Friday, September 3, 2010

Science: Matter Matters!

The first science unit of the year will focus on matter.  

Matter can be found in 3 states: solid, liquid, or gas.

We learned that all matter has physical properties.


We observed the physical properties of our inflatable globe. We posted adjectives that described the physical properties: color, temperature, shape, size, texture, hardness, and flavor.

(Click on the picture to enlarge.) 

Next, it was time to investigate a liquid, grape juice to be exact.

Mrs. Yollis gathered the following materials: A jug of juice, 23 one-ounce cups, 23 popsicle sticks, and an eye dropper.

We studied the physical properties of the liquid. For example, we observed that the color was purple, it took the shape of the container, and was room temperature. Mrs. Yollis used the dropper to give each student a 1 mL taste. We determined that the flavor tasted like grapes and was sweet. The juice cups were filled and moved to the freezer.  

What do you think happened?

Because the temperature in the freezer was 32˚ F, the liquid changed form! The juice was now a delicious solid! Some physical properties had changed. For example, the texture was slippery and smooth, but quickly changed to rough. The temperature was definitely NOT room temperature anymore.

Science is deliciously fun! 

*     *     *     *     *

Science extra credit: At home, find one liquid or one solid to observe.

Please describe as many physical properties as you can!

Remember: Physical properties are anything that can be observed about an object by using your five senses.

(Hint~ you can copy and paste the list below to add to your comment!)

For fun ~ Click here to fill in the crossword puzzle!



    Dear everyone,

    Listen to what it says,

    1.Poor juice into a cup. (not glass)Then put a Popsicle stick into it.

    2.Put it in the freezer leave it in there for at least 34 hours!

    3.Take the frozen Popsicle stick out with the frozen juice.

    You made a Popsicle!


  2. @ Ryan,

    Thanks for taking the time to give the recipe for making a Popsicle. It sounds like you have made them before. The weather is perfect for Popsicles!

    Did you find something in your house that is a solid or a liquid? We'd love to hear the physical properties of your object!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    The color of a popsicle could be any color.It could be many sizes.It is the shape of the cup.It is hard and smooth.It is about 32 degrees and then it goes to room temperature.It is the flavor of a fruit.

  4. @ Jaden,

    A great list of the physical properties of a Popsicle! Maybe you can find something in your house and give the physical properties of that. For example, in my house I found a cactus. Here are its properties.

    COLOR: green
    SHAPE: tall, cylindrical
    SIZE: small
    TEXTURE: smooth
    TEMPERATURE: room temperature
    HARDNESS: spongy
    FLAVOR: -

    Good luck!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  5. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    My new room is white,it is square,and it is about 15x12. The carpet is smooth and the walls are bumpy. It is room temperature. My room is hard on the walls and soft on the carpet. I am not going to lick everywhere in my room for the flavor.

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I liked the popsicle project. I like science. How was your day? We are going to the California Science Center today.

  7. @ Jaden,

    Thanks for a great post about the physical properties of your new room! Very clever! (I'm glad you don't know the flavor! :-)

    @ Ben,

    I'm glad you liked the delicious science project! How lucky are you to be going to the California Science Center! Please drop us a comment and teach us a new science fact that you learned...or two facts!

    Have a wonderful day of science!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  8. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    My grandmother's computer is black.It is square.I do not know the size.It is smooth.It is room temeperature.It is hard.I do not know the flavor.
    Jaden :.)

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I was so happy to hear that my sister got one of the best teachers I've ever had! Each day after school, my sister comes home to blog. I enjoyed reading your post about physical property. I hope you had a wonderful summer:).


  10. Hi to Mrs Yollis and Students!

    I liked reading about your science experiments. Best of all, I liked the part where you turned a liquid into a solid. It's almost like magic! But can you turn a solid into a liquid?

    Susan, The Book Chook (in Australia)

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    A scoop of vanilla ice cream:

    SIZE: small
    TEXTURE: smooth
    TEMPERATURE:frozen 32 dg
    FLAVOR: vanillia

    It is a solid because it is frozen.
    from Ben

  12. Dear The book chook,

    My name is Jaden and I am in Mrs.Yollis's class.Thank you for taking the time to write to us.You can freeze a liquid and then let it sit out for a while and then it is not frozen.

  13. Dear Mrs Yollis and your students,

    What a very interesting science experiment.
    For when I was at school we didn`t do any science experiment.
    I found this experiment very interesting on the different forms it took on.
    I really also liked your example Mrs Yollis and Jaden.
    From your friend down under AA.

  14. @AA,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment.
    Your blogging buddy,

  15. Hi Mrs. Yollis,

    Physical properties of milk:

    COLOR: white
    SHAPE: shape of my Grandma's cup
    SIZE: about 4 oz.
    TEXTURE: wet
    HARDNESS: soft
    FLAVOR: milky!

    Happy Labor Day,


  16. @ Matthew,

    Thank you for your kind comment! I was very happy to learn that I had your sister as a new student. She will be a great blogger just like you. One of my favorite posts that you did was the Halloween post where you were the Grassy Green Rocker! What a picture you put together and great writing too!

    I hope you'll come back and leave lots of comments! :-)

    Your former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  17. @ Book Chook,

    Thanks so much for visiting our blog and especially for taking the time to leave a comment! I must confess...I had no idea what a chook was! I followed your link and found out!

    Yes, science can be quite magical. Next week, we will be changing a solid into a liquid!

    We hope you visit often!

    Cluck! Cluck!
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  18. @ Ben,

    Well done! I like how you were able to copy and paste the physical properties and then fill in with the appropriate adjectives! Super!

    Your solid vanilla scoop sounds delicious!

    @ Jaden,

    You are correct! Heat will turn a solid back into a liquid. I know, I drank the melted grape popsicle on Friday!

    I like how you are commenting back to our readers. It's nice to end a comment with a question so you can get a conversation going in the comment section. However, it should stay on topic. For example, this topic is about here is a follow-up question for you. I'm wondering...if you put a cup of water in the freezer, does it freeze from the top down or from the bottom up?

    @ Hannah,

    Well done to you too! Did you copy and paste the physical properties too? How did you do it? Your liquid is one of my favorites!

    Your teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  19. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    Here is a list of physical properties of a pencil.
    Temperature:room temperature
    I do not know the size and the flavor.
    Happy labor day,

  20. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    It fills top down because it reaches the top first.

  21. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    It was fun learning about matter.
    Some matter is also fun to eat! Who knew science could be so delicious!

    I look forward to learning more science in your class.

    Your student,

  22. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I actually typed them. I didn't know how to copy and paste. I am going to have to learn that!

    Thanks for responding to my comment.

    Your student,

  23. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Are you having a good weekend?
    The science project was so much fun and it tasted good, too!

    This weekend we got together with some friends and we went to dinner. Then we played games at their house.

    What have you done?
    Have you gone anywhere?

    Grace (Your student)

  24. @ Jaden and Hannah,

    Thanks for being such super commenters!

    Here is how to copy and paste the physical properties rather than typing all of them. It's a real short cut.

    First, highlight the text. (You can put the cursor at the front of the text, hold down the SHIFT key, and use the arrow keys. It will start highlighting. Or you can hold and drag.)

    Second, go up to EDIT in the menu bar. Select copy. (That will copy what you highlighted.)

    Third, open up the comment section and click inside the comment box. You should see the cursor blinking.

    Fourth, go back up to EDIT in the menu bar. Select paste. The physical properties that you copied...are now pasted in the comment box and you can fill them in!

    Copy and paste are two excellent short cuts to use on a computer!

    I ♥ your commenting skills.

    I also want to you go outside on this beautiful day and have some outdoor fun! That's what I am going to do! The garden is calling me! :-)

    Have a great day!

    Your teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  25. @ Grace,

    Thank you for a thoughtful comment!

    Tell your brother that I left him a comment here on Matter Matters! I think he'll really like it! Perhaps he'd like to leave a comment on our Welcome post! He can tell us a little about himself. (We are almost at 100!)

    I am having a great weekend. I'm about to go out and do some gardening on this beautiful day! I will be digging in the dirt (solid) and adding water (liquid) to some of the pots. Having a delicious glass of lemonade with ice will be delightful! (liquid/solid)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Your teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  26. Hi Mrs. Yollis,

    We have had fun noticing different solids and liquids in our home. Our dinner conversations have changed from discussing sports to discussing physical properties!
    Right now, we are eating fresh raspberries for breakfast. The color is a pretty shade of red. The shape of a raspberry is a small oval with a hole in the top so it looks like a tiny bowl. I like to put water inside the hole and drink from it.
    The texture of a raspberry is soft, mushy and bumpy. The temperature is cold because my mom just took them out of the refridgerator. The flavor is sweet and tart. We love to eat raspberries!



  27. @ Ryan,

    Thank you for telling us how to make a popsicle.
    I am going to try making some this week your way while it is still hot outside.
    What size cup do you use? What is your favorite flavor? Do you ever mix 2 juices together? My mom has made orange juice and cranberry juice popsicles before. She has also made a combination of lemonade and fruit punch popsicles.

    Thanks again,

    Grace (your classmate)

  28. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you so much for teaching me how to copy and paste. I just did it! Here are the physical properties of my Grandma's homemade bread:

    COLOR: yellowish brown
    SHAPE: rectangular and braided
    SIZE:about 5 inches
    TEXTURE: a little rough!
    TEMPERATURE: room temperature
    HARDNESS: a little hard since it's been sitting out!
    FLAVOR: slightly sweet

    Thanks again,

  29. @ Hannah,


    Learning how to copy and paste is a useful trick when using a computer. Maybe you can give us a demonstration on Tuesday and teach everyone!

    You're an excellent learner, Hannah!

    Your computer teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  30. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    Here are the physical properties of my computer.
    TEMPERATURE:room temperature
    I learned how to copy and paste.

  31. @ Jaden,

    Good for you!

    It is a great shortcut on the computer! I use it to copy website URLs when I want to link to them.

    You can join Hannah in teaching the class how to highlight, copy, and paste on Tuesday!

    Have a great weekend!

    Your teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  32. Dear Mrs. Yollis

    Today my family went to the Wax Museum in Hollywood. First we went to Mel's Drive In for burgers. Then we went to the Wax Museum.

    Some of the figures were creepy.
    My dad and I took a picture next to the Joker from Batman and Robin. My dad made me touch his hand which was so CREEPY but fun! We had a lot of fun.

    What did you plant in your garden?



  33. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I chose a glass bottle of water. I will describe the bottle.

    COLOR: green
    SHAPE: cylindrical
    SIZE: tall, 12 inches
    TEXTURE: smooth
    TEMPERATURE: room temperature
    HARDNESS: very hard
    FLAVOR: no flavor


  34. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    It was fun doing the science experiment with you in class. I liked when the juice froze and became a delicious popsicle! I loved it!

    At home I observed my vitamin water. This is what I saw:

    COLOR: Pinkish red
    SHAPE: It takes the shape of its oval bottle.
    SIZE: 20 ounces
    TEXTURE: wet
    TEMPERATURE: room temperature
    HARDNESS: soft and smooth
    FLAVOR: sweet, blueberry pomegranate

    It was fun doing my vitamin water
    experiment and learning about liquid and a solid.

    Your Student

  35. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I made the same popsicle that we made in class. The only different thing I did was that I used cranberry juice instead of grape juice but it tasted the same. Here are its properties:

    Color: dark red
    Shape: shape of cup
    Size: three ounces
    Texture: smooth and hard
    Temperature: room temperature and 32 degrees
    Hardness: it is both hard and wet
    Flavor: cranberries

    Happy Labor Day,

  36. Dear Mrs. Yollis

    Today was a great day I am looking forward to a fun school. Also I Found a tree

    color brown,green,
    texture rough,
    size tall,
    shape cylindrical,
    temperature room temperature
    hardness hard

    Your student,

  37. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    For dinner I saw all of the 3 states of matter. My mom cooked raviolis. The gas was the steam from the hot water. The water was the liquid. The solid was the pasta. The raviolis were tremendous!

  38. the science projects are really great. what a great beginning for your third graders. Keep up the good work guys and learn,learn,learn!!! and have fun doing it.

  39. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Hello to Jaden, Andrew, Iman, Ryan, and Finn. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes! I do science experiments! Last year I did science experiments with vinegar & baking soda at the Science Fun Day. I did another one with Oobleck cornstarch goo. This year I am growing a yellow crystal as an experiment. I will blog about it later

    The physical properties of vinegar:

    SHAPE: drop
    SIZE: tiny drop
    TEXTURE: runny, wet
    HARDNESS: liquid
    FLAVOR: sour, burns a little

    The physical properties of oobleck:

    COLOR: white
    SHAPE: can be flat or balls or anything
    SIZE: container full
    TEXTURE: smooth, wet, sticky
    HARDNESS: can be hard or soft and smooth. If you hit it, it's hard. If you touch it gently, it's a soft liquid.
    FLAVOR: did not test

    You guys REALLY need to try oobleck. It's really fun! :)

  40. Dear Mrs.Yollis,
    I hope the Popsicle turned out okay. Did your kids get to eat them?They look yummy. When I eat a grape flavored one it makes me think of the medicine.

  41. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I was so excited to be in your class! The second I heard who my teacher was I was so happy!

    Your Student,

  42. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I liked putting the ice on the ground and watching it melt. My hand still hurts from putting it on the metal. I have some questions:

    How did you make the ice into the shapes?
    How long did it take to freeze?
    Did you do this when you were a kid?

    Your Student,



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