Saturday, December 5, 2009

Technology Convention

Mrs. Yollis is not only a teacher, she is also a student.

This weekend, she attended the CLMS K-12 Technology Conference in San Diego.

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There, she acted as a teacher by presenting a class on integrating technology in the classroom.

She also had the privilege of being a student and attended many fascinating classes about technology in education.

* * * * *

Her favorite part of the weekend was listening to keynote speaker, Alan November. Mrs. Yollis took a picture with him using her laptop camera!

Alan November talked about the roll of teachers in the the classroom and what students should be learning. Some of the ideas he shared with the educators were:

  • Students should know how to do good research on the web.

  • The classroom should be a global communication center.

  • Students should be self-directed.

What do you think of his ideas about education?


  1. Hi Mrs Yollis,

    This sounds like something I just did last week!

    I went to the VITTA (Victorian Information Techology Teachers Association) conference in Melbourne which is a big annual event. I too gave a presentation on technology integration in the classroom and also got to listen to some great speakers!

    You are very lucky to have seen Alan November as he is well known even over here in Australia! I think his ideas on technology are fascinating and I would have loved to hear him speak!

    Congrats on being a great teacher and student at this conference!

    From Miss McGeady

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    What I think about Alan November's ideas is that he is inspiring and fantastic because we will be better at reasearching. How did you feel like when you were a student? What did you like about Alan November's ideas?

    Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I thought that the Technology Convention was very cool on your post because you got a picture with Alan November.

    I thought that Alan November's idea about teaching kids to research on the web was a very good idea. Having kids go on the web is good because they can learn. I like to search Google for information like how tall is Mt. Everest.

    It was interesting that you were a student and a teacher. You are a teacher for us, and we are your students. I never thought that you can be a teacher and a student at the same time.



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