Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where's Nonno? He's here!

Yesterday Mrs. Yollis and her class were delighted to have their guest blogger, Nonno, back in class. This time he brought his friend, Cecca! 

Everyone enjoyed learning some Italian, tasting chestnuts, dining on some imported fontina cheese, and having a chance to see some Italian souvenirs!

Here is one of the cow bells worn by the cows of Courmayeur, Italy!

The "Rhemy de Noel" book!

Cubic fontina! Yum!

Special chestnuts that Italians enjoy eating!

Nonno has written many magnificent posts about Italy!

Which "Where's Nonno?" post is your favorite?


  1. Dear Nonno,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip while you and Cecca were in Italy.

    I loved every single one of them and what is even more wonderful I shared your posts with my mum as she was born in Italy Rome.
    She really enjoyed reading your blog post. She has been to most of the places you and Cecca visited.

    So, on behave of me and my mum a huge thank you for sharing!

    Yours turly,
    AA and Elisa.

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Nonno,
    It is too hard to pick one favorite post because I have enjoyed reading all of them. They have given me the chance to escape to Italy by reading!
    Italy is a beautiful country and I learned so much more this year. I think my favorite sourvenir you shared was the cow bell! I don't know why! Perhaps it is a reminder that life isn't all about crazy traffic and a busy life. It's also about cows wandering the fields in Italy wearing handcrafted cow bells and gifting us some incredible tasting cheese!
    Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Nonno,
    We love everything you posted. You make us want to go to Italy. The shape of Italy is a boot. We're all about boots in Teaxas! We learned a lot about the history of Rome. We had a lot of fun learning about you and the history about Rome!
    Haley, Tristyn, Micah, Nestor and Hayli (49'ers)

  4. Dear Nanno,
    We love the way your country looks. We are learning about Julius Caesar. We loved the history of your country.
    Surya and Sepand 49`ers

  5. Dear Mr. Nonno,

    I like the watch towers because they dropped rocks,hot water and they shot bows and arrows. I like the history of Rome. Thank you for blogging. (Daniel)

    We enjoyed the history and the pictures. We enjoyed learning about Italy. (Cole and Jeremiah)

    Daniel, Cole and Jeremiah

  6. Dear Nonno,

    We love the pictures you posted. The pictures of the ocean are beautiful. We think it's really cool that Italy is shaped like a boot.

    Marissa, Alexis, Arzin and Logan

  7. Dear Nonno,
    We liked the pictures that you put on the blog. We also liked the blue ocean, too.

    It is pretty amazing to blog from Italy to California to Texas.

    Anton, Layth, Savanna and Siena

  8. Dear Nonno,
    Your class looks great. I wish the class was here with us so we can see them in person. We are having fun blogging with you.

    Italy is a beautiful place. We learned the "Gateway of Italy" is really cool because it looks like it is from the BC's (ancient).

    Jacob,Sydney and Sean
    P.S. Have a kick with the boot in Italy.

  9. Dear Nonno,
    Thank you for all the things you have posted. One of the things we learned is that in times of hardship, Italy built a wall to protect themselves. We also learned how Italy came to be. We hope you write more posts.
    Harrison, Gianna and Spencer

  10. Dear Nonno,
    We learned there's a lot of stuff you can get from Italy. People say the food is really good there. What kind of popular stuff is there?
    Nyla and Paola

  11. Dear Nonno,

    We are learning about Rome and Italy. We would like to go to Italy. We think it's cool Italy is shaped like a boot. Texans love boots!

    Mia and Stephanie

  12. Howdy 49ers. We wear boots in Courmayeur during the winter as well, SKI BOOTS! Popular things are fast cars and great food. The history there is wonderful and Julius Caesar was one of my favorites when I studied history in college. Have you learned about Carthage and Hannibal? Nonno

  13. Dear Nonno,

    I really enjoyed you and Cecca visiting the class. Also, thank you so much for the mushy cheese, and the hard chestnuts. I thought the taste of both of them were interesting. In my opinion, I thought they were completely different flavors.

    I have treasured learning about Italy, specifically Courmayeur, because it is fun to identify the differences and the similar things.

    Do you think that the flavors of chestnuts and the cheese you brought were different?



  14. Dear Nonno,

    I really liked it when you brought in the chestnuts and cheese. It was great even for me to try new foods because I have never tried that kind of cheese. I have a question. Where do you get the cheese?


  15. Dear Nonno,

    All of the posts that you have made are mgnifacent, and I hope that you won't stop posting!

    I loved the chestnuts, but I did not try the cheese because I am not a big fan of cheese. Instead I gave it to my mother who loved it!

    You asked which post I like the best. I can't choose because you are so great at posting, and I love all of your posts.

    Which of your posts do you like the most?

    Is this your last post? I think it is because you said "Which 'Where's Nonno?'" post is your favorite? I hope not.


  16. Dear Nonno,

    I would really like to thank you for all of the gifts that you given us over the Internet, and the joys of being right there in our classroom.

    Not only do I like the gifts you give, but I also like that when you come to our class you are always happy to answer our questions.

    One of my favorite posts that you turned into a masterpiece is "Where's Nonno? The Cows of Courmayeur." I like it because you gave a lot of detail such as telling where the Fontina cheese is stored exactly.

    (Mrs. Yollis' class)

  17. Dear Nonno,

    Thank you for sharing all the posts you have done! Our class really enjoyed seeing them.

    Personally, my favorite post was Barletta, Italy because I liked the giant statue because it's located on the street. In New York we have a statue, and it is called the Giant Statue of Liberty. It is not located on the street, it is located in New York City. I love going to New York City because when I went, I went on a boat to see the Statue of Liberty. We went really close.

    I have some questions for you:

    1. Have you ever been to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty?

    2. If so, did you go see it up close?



  18. Dear Nonno and Checa,

    It was fun to see you again Nonno and to meet you Checa. We had heaps of fun. The cowbells were very heavy. I think that 8 posts are a lot of posts. I enjoyed learning about Italy this school year.

    P.S. My great grandma is Italian

  19. Dear Nonno,

    I love it when you visit our classroom. You have done so many great posts this year. My favorite was The Cows in Courmayeur because I find cows very interesting. My favorite thing you brought was the pin because you got to see the symbol for another city. How much longer are you going to be in California?


  20. Dear Nonno,

    I love your wonderful post! I love all your posts, so it is hard to decide which is my favorite. I think Cows in Cormayeur was my favorite because I loved learning about the traditions and your cows that you have in Italy. I am sad that you are ending all your posts. :(

    Even though it is sad that you are not publishing anymore, I am very happy that you visited our classroom. I tasted the cheese that you brought, and I automatically wanted another slice of cheese. At first, when I tasted the walnuts, the tasted to sweet, but after a while, they tasted pretty good.

    It was a pleasure having you at our classroom, but my favorite part was when you told us the story about the giant's tooth. I really hope the author of “The Giant's Tooth” would translate it in English.

    I really hope you have a good time in Italy.


  21. Dear Mrs.Yollis class,I really liked the cow bell you showed.I wish you can comment visit this blog.If you see Ms.Valenta that is the blog. From Alex.H


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