Monday, December 11, 2017


We have blogging buddies in the southern hemisphere! Even though they are 8,000 miles away in Australia and we are in California, we love learning with them via blogging and Google Apps For Education, or GAFE! 

Here is a Google Presentation we made for Ms. Jordan and Mrs. Morris' class. Every slide has TWO TRUTHS and ONE LIE. Can you spot the falsehood?

Each team worked collaboratively to create two slides for the Google Presentation. That means everyone contributed to the project. It was a good lesson about how to contribute and how to politely bring in those who are not! 

Acers and World Book Online were used to gather facts. 

Teams research and then discussed options for the truths and lies. 

As teams were ready, representatives came up and typed in their information and inserted an image. 

Be sure to directly address a team if you leave a comment! Here are the teams!

Team NAFTS Thaisand created slides for the Seattle Space Needle and Hoover Dam.

Team Unicorn Pizza Clouds created slides for our school and the Empire State Building.

Team Three Musketeer Sporters created slides for the Rocky Mountains and Mt. Rushmore.

Team Sparkly High Heels created slides for the Liberty Bell and the White House.

Team Watermelon Purple Pizzas created slides for the St. Louis Arch and for Alcatraz Prison.

Team Electrons created slides for the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial.

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Please use the comment section to tell us which one is the lie. Be sure to address your comment to the correct team. (See names above.)

Go to Ms. Jordan's blog to see their Two TRUTHS & One LIE about Australia! (It will be published soon!)

What did you learn about the United States?

What did you learn about Google Presentation? 


  1. @Team Unicorn Pizza Cloud

    This was a real tricky one, but I'm going to say that the fib is that the Empire State Building is the tallest building in the world.

    I believe at one time it was the tallest building in the world (when I was a kid), but not any more.

    The tallest building in the world is in Dubai, I believe.

    This was fun! Thanks for letting me play!


    Mrs. M

    1. Dear Mrs. M,

      Great job! You are correct, the tallest building in the world is in Dubai and it's called the Burj Khalifa. I recently visited Dubai and Abu Dhabi (another emerite next to Dubai) and found that out.

      I never knew the Empire State Building was the tallest buidling in the world.

      Did you you research about the tallest buidling in the world or did you already know that it wasn't the Empire State Building?


  2. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Wow, what a terrific blog post! We have just read through your slideshow facts and we are very intrigued by the information we learnt.

    We think that some of your truths and lies may be easier to work out than others!

    We have just assigned students to each of your slides and we can't wait to start researching to discover the truths and the lies that lie within each category.

    Thanks for collaborating with us on this fun project!

    Your blogging buddies,
    Miss Jordan, Mrs Morris and 3/4C.

  3. Dear Team Electrons,

    This is Austin and William.
    First of all, your drawings are amazing.
    Your first statement saying he was the 14th president is the lie because we researched that he is actually the 16th president. So we are certain that the first statement is a lie and the others are true.

    And while we were researching we found out that the 14th president was actually Franklin Pierce.

    And the first president was George Washington.

    Abraham Lincoln's monument was 30 m high it was open 30th of May 1922 he was we elected for five different times.

    And was born in 12th of February 1809 to 1865 15 of April also build a statue for him to honour the 16th president.

  4. Hi Unicorn Pizza Clouds!

    We were exhilarated with excitement to read and reply to your fabulous slide.
    Although the Empire State Building is enormous, we know that the tallest building in the world is located in Dubai and is called Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is 828 metres high, and the Empire State Building is only 381 metres high.
    However, the other two statements are true.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Your blogging buddies,
    Sophie and Georgia

    1. Unicorn Pizza CloudsDecember 13, 2017 at 8:57 AM

      Dear Sophie and Georgia,

      Great job! You got it correct! Here in the United States we measure in feet instead of meters. He visited the Burj Khalifa in Dubai recently, it is 2,716 feet.

      The tallest building in the USA is the One World Trade Center which is also, located in New York. thank you for commenting to us!

      From, ★
      J♠ckson and Ethan ★

  5. Dear NAFTS Thaisand,

    The questions were very tricky and good. But we think we have the answer.

    The first one is a lie because we know that the Hoover Dam is not the biggest dam in the world. We searched it up and it said that the Three Gorges Dam is the largest in the world. So we think that the first one is a lie.

    We also searched up how tall the Hoover Dam is and it said 221 m.

    From Angus and Freddie

  6. Dear team Sparkly High Heels,

    What great facts you guys had about the White House!

    After doing some research, we decided that the lie was the first sentence: ‘George Washington, America’s first president, was the first president to live in the White House.’

    The website explained that George Washington oversaw the construction of the White House, but he never lived there! The first president to actually live there was John Adams, the second American president.

    As for your second statement, that is true. The White House actually does have 132 rooms. We were very surprised when we found that out!

    And for your third and final statement, that is true as well. The White House did get burned down in the 1812 war between England and the United States.

    You guys did great statements, and if we weren’t able to research, our guesses would probably have been wrong.

    Yours sincerely,
    Chelsea and Emma

    1. The Sparkly HIgh HeelsDecember 13, 2017 at 10:00 AM

      @ Chelsea and Emma,

      Your reply was correct! Well done!

      Did you know that there are some very special rooms in the White House? It has a bowling alley and a movie theatre! The White House is called the People House because every American owns it. We let every president live there.

      More than a million tourist visit the White House annually.

      Your blogging buddies,
      The Sparkly HIgh Heels

  7. Dear Sparkly High Heels,

    What great facts you guys put, we really appreciate it!

    We believe that the third sentence is the lie “the Liberty Bell is a symbol of gratitude”. Are we correct?

    We looked it up on Wikipedia and we found that it is a symbol of America’s independence.

    The first statement was pretty hard to believe but we think the third statement is the lie.

    Thank you for putting your effort in on this awesome slideshow.

    Your sincerely,
    Dan and Lachy

  8. Dear Watermelon Purple Pizzas,

    Wow that was a great slideshow.

    Silas and I knew that Alcatraz Prison was in San Francisco Bay. It is not an island in the bay of Florida, therefore the second statement is the lie.

    We researched the Alcatraz currents for your first statement. They killed 13 inmates due to drowning.

    The third statement is true because Alcatraz Prison held Harvey Bailey, Basil Banghart, Arthur Barker, Albert L. Bates, Joseph Bowers, James Bugler, Al Capone, Meyer Cohen and other dangerous people.

    Yours sincerely,
    Murphy and Silas.

  9. Dear NAFTS Thaisand,

    Nice Drawing it looks amazing! Also interesting topic, We have never heard of the Seattle Space Needle.
    We think that the first statement “the space needle has one lightning rod” is a lie because we did some reasearch and it said it has 24 lightning rods, and the other two statements had us fixed to the screen researching! Also we found out that there have been six parachute jumps from the Needle; two were unauthorized and the other four were part of a promotion.
    Another fact we found interesting was:
    As an April Fool’s joke, a local television station aired a phony report that the Space Needle had fallen over. Emergency phone lines were swamped with calls. The Space Needle received more than 700 calls, even though there was a flashing alert during the entire report telling the audience that it was a joke. One spokeman even jumped in his car and began driving to Seattle because his daughter worked at the Space Needle!

    We think you did a great job and put a lot of effort into this task. We think your sentences were very challenging and we also learnt a lot about the Space Needle from your slide.

    Alice & Daisy your Australian blogging buddies.

    1. @ Alice & Daisy,

      Thank you for taking the time to research and write such a quality comment!

      You are correct, the lie is that the Space Needle has one lightning rod. In fact, it has 25 lightning rods. It will never burn down from a lightning strike!

      We laughed when we read the April Fool's joke. Very funny! I wonder why people didn't just look at the skyline to see if it was still standing.

      Here is a fun fact: On hot days, the Space Needle expands by about one inch. Very strange!

      Thanks for you comment and we are heading over to your site to find the lies!

      NAFTS Thaisand

  10. Dear Team Three Musketeer Sporters,

    We really liked the idea of doing the Rocky Mountains.
    I (Charlie) might be going there in three years. I can’t wait.

    The first paragraph - the Rocky mountains are more than 3,000 miles long (4,000 km.) is true.

    The second paragraph - Snakes, bighorn sheep, elk, bears and mountain lions all live in the Rocky Mountains is a lie.

    The Rocky Mountains are the second largest mountain range in America is a true statement.

    Flynn and Charlie.

  11. Dear Unicorn Pizza Clouds,

    Your picture is awesome! We can see you guys put lot of time and effort into your presentation!

    We couldn’t research about your school so we believe that your lie is the statement “Our school has a hexagonal elevator” because it is less true than the others and we don’t think that you would have a 2 or higher storey classroom(s).

    We know you play games like bamboo, Tether ball and Handball because we saw some videos from your blog of you playing those games

    We also think that you might have 368 students ‍at your school, but we believe that you definitely don’t have a hexagonal elevator at your school.

    From your blogging buddies,
    Alby and Sonny!

    1. Unicorn Pizza Cl♥udsDecember 13, 2017 at 9:18 AM

      Dear Alby and Sonny,

      Thank you for your compliment.

      Sadly you are wrong, we do have a hexagonal elevator. Mrs. Yollis will take a picture for you.

      We also do not have 368 students we have 638. How many students do you have at your school?

      You were right about the playground. Good job with detecting how we play these games.

      Your blogging buddies,
      Unicorn Pizza Cl♥uds

  12. Dear Team Three Musketeers,

    Wow! All of these truths and lies are amazing.

    Eli and I wouldn’t have been able to figure out the lie if it wasn’t for you guys coming up with such great statements.

    Eli and I learnt a lot of information about Mt Rushmore from you. We think the lie is George Washington’s face is 5 stories long and we think the other two sentences are true.

    The Three Musketeers have put a lot of effort into this.

    Your sincerely,
    Eli and Ashli

  13. Dear watermelon purple pizza,

    First of all, out of those three statements it was very hard to find out which was the lie!

    We think that the middle one is a lie because we looked it up on the internet and it said that the St. Louis arch is on the Mississippi River.

    We found out that over ten pilots have been caught flying through the arch, even though they would’ve gotten fined for it!

    Sincerely Billie and Zali

    1. Watermelon Purple PizzasDecember 13, 2017 at 9:55 AM


      Dear Billie and Zali,

      Terrific guesses! We didn't know that people tried flying through the arch. Our team thought you would never guess that the arch was on the Mississippi River instead of the Colorado River.

      Our team didn't know that much about the St. Louis Arch until this learning experience!

      Jake F. and Will, part of the Watermelon Purple Pizzas


  14. Dear Team Sparkly High Heels,

    What a fantastic slide you have made for us.

    We think that the lie is is that George Washington was not the first president in the White House. It was John Adams. He was the first man to step in the White House .

    The second sentence is a truth. I was amazed that it was truth not a lie...132 rooms. That is a lot of rooms!

    The last statement is true, the White House actually did burn down because of the British soldiers in 1812.

    We hope you read our slide show. We loved your slide and we hope you love our fantastic slide show too.

    Your buddies,
    Zarah and Kaia .

  15. Dear Team Electrons,

    First of all Micah you are the next Van Gogh!

    Your first statement is a lie. The Statue of Liberty was originally brown and in fact it was not painted green but turned green over time.

    Your second statement was true. The statue itself is 151 feet and one inch to the tip of the torch. But from the pedestal to the tip of the torch it’s 305 feet and one inch.

    Your third statement is true, The Statue of Liberty real name is in fact Liberty Enlightening The World.

    Thank you for your great statements and drawing.

    Annabel and Eliza

    1. Dear Annabel and Eliza,

      First of all, thank you for the compliment. We have to admit that you are right, the Statue of Liberty was made of copper and turned teal over the years, therefore, you nailed the first question.

      The Statue of Liberty is indeed 151 feet and one inch tall. However, we did not know that the Statue was 305 feet and one inch including the pedestal.

      The Electr♦ns

  16. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    What a cool blog post! At the start of 4th grade, my class did that game, too! You know that feeling when you might think one thing is the answer, but the answer is really something else? You're always like: "Aw, man!" or "Ugh!" I get that feeling a lot.

    I like those team names, too! They are really funny, and I like funny! I never would have thought of those names!

    Here is a Two Truths and a Lie about me:

    1. I have been playing baseball since I was 3 years old.

    2. I won 1st place last year for Family Blogging Month.

    3. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

    Which one is the lie? Reply with an answer!

    I can't wait to come back to your classroom!


    1. @ N♠lan,

      Happy New Year! How wonderful to get a fabulous comment from you!

      I will share the comment with the class tomorrow and you should be getting a response shortly.

      Here are Two Truths and a Lie about me:

      1. Rocky Road is my favorite ice cream flavor.

      2. I met Alex Trebek.

      3. I have surfed.

      Which one is the lie?

      Thanks for a great idea and see you soon!

      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      We think the lie is you have surfed. Jake has never seen a girl surf before, but maybe it could happen. Ben thinks that is the lie because he has never surfed, so you probably haven't either.

      Here is a two truths and one lie.

      1. Both of our favorite ice cream flavors are Rocky Road.

      2.We both have more then 1,000 coins.

      3.We both play sports.

      What do you think is the lie and why.

      Jake S. and Ben

  17. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    First of all, thank you for replying to me.

    Second of all, I think the lie in your Two Truths and a Lie is 3. I don't think you have surfed. If I am wrong, please tell me through a comment, or at school.

    Also, I think the way your class did the game is really unique. Did someone else think of that, or did you? Anyway, doing it that way makes it cooler, but more complicated at the same time. I think it is more complicated because, well, what if you don't know much about that place? Or haven't visited it? That makes it harder for the guesser.

    Oh, FYI, Grandma Barb is coming in the middle of February. Cool, right?

    Thanks again for replying to me!



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