Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Video at the Reading Round-Up!

Okay all you cowboys and cowgirls, it's time to talk a little truth! 

Sheriff Yollis and Sheriff Salsich have a new video published
all about nonfiction!

Yee Haw!

Git along now! 

Click here to mosey on over to the Reading Round-Up and have a look for yourself!


  1. How'dy Sheriff Yollis and Sheriff Salsich,

    So, glad to have you both back with a new video of the "Reading Round/Up!"

    I am with you Sheriff Salsich as I also love to read animals nonfiction books.

    As a matter of fact just the other day I round myself up and headed for the nonfiction area of our local library and came across this book called "Bears and Pandas"

    It sure was an interesting read.
    I, did however find a section of this nonfiction book the glossary section.
    I found a word which I was unsure of which was Tundra which means a treeless region of the earth with permanently frozen soil just below the surface. This glossary section helped me heaps when I re read the book.

    On that note partners better round up the cows and catch you later on.

    Yee Haa from your cowgirl from down under,

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Mr. Salsich,

    What your doing sounds really intresting. I'm into country music myself. I have read like three books about contry. I'm not really into horses. I have road one like once or twice but thats it.
    I'm really intrested about this post and I think it's cool that your learning about contry.
    Scarlet (Your former student)

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I loved the new video. Since you did not make any more posts for the Reading Round-up, I thought you closed it. I heard that you persisted to make the video. I think that is a very good skill.


  4. Howdy Sheriff Yollis,

    Wow I really like your new post on the Readin' round up! When I saw the post on the readn' round up, I was so shocked because you haven't done a lot of post's on the readn round up yet.

    I know that you had trouble with your green board, but I am happy that you never gave up. (good for you).

    Another thing that I thought was interesting was the picture that went over the green screen. It looked like you were actually at the farm.

    I thought it looked very awesome!



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