Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Charlotte's Web Collaborative Cartoons

We just finished reading Charlotte's Web, by E. B. White. To complement the book, we made a collaborative slide show. Each of the twenty-two chapters got a summary slide. Students worked in pairs to create each summary slide. Cartoons helped tell the story!

First, students picked a chapter. Then they went to Scholastic's Charlotte's Web Make-Your-Own Comic. It is fabulous!

Once there, students picked a layout. We recommend template two. 
In addition, two comic cells per slide looks best. 

There are many comic options. For example, there are characters, objects, settings, and speech bubbles. Students clicked and dragged the items that went with their chapter. The funniest item was the pile of manure that Wilbur adored to lay in. :-) 

Students took screen shots of their comic cells and then inserted the screen shots in the collaborative Google slide show. 

Behold! Our Collaborative slide show!

After learning how to make a web, we decided to make one in our room! How did we make this web?

Photo by Maddie

Which slide was your favorite?

Which character do you like the best and why?

Which character changed the most? 

If you want to be clever, leave a comment from the point-of-view of a character.  :-) Great idea, Michael.


  1. I am so impressed with the effort and hard work that went into the making of this slideshow. The dialogue bubbles were my favorite! I loved "Yay! No Ham This Christmas." Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Dear students--
    I love your project. What a fun way of connecting with the book and with each other! I particularly liked the last page, where Wilbur becomes friends with Charlotte's baby spiders. In a way, this last slide shows Wilbur's hope for the future-- the way his friendship with Charlotte and the memories they made will live on into the next generation. I always cry at the end of Charlotte's Web, but the baby spiders bring a smile to my face.
    I hope you think about making more comic books-- via computer or by hand, collaboratively or individually.
    Vanessa (Lily's Mom)

  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I am happy that I have three daughters of Charlotte named Joy, Arenea, and Nellie that are my friends. The other great thing is that I am not bacon and ham or anything else you would eat because of Charlotte. She is an indescribable friend the way she never mentions negative words and how she saved my life.

    Since I am still alive, I got to see your cartoon and I think all of them are marvelous. It’s just too hard to decide plus I wanted to sleep more in my manure pile. The character I admired the most is Charlotte because she was the only who was a true friend to me and never kept any secrets or did anything bad. She’s also really intelligent and persistent. I wish she was still alive with all my heart.

    Now if you excuse me, I need to devour my tidbits because I think Templeton’s done with everything. I hope he didn’t guzzle it all up so my stomach won’t be empty while I’m taking a nap in my beloved manure pile.

    Your radiant, humble, terrific pig,
    Wilbur (Karissa)

  4. Dear Wilbur,

    Salutations! I hope you liked being my friend so far because I think we will become the best of friends.

    What you have done for me:

    First of all, you have told us of the wonderful adventurers of you and our mom. You told them in a way that made all of us little baby spiders think that we actually got to see her. Another reason why you are already a great friend is because you are always thinking positive, merry thoughts. You always share your food with Templeton ,which I think is really generous of you.

    What I will do for you:

    I would not mind at all if you wanted me to weave some words into my web. I will also be a loyal friend and make sure you live past every Christmas.

    Your appreciative friend,
    Joy (Abigail)

  5. Dear Charlotte,

    In my wildest dreams I never thought I would become friends with a spider! Come on, we are not even the same species. You are an arachnid, and I’m a mammal. However, for many reasons, you became my best friend.

    First, you made me feel welcome when I first came to the farm. It’s hard being the new pig in town, you know. You helped me feel comfortable here. In addition, you stuck up for me like friends do for each other. I was supposed to be slaughtered, but you and Templeton came up with great words about me. That changed the farmer’s opinion of me. Phew! Finally, you taught me all about being polite. I know how to chew my food better and not be wasteful. Also, my manners are a lot better because of you.

    I will miss you everyday of my life, Charlotte. I hope I have another friend like you again soon.

    Your friend,


  6. Templeton (Maddie)March 17, 2016 at 8:58 AM

    Dear Wilbur,

    We’ve never been the best of friends. But since your life has been spared I have made a very humble choice to make a list of all the things that I’ve done for you. That way you will be a little more respectful to old Templeton.

    The things that I have done for you:

    I saved Charlotte’s life by scaring Avery away with the goose egg. I went to the dump over and over again for the words Charlotte wanted on her web. I bit your tail to revive you when you fainted in front of the crowd. Most of all, I actually listened to you.

    You now know how much you don’t appreciate me. And since you might not know how to be appreciative, I again humbly made a list of things that could show appreciation to me.

    How to show gratitude for Templeton:

    Firstly, you could not judge me when I gorge myself. You could also be a little more generous and give me more goose eggs. Lastly, you could not always say rude things about me.

    So now that you know how to show gratitude for the one-and-only, Templeton. I sincerely hope you will treat me properly.

    Your humble friend,
    Templeton (Maddie)

  7. Dear Charlotte in heaven,

    You have no idea how thankful I am about you saving my life AND being an amazing friend. I loved your stories because they were fascinating. I still remember the one about your cousin catching a fish.

    I adore your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren dearly. Most of your family have sailed away, but Joy, Aranea, and Nellie stayed with me. They have the personality of you, kind, helpful, and caring.

    Templeton is as annoying as ever. Did you see that comment above about me being nicer to him? Like I was ever mean to him.

    Hope your having fun!

    Your good friend,
    Wilbur (Lily)

  8. Dear Charlotte,

    I hope you had a wonderful life! I want to thank you for your help. You helped me by... not letting ham and bacon reach Christmas.

    Everything you did for me, I will remember in my heart. Luckily, 3 of your children stayed with me. I wouldn't have any friends, if they didn't I would be friendless.

    Charlotte, you are always going to be in my dreams. It is hard to sleep when you have a mind full and an empty stomach.

    I will never forget you.

  9. Aranea, Joy, and NellieMarch 17, 2016 at 6:27 PM

    Dear Wilbur,


    We like you so we wanted to stay with you, and we do not regret our decision.

    When you told us the adventures of our mother and you, we realized you were just going to be the right kind for us to like.

    So far, you have been a dear friend in many ways. First of all, you always found positive things to say about us. Additionally, you tell us amazing stories about our mom which make us feel like we're standing right there, next to our mom. Lastly, you picked wonderful names for us.

    Since you have been such a great companion to our mom, we believe that you are going to be a great one to us too!

    We are highly glad that our mom saved your life, now we can have a true best friend.

    Thank you,

    Aranea, Joy, and Nellie (Heloise)

  10. Dear Templeton,

    Can you please stop eating all my slop! I know that you get to always eat first, but can you please leave me more than half a noodle? Even Joy, Aranea, and Nellie catch more food than me!

    Also, you are becoming quite obese. I realize that feasting gives you joy, but if you keep up this much eating, you're not going to live very long to enjoy it.

    Your body isn't as fit anymore. You can barely fit into your hole unless I push you in. I haven't seen you go to the dump in months!

    Please start leaving me a more respectful amount of food.

    Your hungry friend,
    Wilbur (Aaron)

  11. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    From my point of view, my favorite character in the book is Wilbur. One reason why I like Wilbur is because he has a good personality . Wilbur has a good personality because he was kind to Templeton when Templeton was rude to Wilbur. Templeton was saying that Wilbur would be eaten for Christmas dinner. In conclusion, Wilbur is my favorite character in the book .

  12. Dear Charlotte,

    Thank you for putting the words in your web. You saved my life. I am eternally grateful. I wish I could have saved your life because you were my best friend. At least 3 of your children stayed with me they are named Joy, Aranea, and Nellie.

    Your Radiant, Humble, Terrific Pig,

  13. Dear Wilbur-ilbur-ilbur,

    Hello-Hello-Hello! Wilbur I am so glad to see you again. I hope you still remember the time that I suggested the word terrific-terrific-terrific for the word in Charlotte's web-eb-eb. You were a great friend to Charlotte-Charlotte- Charlotte.

    Now I must care for my chicks-chicks-chicks. Can’t you hear them calling for food-ood-ood? “Food-food-food,Food-food-food,Food-food-food,Food-food-food,Food-food-food,Food-food-food!”

    Now you can see why I need to go-go-go! I have a big day ahead of me; here is my plan:
    Wake up, sit and stare at the sky-ky-ky, talk to the gander, have breakfast, watch my baby chicks eat breakfast-breakfast-breakfast, take a nap while the baby chicks play, wake up-up-up, have lunch, play with my baby chicks-icks-icks, talk to Wilbur, talk to the cow-ow-ow, go to sleep-eep-eep.

    Now you know my plan-an-an for today (and possibly for the rest of my life)! Now I can go-go-go. Bye-ye-ye!

    Your friend-end-end,
    The Goose (Abigail)

  14. Dear Charlotte,

    All the time I’ve been alive, meeting you was the best part of my life. You were always courteous, generous, and saved my life by saying positive and sweet words about me in your web. For example, some pig, terrific, humble, and radiant and these words also describe you.

    I was so sad when you died, but now I made new friends, your little spider children! I named them Aranea, Joy, and Nellie and they were kind enough to stay back with me. I am positive that the little spiders will save me next Christmas.

    I’m wondering about that old Templeton. Has he changed? Or is he the same? I think he was very helpful, sometimes. He was nice enough to get those words and he always picked the best words.

    I have had a good life so far, and I am so happy that we are all getting along and that Templeton does not take all my food.

    Yours Truly,
    Wilbur (Abby)

  15. My favorite slide of Charlotte's Web was the last chapter. I like this chapter because the spiders represent Charlotte's babies. Wilbur named one Joy, he named the second one Arena, and the third was called Aranea.

    My favorite character was Wilbur. I like him because he is so adorable. He was funny. Wilbur adored the manure pile. It was his favorite place to rest.

    I think Fern changed a lot by the end of the book. Fern use to play and care about the animals. Now she is spending time with Henry.

    Compare Fern and Wilbur. Which character do you like better? Why?


  16. The Old Sheep (Sawyer)March 21, 2016 at 10:51 AM

    Dear Wilbur,
    I am sorry that one of our kiiiiids said, "You mean less than nothing." Some of the sheep seem snarky or ruuuude. In a way, I like you Wiiiiiiiiiilbur. I like you because of your energy and your dear kindness. I respect you as much as I did Chaaaaarlotte.

    I wonder what Templeton's next evil move will be? He is so mean. The comment written above says you should appreciate that sneaky thief. I am glad you were not slaughtered. I am glad I waaaaaaas able to convince Templeton to go to the dump. I do not think Templeton deserves to eat before you.

    One last thank you for giving me a lesson on how to make friends.

    Your Friend,
    The Old Sheep

  17. Dear Charlotte,
    I’m very sad that you had to die. I miss you-you-you so much, and I’m so- so-so happy that your children made it. All of-of-of them left except three. Their names are Joy, Aranea, and Nellie. Boy, is Wilbur so happy-happy-happy to have new friends. Also I will-will-will like to thank you for being such a nice friend to me and everybody else. Again I wish wish wish you were still here.

    Your trough neighbor, the goose


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