Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 GB Flash Drive Gift!

Last Tuesday, several teachers and administrators visited Mrs. Yollis' class to observe the steps the class takes to prepare and publish a post.

The teachers were also interested in learning how to teach commenting skills to students.

Two days later, Mrs. Schillinger, the district's Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, came back to the class to personally thank the students for their blogging help.

In addition, she presented each student with a
4 GB flash drive!

* * * * *

How are you going to use your flash drive?
Who knows what a GB is?


  1. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    It was very nice to meet you. I enjoyed having you in our class.

    Thank you also for the 4GB flash drive! I was very excited to have my own flash drive. I couldn't wait to show my parents. Now I can work at home and bring my work back to school.

    (Mrs. Yollis' student)

  2. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    Thank you so much for the 4 GB flash drive. I use the flash drive every day. Also I think it is so awesome. Having our own flash drive is so special. I think 4 GB means 4 gigabytes.

    from Mrs. Yollis' class

  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis' class

    I'm Daddy's Angel from Mrs.Lofton's 7th grade class! Your blog is so amazing, It's great that you are learning how to use a blog at such a young age!

    I just know you are going to win the award for best blog. Everyone in my class wants you to win!

    That is so cool that you got 4GB flash drives! You guys deserve it!

    Daddy's Angel

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis' class,

    I'm Soccergirl101a from Mrs. Lofton's 7th grade class!

    You're blog is so colorful,and you really deserve the blog award! I know I love blogging on Mrs. Lofton's Class Blog, and I hope you do too!

    It's so cool that you guys got 4GB flashdrives!! I have one too!


  5. @Daddy’s Angel,

    Thanks so much for a 2-point comment! We have had a few comments from new friends in Mrs. Lofton’s 7th grade class. I’m glad you think that it is a good thing to learn how to blog at such a young age. I agree. In the world today, everyone should know how to navigate around the web AND how to be a positive participant in an online community.

    We hope you’ll come back and read another one of our posts and maybe leave another comment!


    Thanks for visiting our blog and for leaving such a wonderful comment. We appreciate your vote, and we certainly would love to win!

    You mentioned you had a flash drive and that you use it a lot. Maybe you could give my third graders some ideas about how you use yours. It’s a new tool for many of my students.

    Thanks again for visiting and please visit us again!

    Mrs. Yollis

  6. Dear Mrs.Yollis' class

    I'm clown4life from Mrs.Loftons class. I love your blog, It's very colorful! That was a very nice gift that Mrs. Schillinger gave you guys, 4GB! Thats alot of memory! Anyway, love your blog!


  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    We liked when we made the graham cracker houses with you. We had fun working with your class.

    Can we work again on another project?

    Your Friends,

    Mrs. Levy's Class

  8. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    Thank you so much for the 4GB flash drive! I haven't used it yet, but I'm planning to. Once I use it, I will put some of my pictures in it. Do you have a 4GB flash drive? Did you use it yet?

    (Mrs. Yollis' student)

  9. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    I'm having a lot of fun using my flash drive. Since we got a new computer I lost a bunch of pictures, but there was one image I really liked and Mrs. Yollis had it. I put it on my flash drive and now I can look at it any time I want. Also I have been helping people with it. My aupair is in college and I have worked with it to print her essays.

    I really appreciate it,

  10. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    Thank you for the 4GB flash drive. It was an honor for you to visit our class.



  11. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    Thank you so much for the 4GB flash drive! My flash drive hasn't been used yet, but I am soon going to use it. I'm not sure when would be a good time to use my 4GB flash drive. Maybe winter break would be a good time to use it.

    Again,thank you for the flash drive. That was very sweet of you to give the whole class such a present. The flash drive might come in handy for many things for me like I could put pictures on it and then show it to other people on their computer.

    If you have a 4GB flash drive what do you use it for?

    (from Mrs. Yollis' class)

  12. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    Thank you so much for the 4GB flash drive, I love it. I'm planning to use it by putting all my stuff for school and some pictures in it. Thanks for visiting our classroom.
    (in Mrs. Yollis' class)

  13. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,

    As a parent, I wish to extend a warm thank you for your generosity in giving my child the 4GB flash drive. It amazes me how much the class is learning in the technology arena. I also find myself learning new things in this arena as well.

    Thank you again and Happy Holidays!


    Ethan's mom

  14. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,
    Thank you very much for the wonderful 4GB flash drive. It is an amazing tool that I will use for a long time.

    I put pictures on it and I have downloaded them to Mrs. Yollis' computer so I can make a post on her blog.

    I keep my flash drive in a very special place on my favorite pin board. Right now it's the only thing on it. : )

    Thank you again.
    Mrs. Yollis' Class

  15. Dear Mrs. Schillinger,
    Thank you so much for the 4GB flash drive. It is such wonderful a wonderful gift!! It is so amazing how much these kids are learning about technology. I am learning new things everyday. We really appreciate your generosity. Have a happy holiday!

    Nick's mom

  16. Dear Mrs. Yollis' class,

    I'm Awessomesportsguy300 from Mrs. Lofton's 7th grade class! I think it is very interesting and cool that you are learning how to blog at such a young age. I'm starting to blog and I think it's very confusing. I was really hoping that your class would win first place for best blog. Well you were close. I hope you have a great rest of the year.


  17. @ Awessomesportsguy300 (from Mrs. Lofton's class),

    Thanks for a wonderful comment! We wish we would have won,too. However, we were quite excited about first runner-up.

    What is the name of your blog and what are you going to write about?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis


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