird?

    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Tarnaki, New Zealand.


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