Thursday, December 8, 2016

Aaron's Robots!

One of Mrs. Yollis' former students, Aaron, came back to class today and shared about coding and robotics. It was perfect timing because this week is Hour of Code

Aaron talked about how robots use motors and sensors. He writes code programs to make his robots move and complete tasks. Some coding programs Aaron uses are java script from and some are the drag and drop block style used in Scratch.   

Here is the mechanical robot named EverStorm. 

Student were very interested to learn how to make a robot move, and asked intelligent questions to learn more. 

After some discussion, Aaron brought his two robots to the rug to see them perform the commands Aaron had programmed. 

The class was impressed!

What did you learn about robots from Aaron?

How are robots like the games and tasks on and Hour of Code?

Do you have any follow-up questions for Aaron? 


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I am very thankful that you were able to have me in your classroom to show your students some of my robots. It was a real pleasure for me to share one of my deep interests.

    I look forward to answering any questions your might have about robots and coding.

    Your (former) student,

    Mitochondria 16 (Aaron)

    1. @ Mitochondria 16 (Aaron),

      I loved how when you came into Mrs. Yollis’ classroom you were so prepared for your “show”. I learned that programming robots can be so fascinating. I’ve never been able to see one of those LEGO MINDSTORM robots in action, and now I have (thanks to you, Aaron.)

      How long have you been coding? How long have you been programing robots?

      You’ve taught me so much about robots, thank you.

      Your new friend,
      Dylan B.


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