Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Visit Washington, D.C.

Jonah visited Washington, D. C. with his family. He created a beautiful travel journal of his trip. Learn about our nation's capital through his pictures and information!

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Thank you Jonah!


  1. Wow, Jonah!
    We have really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Washington D.C.. You shared a wealth of information with all of us. We especially liked the photo of the Washington Memorial. Matthew collects crystals and geods and he received one for Christmas that looks just like the Washington Memorial!
    Thanks again....
    The Huntington Family

  2. Jonah,

    Your journal is amazing! I learned a lot about Washington D.C., and I really enjoyed all the photos you posted. This will be a keepsake for you to keep for years and years. Well done!

    Mrs. Powers

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    Thank you for posting my book on the web. I really appreciate the effort you must have put in to this.

  4. Hi Jonah-
    I loved reading your journal and seeing the beautiful pictures that went along with the story. You are an amazing writer and I can't wait to show your cousins, Matthew and Jessica this web page today when they get home from school. I am sure they will now be very excited to visit this incredible city now too. My love to you, Aaron, Debbie, Eric and Charlie, of course.

    From your Aunt Ruthie

  5. Dear Jonah,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal. I was amazied that you knew what D.C stood for.

    Taylor Snyder's

  6. Jonah,
    You did a very good job of planning the layout for your book. It must have taken a lot of time to arrange everything in just the right order!
    Mrs. White

  7. Jonah, I used to live in DC and you made me feel proud! Excellent job!

  8. Dear,Jonah I imagine how hard you worked to finsh this. I like how you said " The Washington Memorial was 555 feet tall Love,Shane F.

  9. Jonah,
    I've been to Washington DC a couple of times but, I never knew so much about it. I really liked how you told us about the Vietnam Monument. I didn't know anything about it. I thought your book was great and I liked all the pictures.


  10. Dear Jonah,
    What a great scrapbook! I learned so many things. Especialy the memorials and monuments. I also didn't know that D.C stands for District of Colombia.
    Great Work,

  11. I think that this was a great piece of work Jonah. I am a Social Studies teacher in Spokane, Washington and am jealous that you have been to one of the most amazing places in our country's history, and I have not.

    Great Job!

    Gregg Hare
    Spokane, WA

  12. Jonah
    We are so proud of you and your hard work on this impressive journal. We truly learned a lot.
    We love you!

    Uncle Freddie, Aunt Candy,
    Cousins Garrett, Harrison, Brandon, Jeremy, and Leo

  13. Jonah,

    I finally had a chance to read your blog and am so impressed! It is amazing! Congratulations on a beautifully written piece!

  14. Dear Jonah,
    I love the picture of you standing in front of the 20 dollar bill with Andrew Jakson's picture on the front. Did you ever see the money making machine? Did you ever gone on a tour of the White House?

    Warm regards,

  15. Dear Jonah,

    It is great to have this post to
    enjoy because, like my post called Circling The Sun, it can help us both
    in and out of class.Thanks for this awesome post!

    Your friend,


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