Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our World, Our Numbers :: Global Project

Mrs. Yollis' class loves to connect and learn with our friends around the world. Today we are launching a new global project called  
We have a blog where we'll meet up with our blogging buddies to learn together for the next five weeks.

In late 2011, many of us worked on the award winning global project called Our World, Our Stories. This latest project is based on a similar format with a mathematical focus.

Classes involved The students are all from primary (elementary) classes and are from three different continents and five countries.

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How will it work?  

Students from all classes will connect and collaborate by sharing their mathematical lives. This will happen through the blog and involve a variety of media. A different class will “lead” a mathematical topic every four days or so, publishing posts and replying to comments. The other classes will read the posts, possibly publish their own posts, and leave blog comments. We will share topics such as currency, seasons, time zones, population data etc.  

The learning 

Through blog posts, the students will teach each other about different aspects of mathematics based on aspects of their own culture. The learning will continue in the commenting section where students, teachers and parents will engage in conversations to explore mathematical and cultural topics further. Students will gain an understanding of mathematics through the eyes of children in different countries and cultures. They will make comparisons and contrasts between their lives and other students’ lives. If you want to keep up to date with how the fun and learning unfolds, there is a "subscribe via email" box on the right hand side of the Our World, Our Numbers blog.

 Get Involved  

We encourage all students and families to get involved! Mrs. Yollis' students are leading the second topic about a few American landmarks.  

Head over to the Our World, Our Numbers blog now to check out our post and leave a comment.

What do you think about our new global project?

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