Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet Liberty! #GlobalPal

Meet Liberty!

This special bird is one of our classroom mascots. A mascot is a person or thing that represents a group or organization.  Liberty is a bald eagle which is the national bird of America.

Liberty is on a grand Twitter  adventure! Today, he started his Global Pal flight that will take him from Los Angeles, across America, and over the Atlantic Ocean on a journey to England.

We will chart his journey using the 
Twitter hashtag: 


Liberty's first Global Pal stop will be a rural community in Middleham, England. He will be learning along with Mrs. Monaghan and her English students from A Room With a View. 

Before Liberty left, he enjoyed some time with Mrs. Yollis and her students. Ella showed him how to keep her hands on the home row when learning to type. Liberty's talons, or claws, did NOT seem suited for a keyboard. 

Liberty reviewed the skill of division with Tabitha. 
Photo by Mrs. Yollis 

Liberty thoroughly enjoyed watching the students play outside during recess. The air temperature measured  75˚ F (24˚C), and he pondered what the weather was like in Middleham, England. 

Photo by Mrs. Yollis 

It is winter in the northern hemisphere. However, we have very mild winters here in southern California. In addition,  Los Angeles is 35˚ N and 118˚ W. while the coordinates of Middleham, England are 54˚ N and 1.8˚ W. How will the differences in latitude affect Liberty? 

Although Liberty has enjoyed being with Mrs. Yollis and her students. There is one fellow she is glad to be liberated from! Buck, the Yollis' cheeky Labrador retriever, took a real liking to Liberty! 

After staying a few weeks in England, Liberty will head to the southern hemisphere. He will stay with Mrs. Shannon and her new baby Oskar in Darwin, Australia! Last year, we worked with Mrs. Shannon on a different Twitter project. 

Guess who is on his way to our classroom? 
Meet Snappy!
(The green alligator, not Oskar, the cute baby.) 

Follow Liberty's journey via the Twitter hashtag #GlobalPal. There will be at least one tweet a day! Follow Snappy's Adventures in Mrs. Yollis' class! In the spring, we'll welcome Jolly George from Middleham, England!

Here are some of the things that might tweet about:

Our food

Our location

Our pets

Our hobbies

Our favorite games

Our weather

Our families

Look out for the traveling trio on Twitter with 

What should Snap see while here in our neck of the woods?


  1. Hi Mrs. Yollis! I am majoring in Elementary School, and I came across your blog while working on a project. I was wondering how you arranged the Global Pals, and how you integrate that into your classroom?

  2. Dear Liberty,

    I will really miss you and your fluffy fur. You would always look to see what other people were doing and you were a very curious bird. When you go to Middleham, England the whole class will miss you and including Buck, who loves playing with you and tackling you. Hope you enjoy traveling!



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