Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Family Blogging Month Winner! Ruby & Troy

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The winners of Family Blogging Month earned a free post on Mrs. Yollis' Website. Here is a creative video produced by the finalists Ruby, Troy, and Sydney!

Ruby's Reflection: 

Making this stop-motion video was a fun project and an educational way to have a blast with crocheted critters. It was a little hard to slow down the video and time our voices. We made a movie with little creatures and props. It was fun and extremely confusing at first. But once we got it down, it wasn’t as hard. The group (aka: Sydney, the 4th place winner of the Family Blogging Month, Troy the 3rd place winner, me- the 2nd place winner, and Nicholas) was recording our voices as talking animals. The app we used was called Stop Motion and it was super cool! When you took a picture, SNAP, and then move the prop or animal in front, behind, left or right -- it shows a ghost line, so you know if you moved it too far. Again, it was super fun and a great way to spend time with your friends! Hope you enjoy the movie!

Our stop-motion movie is about animals having trouble solving their problems. However, two smart birdies come in to help!  They argue over who should get the extra treat, and they realize that no one should get it. By being selfish, they almost caused death to the unhatched bird!


Have you ever made a stop motion video? Do you have any tips to share?

What did you love about Family Blogging Month? 

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  1. Congratulations Ruby and Troy on winning family blogging month. I know it probably was not easy and required you to reach out to many family members to encourage them to comment. How many comments did you received during family blogging month?

    I have never made a stop motion movie and thought you guys did a fantastic job. After watching your video, I am interested to learn more about stop motion videos. How many photos did you have to take to make this video? Did it take a long time? Will you be making a sequel?

    I hope you are enjoying your summer break and continue to be creative.

    Victoria (parent of a two former Mrs. Yollis' students)


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