Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Turkey Time!

For Thanksgiving, the third graders in Mrs. Yollis' class made delicious pumpkin bread and dressed it like a turkey!

Many parent volunteers helped out as the students used their reading and math skills to create a yummy holiday treat.

Reading from the giant recipe, the students worked together to mix the necessary ingredients.

…1 teaspoon of this, ¼ of a teaspoon of that… cup here, 2/3 of a cup there...

Fun was had by all the groups!

Finally, we decorated our pumpkin bread to look like Thomas T. Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Yollis' Class!


  1. Hi! It's James. I love the pumpkin bread you made. I was so excited to have seconds.

    Your classmate,

  2. This blog is phenomenal! We can personally testify that the pumpkin bread was DELECTABLE! Thanks to all of you for your hospitality.

    Mrs. Powers and your reading buddies in Room 5

  3. Dear Marcus,

    Wow, what a fun picture of you and your Thomas T. Turkey!

    Mrs. Levenson

  4. Hi,
    I loved your photos and all your
    entries! I will visit often.
    Mrs. Chalfin :)

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love the idea of making pumpkin bread in class. We also made it in 2nd grade.

    Taylor S. :-0

  6. Showing the work in your classroom has been wonderful to see. I absolutely love the tour of the school and the other activities that were shared that all students were able to participate it!

  7. What a wonderful blog, I really like seeing the activities that are happening in the classroom.
    Ms. Heathman

  8. I really enjoyed viewing your blog. The turkeys were very colorful.

  9. Your blog was really interesting. I enjoyed viewing the pictures.

  10. Dear Marcus,

    I thought the picture of you was AWESOME!

    Andrew :D
    ( Taylor's brother)

  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I had a lot of fun making that delicious pumkin bread. During Thanksgiving, my mom and I expanded the outstanding recipe and made enough for the whole family to have some! Whole family as in my seventeen cousins and all of my aunts and uncles. Thanks for showing us how to make it.



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