Friday, May 22, 2020

My 12 Quarantine Essentials

This time of quarantine has been like no other. To document our time and share what brings us comfort and utility while being in quarantine, we are sharing our 12 essential items for happiness during the quarantine.  

Hat tips to Ms. Lirenman, who got the idea from Mr. Walker from this tweet while thanking Gregg Segal for the inspiration! Good ideas are worth spreading around!

Here are our 12 quarantine essentials! Follow the links to the student blogs. They'd love a comment!

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Mrs. Yollis' 12 Essentials
Photo by Mr. Yollis

1. Buck: He brings me joy when he chases his ball, spins in the morning when he wants his food, and snores at night.
2. ukelele: Playing music brings a smile to my face and I love to sing along. 
3. cell phone/camera: I like to take photos, especially of nature, so my phone is never far from reach.
4. ipad: When I need another machine for a Zoom or I want to create a greenscreen project on Do Ink, I reach for my iPad.
5. tennis shoes: Walking has provided excellent exercise for my husband and me.
6. computer: Zoom, zoom, zoom! 
7. whiteboards with markers: These have been invaluable for teaching. I prepare them ahead of time with mini-lessons, and I grab them when I'm ready to share. 
8. books: I ♥ reading! 
9. Suduko: Doing one puzzle a day is good for my brain!
10. Moose, the stuffed animal: Moose has been a wonderful addition to our read-aloud sessions. He loves to act out scenes for us!
11. Jelly Belly beans: It's good to have a special sweet treat every now and then! 
12.  plants: Gardening and being in nature brings me a feeling of happiness and tranquility. 

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

Chasing Cheetah's Blog Post

has accepted the challenge to collect 12 items that I use during the quarantine.  Here are all of the things I use.
  1.  Lego – I have been having fun building Lego with my cheetah bro.  This is a fun thing for us to do together.
  2. Journal -I use this to draw and write stories when my eyes get tired from my computer.
  3. Wipes – These are important because I help my cheetah mom wipe things down.
  4. Mask – Whenever I go out scootering, biking, or walking I wear this.
  5. Goggles – I have been spending a lot of time in the pool with my goggles and cheetah family.
  6. Schedule – This helps me know what to do during my day at school.
  7. Slime – I enjoy making and playing with slime.  I like butter slime because of the way it feels.
  8. Maple – I love spending quality time with her.  I got her during quarantine and she is making this time at home more fun.
  9. Phone – I have fun taking pictures, playing games, and face timing with my grandparents on this.
  10. Hand Sanitizer – This helps me when I touch something.  I use it to wash my hands.
  11. Water Bottle – It is really good to drink water all day.  I try to drink two of these each day.
  12. Acer – This computer helps me with so many things.  Without this I would not be able to do my school work and blog.

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

These are some things Lucky Llama needs for quarantine.

1. That puppy is Dutchess, my stuffed animal.

2. The Xbox controller is there because I like Xbox.

3. The thread and felt are there because I like crafting.

4. The huge teddy bear is there because she helps me sleep.

5. The goggles are there because I like to swim in the pond.

6. The hot cocoa is there because it's sooooo yummy.

7 & 8. The book and iPad are there because I would get bored without them.

9. I forgot one thing: Nutella. I love Nutella it's sooooo good.

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

Lucky Ducky's 12 Essential Quarantine Items

Photo By Mommy Duck

1. Toothbrush:  Cleaning my teeth is very important, so I don’t get cavities.

2. Z bar: Z bar is a healthy snack I have once a day.

3. Soccer ball: I have a soccer ball to practice soccer. I really enjoy playing soccer and I miss playing with my team.

4. Swimsuit and goggles: Twice a week, I like to go swimming with my brother.

5. Vitamins: I take my vitamins every day to stay healthy.

6. Minecraft books: One of my favorite books to read are Minecraft books. Some of the books give me great tips and some are the adventure, such as Minecraft the Island.

7. Nerf gun: I like to do nerf gun battles with my brother and my dad. My dad shoots very fast which makes the game more fun.

8. MacBook Pro: I use my MacBook Pro for education and watching youtube videos.

9. Boxing gloves and rod: I do my kickboxing through zoom every day for one hour. It is a great way to learn discipline and get good exercise.

10. iPhone: I use my iPhone to listen to music.

11. Hand sanitizer: The hand sanitizer keeps my hands clean which is very important.

12. Pokemon Cards: I collect pokemon cards and trade with my brother. I have some very good cards and some not so good ones. I try to trade the bad ones with good ones.

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

Milos Supreme's 12 Quarantine Essentials are:

1. FIFA 14: I like Fifa 14 because it is really fun and makes me feel proud when I score a goal.

2. Xbox controller: I like the Xbox controller because I can connect it to my brother's computer.

3. Swimming trunks: I like my swimming trunks because I don't want to swim naked!

4. Music: I love music because it calms me down when I am having a hard time.

5. Basketball: I like basketball because it is a challenging game.

6. Dogman: I love Dogman books because they are so funny.

7. Kyrie Irving shoes: I like my Kyries because they have a really cool design.

8. TV: I like TV because I can relax I'm being entertained.

9. Badger Claws: I like this book because it makes me feel like I'm there with him.

10.Lego: I like Lego because it's challenging to build what I can picture in my mind.

11. Coloring: I like coloring because it's fun to draw beautiful pictures.

12. Gaming: I like gaming because it's something fun I can do with friends while we're in quarantine.

 ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

Cooper's Coop-tastic Place Post

  1. A speaker because music is one of my passions.

  2. My VR goggles to watch Netflix with.

  3. A drawing notebook to make creations in.

  4. Hairbrushes come in handy.

  5. My toothbrush so I can brush my teeth twice a day or more.

  6. My book, reading is another thing I enjoy.

  7. My I pad for the weekend and when I earn it.

  8. My favorite stuffed animal is a good one for cuddling.

  9. My spray bottle I can’t brush my hair without it!

  10. Cooper, my standard poodle, who is always playful.

  11. I have glasses on under the emoji, and they keep my eyes safe.

  12. I have activity boxes above me I use them a lot.

 ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

1. Ipad: I can communicate with my friends on computer applications such as Facetime and Roblox.

2. Cloud slime: When I’m stressed or need some time to brainstorm,  I stretch, poke and squeeze it.

3. Doll: Dolls are used in my mini Shopkins mall. I use the dolls to roleplay and pretend play.

4. Mask: When I am outside of my home, I always make sure to wear a mask to protect my face from germs.

5. Acer: I use my Acer to Zoom with all my classmates and my teacher twice a day. I also use this nifty little device to complete all of my schoolwork.

6. Markers: When I have free time I draw pictures like beautiful colorful butterflies, shopkins, and cute girly characters. Drawing helps me relax.

7. Book: I really enjoy reading and using my imagination to visualize the characters and settings in the books.

8. Ouija Board: Oooh this is so scary. With this game you can ask questions to ghosts and have them spell out the answers for you. Do you think they are real?!

9. Beads: So many beads! You can use various shapes, like hearts, stars, and circles, to create really cool pieces of art with any colors you want.

10. Microphone: Nothing is more fun than twirling around your room while singing and dancing to your favorite songs!

11. Snorkel: When I am swimming in my pool, I like to go underwater and breath out of my mouth from this super stylish snorkel.

12. Puppy: When I’m lonely, my puppy, Archie, is always here to play and cuddle with me. He’s so cute.

 ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦      ♦

More lists to come! Check back again!

What items are similar on your list?

What are some differences?

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  1. Hello Mrs. Yollis, I am currently aspiring to become a teacher one day. I came across the blog site for one of our assignments, and I have to say the approach to this subject is unique and gives the students a chance to share what is essential to them during the pandemic.


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