Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday, Miss Jordan!

We love celebrating birthdays with our blogging buddies. 
This time it is Miss Jordan, our Australian blogging buddy from 4KM and 4KJ, who is celebrating a milestone birthday. Although it is only Thursday, April 26th here in Los Angeles, it is Friday, April 27th in Australia! Happy Birthday, Miss Jordan!
Miss Jordan always supports our learning, and we appreciate her!

Here is a special birthday song we recorded for her today with our new music teacher, Mrs. Adler.

Mrs. Morris, who works with Miss Jordan, embedded a Web 2.0 tool called WallWisher in their class blog. Please head over and leave Miss Jordan some special birthday wishes!

Here is a link to the WallWisher.


  1. Dear Miss Jordyn,

    Happy birthday! I bet you had a wonderful time with your friends and family.

    What did you do with your friends and family? My birthday is in a week.

    Happy Birthday,

    1. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

      Thank you for this special birthday post, I am very touched!

      Turning 30 is a special milestone and I am so happy I could share it with you, just like we celebrated Mrs Yollis' 50th birthday last year!

      I love the "happy birthday" song you recorded for me. Thanks, Mrs Adler! We all laughed when you said "mate" in the video. We are all definitely mates!

      I had a wonderful day at school yesterday. As I was opening some gifts and cards from 4KJ students at 9am, Maha (from 4KM) came in and said we must all go straight into her classroom! We marched in just in time to hear the familar Skype video call was Mr Avery! He skyped to wish me a happy birthday, which was just lovely!

      Later on in the morning we were discussing our Maths activity and I was surprised to hear the Skype ringtone was you, Mrs Yollis! We loved chatting to you and your gorgeous puppy, Buck. He made me laugh a lot!

      Just before recess all of the Grade Four students and teachers surprised me big time! I walked into the corridor and all of the students had party poppers and they sang me a very exuberant "happy birthday!". There were lollies and treats, prepared by Mrs Morris. She made more than 100 honey joys and chocolate crackles for all of the students. Wow!

      At recess time we had a special morning tea in the staff room and Mrs Morris brought in a chocolate mud favourite! Everyone devoured it!

      Last night I went out for dinner with some friends. It was a lovely night. Today my mum, dad and brother are coming to visit me for the night. They live three hours away so it's great they can come and stay with me for my birthday. We'll go shopping tomorrow to buy a birthday present!

      Special thanks to Madison for her comment. I appreciate it! I hope you have a lovely birthday in a week!

      From your 30 year old blogging buddy,
      Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Miss Jordyn,

    Happy birthday! I hope you had a fun time going out with your friends and family to celebrate your birthday.
    Thank you for leaving our classroom blog many comment's.

    Etai(in Mrs.Yollis's class)


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