Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lucky Hat Day :: 2015

Recently, Mrs. Yollis' class read The Lost and Found, a story
in our anthology by Mark Teague.

Photo by Mrs. Tulbure

The story is about three friends who get lost in the Lost and Found bin! Their lucky hats brings them good luck at the end of the story.

*       *       *      *       *

We celebrated by wearing our own lucky hats!

Of course, Mrs. Yollis wore her lucky hat! 

There was a plethora (ple •THə• rə) of hats!

Who/Hoo knows which one brought the most luck! 

Pink seashore baseball cap.

Cat in the Hat meets a garden hat with narrow brim.

Black hat with supplies! 


Green baseball cap with Greek Minecraft elements.

Polka-dots and foil caps.

Flowers and eyes appear on this purple cap. 

A canoe on a khaki cap!

Sun hat with a beautiful butterfly band.

Who is on top of this knit cap? 

A Panama hat with yellow feathers and a blue band.

A happy head band.

Blue baseball cap and bow.

Buttons, feathers, and pipe cleaners.

An interactive lucky hat.

Hello striped Kitty! 

 Luckily, our reading buddies from Journeys were able to join us on our special day!

Tell us about your hat! Use adjectives to describe all the elements!

Compare and Contrast your hat with a classmate's. How are they alike and different?


  1. Hi. This is Lily. My hat was the interactive hat with the slinky and really crazy ribbon. I think it is lucky because you can both wear it AND play with it... so you're never without something to do. It brought me luck because my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Chalfin, came for lunch on that same day! And I really miss her, so that was fun.

    Your student,

    1. @ Lily,

      I adored your interactive hat! In fact, I wanted to grab the slinky and swing it around! However, I knew I had to teach everyone so I refrained from playing with it.

      I thought the surprise visit from Mrs. Chalfin was the luckiest event of the day. Like you, I miss her greatly, and when I saw her I had a smile a mile wide! That is hyperbole [hi•per•bo•lee]. Hyperbole is a kind of expression where you exaggerate to make a point. I just love visual imagery!

      Your hat also had a waterfall of ribbons. That is another visual imagery. Do you know what kind it is?

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Lily,

      Like Mrs. Yollis, I too had a smile a mile wide when I saw all of you! It was fun to reminisce about the fun times in second grade and to hear about your new adventures in third grade.

      Mrs. Yollis told me that all of you have continued to be strong writers. That makes me very happy!

      Looking forward to visiting again and keep on blogging!

      Yours truly,
      Mrs. Ch♥lfin

  2. Hi Mrs. Yollis,
    I thought my hat was really lucky because it had a plethora of buttons representing all the things I love to do. I feel lucky that I have these interests. One button was art because I am really good at drawing, but I want to practice it more to get even better. Another button was reading because I can use my imagination, and it's fun to find characters I can identify with. For example, Hermione is a character who likes chemistry, and I like chemistry too - especially potions and experiments. Finally, cooking was a button I chose because I like adding and mixing ingredients. (It's kind of like chemistry!) I love eating the food I make with my grandma too. She is so good at cooking. For example, we made delicious, chocolate brownies for Thanksgiving last year.

    Your student,

    1. @ Abigail,

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment! I liked the high-level vocabulary you used like plethora, representing, and interests. In addition, you gave several terrific example sentences. Well done, Abigail!

      You mentioned that you like chemistry. Do you ever do any experiments you could share with the class? We'd love to learn from you!

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. @ Mrs. Yollis,
      I've done several crystal and rock growing experiments. I also made snow, grew rainbow jelly crystals, erupted many volcanoes and grew dinosaurs. Sometimes I have fun using things in nature for experiments when I have playtime outside with my brother and sister.

      One of the examples of a lesson I have learned is when I did the volcano experiment. I learned about acid and bases. When an acid (vinegar) touches a base (baking soda), it makes water and carbon dioxide bubbles. That makes the explosion.

      Finally, I wish our school had science fairs.

      Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    My lucky hat was a baseball cap with a boat on top that had fish inside of it. My hat also had leaves with pictures of a frog and fish on the side of it. My hat is lucky because it has nature on it and nature is lucky to me. I liked your hat a lot, Mrs. Yollis. It was very cool and I liked all of the feathers sticking out of it.


    1. @ Andrew,

      Thank you so much for stopping by to tell us about your hat! I remember the boat and the fish. What was your inspiration? Was it a book or just a love of nature?

      Thank you for noticing my lucky hat. It is a very old hat that used to belong to my Grandma Smillie. She wore it for a silly hat event. I add the two pheasant feathers to give it more luck.

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Greetings Mrs Yollis and children,
    I loved the variety of lucky hats your class wore and the stories that came attached to them. We haven't read that book before but it does sound interesting.

    Earlier this term our schools celebrated Book Week which is a 70 year old tradition celebrating the richness of stories available for children at many year levels. The one thing my kids absolutely adored was being able to dress up as a favourite book character. We all had great fun that day.

    Now we would like to ask your permission to have your blog linked to ours so that my children can look at the work you are currently exploring. We are just beginning to get the hang of commenting on blog reports and having a wider audience would be an honour.

    I must say you all work extremely hard, where do you find the time?
    Cheers Ellen

    1. @ Ellen,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving such a thoughtful comment! We appreciate it!

      The Lost and Found is a fabulous fantasy by Mark Teague. He has several other books using the same characters. We read The Secret Shortcut too. It was fun to compare and contrast the two books. One similarity is that there is a fantastic world that awaits the characters. A difference was that Mona was not a part of the second book.

      Book Week sounds like a wonderful tradition! Last year, students got a chance to dress up as their favorite book character for a spirit day. I hope our school will do that again. It was fun to "meet" the characters in real life! ;-)

      I have added your blog to our blog roll in our sidebar. You are welcome to do the same on yours! We look forward to connecting with you!

      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs Yollis ,
      Thank you for allowing us to be part of your blogging world, I can't wait to share your blog with my class and I will endeavour to remember how to link your address.

      Our third school term comes to an end this week as we have the spring holidays, so things could be a tad quiet. However, when we resume for the final term we will begin to take some of the valuable lessons in your commenting video seriously, so we may use your students as a resource.

      I am looking forward to the growth in ICT literacy and learning from our collaboration.

      Many Thanks.

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Instead of using hats around the house, I wanted to use my creative imagination to make my lucky hat from scratch. My hat is made out of foil and it is very shiny and light, but it was very hard to keep on. So, I made straps during lunch time to add on to it. I felt lucky with my hat because it brought me more creative imagination.
    My hat is different from Heloise (I think that's the correct spelling). She has an opening on the top and mine doesn't. Hers is made out of construction paper and mine is made out of aluminum foil. However, both of our hats are similar because we both made it out of materials from around the house.

    Love your creative lucky student,

    1. @ Karissa,

      When I was little, I used to love to play with aluminum foil. It was shiny and malleable (mal-ee-uh-buhl). Malleable is a fancy word that means it is able to be shaped. I would often make sculptures of people or animals using foil. When I saw your hat, it reminded me of that time in my life. :-)

      I did notice that you changed your hat throughout the day. For example, I noticed the chin strap after lunch. What a great way to change and make your hat better. Each version is called an iteration (it-uh-rey-shuhn). That is a very fancy word indeed!

      I would like to compliment you on your compare and contrast paragraph. Excellent observations, Karissa! I wonder if Heloise can think of any other similarities or differences.

      You have a very creative imagination. I wonder what you will invent next! Do share!

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  6. Hi, this is Keya. My hat was a beautiful pink and perfect hat. I put lots of pretty things like a gold seahorse pin, one yellow pipe cleaner and shiny glitter glue. The seahorse pin is special to me because I got it from my teacher, Ms. Janet. She saw that I had a seahorse necklace and she thought I might like the seahorse pin.

    Many of the other students had caps like me. Some of the students had stickers and other art supplies on their cools hats, just like me. The hats were all different colors.

    Your student,

    1. @ Keya,

      I see/sea you like seahorses! Do you know any fun facts about them? Research seahorses on World Book Online and come back and share your learning. Remember, never copy sentences out of a reference book. That is plagiarism, and it is against the law!

      Yes, there were many variations. The most popular was probably the baseball cap. What was the most unusual hat?

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Hi Mrs. Yollis!

      Most seahorses are less than six inches in height. Baby seahorses hold each other with their tails to form small groups. They hold onto seaweed by using their bent tails.

      The most unusual hat in my opinion was the hat with the cool owl on the top and the red knit hat, that had another animal on it. Another one had a slinky coming down.

      Your Student,

  7. Mrs. Yollis,
    You certainly have a colorful classroom of hats. If I had to wear a hat in class, I think I would have made a Dot Hat to help celebrate dot day. Did you read The Dot in class Mrs. Yollis? If not, it's never too late to read such a fantastic book.
    If it wasn't Dot time, I would have a seaglass hat because I love to collect seaglass.
    Have any of your students ever read The Dot or collected seaglass before?
    Curious in Washington,
    Mrs. Hembree

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    Lucky hat day was a pretty exiting day. My favorite thing about the hat I had on was the googly eyes that made it fun. Most of the hat decorations were from my house which was convenient because we didn`t have to pay for them.
    Mrs. Yollis where did you get the ribbon for your hat? If you got it from a store, which store?

    1. @ Maddie,

      Yes, I remember your hat. It looked like a garden was growing on your head, along with two eyes on the bill. Am I correct?

      My hat used to belong to my Grandma Smillie. She made it for a silly hat party. It is quite old and the artificial flowers on top are almost brittle. That means they might easily crack. I bet that hat is from the 1950s! I added the long, brown pheasant feathers to give it more luck. The thick, black ribbon was on the hat when I got it.

      Compare and contrast your hat to a classmates! What did you find that was similar? What was different?

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    My hat was a cap with a rainbow brim, a peace sign, a flower, and a green butterfly. It was decorated with a black bow and clear marbles. I also had a fun time telling our reading buddies all the elements of our hats. I had a great day with our lucky hats!
    Your blogger,

    1. @ Abby,

      Thanks so much for such a well-written comment! After reading it, I remembered your hat. However, when I looked through the photos, I don't see yours. Let's look on the ipad tomorrow when we get to school. Perhaps it did not get sent! Very strange!

      Our reading buddies are so cute! I know how much they look up to you kids and how much they adore learning from you. We are certainly lucky!

      Your lucky teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  10. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I like Ari's hat because it was not made from a regular hat, and I like it because it had a stuffed animal on it. Also it is cool, and it's red.


  11. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    What a lovely Lucky Hat Day you all had! I am so impressed by all the colorful and creative caps! My personal favorites are those that were homemade or had special lucky items added to them.

    For the last Lucky Hat Day in which I participated, I wore my lucky hiking hat, a straw cowboy style hat. I added some special flair to it by wrapping a pink lei around it and setting a pink monkey on the brim! Lucky Hat Day is certainly a special third grade memory.

    The Lost and Found was a story I very much enjoyed when I taught third grade. I just love the idea of entering a secret world through the lost and found bin! I notice that you have also read The Secret Shortcut by Mark Teague. I would love to hear from you which of the two stories you enjoyed more.

    Let me know what you think!

    All the best,
    Mrs. Ranney

  12. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    My hat was sort of interactive, but not as much as Lily's hat.
    Anyway, my hat had a picture of Minecraft skins of the
    book Battle of the Labyrinth from Percy Jackson.

    Abigail, you mentioned chemistry. I have a chemistry/science kit
    at my house. It has litmus paper (if you know what it is), mold kit,
    and some other science things in it.

    Your student,

    1. @ Kostaki,
      Thanks for commenting! Yes, I know what litmus paper is. It is a little strip of paper that is used for testing if something is acidic or basic. My dad uses litmus paper to test the pool water. Have you used your litmus paper?

      Your classmate,

  13. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Hi, it's Sawyer. My hat was actually a normal blade of grass in my yard. I started by fitting it around my head. Next, I tied it. It was hard to tie because it kept falling off, but I finally got it work. Then, I added some yarn to keep it from untying.

    I got the idea from camp. It felt kind of nice. I like plants because they are part of nature and nothing could live without them. My hat didn't bring me too much luck because it started to wilt when I got to school. The evidence was that it turned black and the leaves started to fall off.

    Your friend,

  14. Hi, it's Kate

    I made my hat out of a party hat, paper, glue, markers and a stuff owl animal. I liked Arron's and Bailey's hats. In my opinion, Mrs. Yollis's hat was the best!

  15. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    My hat was a headband. My hat made me feel lucky all day!
    Here are some things that made me feel lucky on my hat: it had feathers that reminded me the time when we kept birds and their feathers kept on falling. Another item on my hat that made me feel lucky was the words that said "Good luck" because it made me have good luck just by keeping my hat on!

    I noticed that Mrs. Yollis' hat had feathers too! I wonder if Mrs. Yollis' feathers were special or not. Are they special?

    Your student,

  16. @ Mrs.Yollis & class,

    My hat is lucky because The Cat In The Hat is a very lucky cat. I also had good luck because Mrs. Chaifn came to our class for a visit. We also had so much fun reading The Lost And Found. I had a connection with the story because we had our lucky hat too.

    From your

  17. @Kate
    Your hat looks like a lot of work!
    I agree that Mrs. Yollis's hat is one of the best.
    Your friend ,

  18. @Mrs.Yollis

    My hat was lucky because it had two feathers, one for Yankee Doodle, and the other one is for me to remember that I should smile. I also liked Ana's hat because Ana's hat is tall and my hat is small. Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up,I need to leave now BYE!

    Your Student

  19. Dear Mrs. Yollis.

    I got my hat two years ago when we had a 1920's day. Eventually it became my lucky hat. This year I decided to add a tiny pencil and a flower.

    We call the pencil a "Pop Pop" pencil because my great-grandfather grew up during the depression and had to use every bit of the pencil. Eventually it became his trademark.

    The flower represents how much I love to garden. My mother and I have a small garden where we plant lots of fruits and vegetables.

    Both Lily and Ana were right when they said the hats worked in being lucky. Mrs. Chalfin's visit was truly special.

    Your student,


  20. Hi everyone,

    I really liked Lily's hat because it was interactive and has a lot of curly strings.
    The strings reminded me of all the strings that I have at home.
    I like playing and making stuff out of strings. For example, I made a wand using strings and a popsicle stick. I wondered if it took Lily a long time to make her hat?
    @Lily - how long did it take you to make your hat?

    Your friend,

  21. Dear class,
    I actually borrowed a hat from Kate. Kate thank you for letting me borrow one of your hats. I think this was a happy new year hat. I like my hat because it brought luck to me as I scored 1 goal during recess while playing soccer. Our team won in the soccer game.

    I enjoyed the lucky hat day because it brings luck to all. I hope we have many more lucky hat days.

    Your friend,

  22. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I made my hat out of flowers, leaves, and tape. I used my dad's hat. I like Kate's hat because it was a cone shaped hat with an owl on it.I also liked Lily's hat because there was a slinky on it. Mrs. Yollis' hat was cool too because the feathers and the dry leaves.

    From your student,


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