Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rainy Day Clay

On Fun Friday, anyone who is finished with their weekly work has free time to create and explore in Mrs. Yollis' Classroom. Many students enjoy sculpting with the modeling clay.

It rained cats and dogs on Wednesday, so we had to stay inside at lunch.
Something new happened with the clay!

Normally everyone sits at their own desk with their own clay making their own sculpture. It is a very independent time.

Read and see what happens when people work together. :-)

The Clay Park

Lexi asked Jonah if he wanted to create a sculpture scene. Lexi had green clay and made swings. Jonah had orange and he made a short waterfall, a long stream that spanned across the desk, and a pool. Alasia came and asked if she could join with her yellow clay. She made a straight slide that lead into Jonah's pool.

Without anyone saying anything, a park started to form.

James noticed the park and asked if he could join with his blue clay. He added a twisty slide and people. Sean came to see what was going on. He asked if he could make people and lopsided monkey bars with his black clay. Taylor G. was sitting next to the park. She had made a giant dog out of blue clay. The dog was too big for the park, so she reformed the dog into two small dogs and a cat.

The park was finished in about 15 minutes.

Cooperation was needed in our work.

Here...take a look at the masterpiece!

We feel amazed by the park we created! We hope you like our creation.


    Great idea of the park!:-D


  2. Dear Lexi, Jonah, Alasia, and Taylor G.,
    That is the best clay park I have ever seen. I think on the next rainy day maybe you could make a water park.

    Your Friend,

  3. Hello students in Mrs. Yollis' class,
    What a great idea to work together and make something that is much more than what one person could have made working alone. Very creative! Awesome park!

    Mrs. Sbardellati

  4. Dear Lexi,Jonah,Alasia,Taylor,and James,
    That was a fantastic park that you created! Thank you for letting me help you. Lexi that was a great slide you made. Jonah that was a very good
    waterfall,stream,and pool. Alasia that was a great water slide. Taylor that was funny that you made
    a too big dog and made two dogs.:-D


  5. Jonah was telling me all about the park he made with James, Sean, Lexi, Alasia, and Taylor. I decided to go take a look. I loved the park! You guys did a great job.
    (Jonah's brother)

  6. Dear Lexi and Jonah,
    I think that it was a great idea to make a park out of clay.


  7. A girl at my school made a modeling clay zoo. You might want to try that next or...

  8. Dear Lexi,
    If you hadn't asked me if I wanted to make something with you this whole thing would not have happened. Thanks.


  9. Dear Lexi, Jonah, Alasia, and Taylor G., All the teamwork you put into to it was great. I loved all the colors you put into the clay park. Love,Shane F.


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