Monday, February 27, 2017

Teaching and Writing with Dialogue!

We have been learning how to write creative stories with interesting elaboration, high level vocabulary, and convincing dialogue. For fun, Nolan and Elie wrote a creative story The Gingerbread Mission,  but ended the story with a cliff hanger. They invited others to finish the story in the comment section. We called it, Write Your Own Ending: The Gingerbread Mission

Our blogging buddies from New Zealand picked up on the idea and are writing their own endings. They even wrote a blog post about it on their blog! 

Since we finished our unit, we thought we'd share our knowledge about writing dialogue with our buddies. Here are the rules we learned:

1. Every time a new person speaks, you start a new paragraph and indent.

2. Put quotation marks around what is being said. Include the punctuation. 

"We love learning from our buddies!" exclaimed Taranaki

Foxy Jack said, "Yes, I know all those students, and they are very smart" 

Here are two SeeSaw video tutorials sharing what we learned! We hope you enjoy learning with us!

Do you use dialogue in your stories? 

When is a good time to insert dialogue? 

How does it make a story better? 

How far away is New Zealand from Los Angeles? Answer using dialogue! 


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis, class, and New Zealand buddies,

    Good ol’ dialogue!

    Dialogue is important when writing a story. Here is a sample of dialogue:

    “Can we have a small box of chicken nuggets and a burger?”asked the lady.

    The cashier answered, “Ok. That will be $25.”

    “Here you go!” the lady stated.

    Don’t forget to put the punctuations INSIDE the quotation marks, press the ‘tab’ key and ‘return’ key on your computer when a new person speaks! Without dialogue, a story isn’t a story!

    Can you show us another sample of dialogue?

    Have fun commenting!


  2. Dear Chaolin,
    I am so excited to tell you all about my trip! My trip was to...
    YOSEMITE! It was so exciting and I am going YELLOWSTONE during summer break, I wish you were here. I miss you! Another thing that is SUPER SUPER SUPER EXCITING is my mom said I am going to have a playdate with you during summer break. Another thing, guess what, I made so many friends here in La Cresenta. It is so cool that I can still stay in touch with you but I am in a different class in a completely different class! Hope you blog back


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