Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Olympian in our Room!

Ben's mother is  an Olympic athlete! Ben's mother is also Nonno's daughter! 

The Olympics are held every four years and the best athletes in the world come together to represent their country. It is an exciting international event!

She was a member of the U.S. Speed Skiing Team. That's the fastest ski race there is! The skis are very long and measure approximately  240 cm long. (About 94 inches)  No one could believe how fast speed skiers go. The fastest speed Ben's mom recorded was 196 km (That's 120 m.p.h.  WOW!)
Each Olympian is given a team suit to wear. In addition, she had special identification so she could get into the Olympic Village. The Olympic Village is where the athletes stay.

Students enjoyed looking at the special photos and Olympic moments.

Here is a great photo where you can see the length of the skis and the special suit she wore during races.

Nonno and Ben's mom! Notice the special helmet at the top of the skis!

The President invites all Olympians to Washington, D.C. Here is a photo of Ben's mom with President Bush. She also met Vice President Dan Quayle.

Athletes love to trade pins. Here is one side of her pin collection.

She recommends that young kids try out lots of sports and see which ones they love. Then they need to practice and practice if they'd like to be an Olympian. 

Ben's mom gave everyone some great advice. She said that it can be very difficult to stay calm sometimes. Rather than saying to yourself, "I've got to win." She would tell herself to remember the steps to success. Focusing on what you need to do is the key!  

When is the next Olympics and where will they be held?

Do you have any questions for our Olympian? 

What sports do you enjoy?

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Thank you introducing us to an amazing Olympian. WoW
    I really loved reading your post and what it takes to be an outstanding Olmpian.

    I love the great advice Ben's mum gave it is so true. I only wished I had her advice about 30 years ago.
    As I love everything about the Olmppic games. For when I was very young my dream was to be an Olympian runner but I ran out of steam. I love watching the whole of the Olmpic games.

    Awesome job to Ben's mum she is a real champion and what she has achieved I take my hat off to her! I do have to ask did Ben's mum ever feel an element of been afraid at the speed she was skiing at some point.

    From AA.


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