Friday, June 10, 2011

Where is Nonno - On Summer Holiday

Dear Mrs. Yollis and Students

I know you will be on your last week of school and eager to start your summer vacation. I remember how long it took to get finished with the last week of school all the years ago when I was in the third grade.

We want to thank you for having the opportunity and fun to contribute a bit to your blog and days at school. We had fun too. I remember telling you about the Trulli, the Colosso of Barletta, showing a bit of Italy and best of all the visits to your class.

Grazie Mille and A Presto
Nonno and Cecca
Courmayeur, Italia


  1. Caro Nonno,

    I have loved all your post about your wonderful trip around Italy. It did bring back a lot of happy thoughts when I visited as a child.

    I think that this is just wonderful that you, Cecca took the time to share not only with Mrs Yollis, and her students about your adventure but with us here in Australia too.

    I do wish you and Cecca all the best and I hope that I will still be able to read a special post from you later on in the future.

    I really cannot believe that your summer holidays are about to start and we are still at school. Today marks the official snow season here in Australia.

    All the best Nonno.
    From AA.

  2. Dear Nonno,

    You have been a great help to our class this year by teaching us about Italy. I found the Cows in Courmayeur the most interesting, but I liked all of them. It was also very fun when you came the second time because we got to see one of Italy's city's symbol. Are you going to publish any more posts during the summer or during the next school year?



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