Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Marvelous Masterpieces With Mrs. Ranney

Today we had a special visitor, Mrs. Ranney! She is a good friend and colleague of Mrs. Yollis. 

We were talking about the two parts of a sentence, the subject and the predicate.

A subject tells WHO or WHAT the sentence is about.

A predicate tells what the subject did or does.


Mrs.  Ranney introduced the class to a masterpiece sentence. 
A masterpiece sentence is a descriptive sentence with a lot of detail.

Mrs. Ranney finish the following sentence for us:

The bear _______________________________________.

Here is her masterpiece sentence:

The enormous brown grizzly bear waded into the freezing water to catch a delicious salmon swimming upstream


Can you make any of these subjects into masterpiece sentences?

The tunnel  ___________________________________.

Stan ________________________________________.

My camera ___________________________________.

Snoopy _______________________________________.

Thanksgiving __________________________________.

Mrs. Ranney and Mrs. Yollis _______________________.

Leave the class a your masterpiece sentence in a comment!


  1. Dear Mrs. Ranney,

    It was such a delight to see you today and to spend some time talking with you. My students and I loved having you in our room, and we look forward to the next time you can come.

    Because you are such an outstanding writer and blogger, I think I will ask you to run a small group of bloggers. What do you think of my idea? How many students should be in each group?

    I will make a masterpiece sentence using the subject Mrs. Ranney and Mrs. Yollis

    Mrs. Ranney and Mrs. Yollis have been teaching and learning together for more than a score.

    Please make up a masterpiece sentence using the subject Scrubber.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. @Mrs. Yollis and class,

      I absolutely loved being with you all today! Next time I'll try to come earlier, so we have even more time!

      I love the idea of working with a small group of bloggers! The number of students in each group would depend on how many other groups you will have going on at that time and how many computers there will be available. Of course, I think it's best to have students work on blogging in pairs. Maybe 6 - 8 at a time would work.

      I love your masterpiece sentence, Mrs. Yollis. Here's mine about Scrubbers:

      Scrubbers, a Western scrub jay, has beautiful blue feathers and enjoys visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ranney's backyard, where she hides many of the crunchy peanuts they give her!

      Your blogging comrade,
      Mrs. Ranney

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Ranney,

    I am going with Snoopy.
    Snoopy is a funny,fuzzy,smart,playful,kind dog and he is good at baseball.


  3. Dear Class,

    Oh my, writing masterpiece sentences sounds like fun. Are parents allowed a try? If so, the tunnel one could get pretty spooky (even if Halloween isn't quite here yet). How about:

    The dim lights from the half dozen jack-o-lanterns suspended from somewhere within the silent darkness above cast an eerie series of images dancing awkwardly across the chilly tunnel walls.

    Booo! (W's Dad)

  4. Dear Mrs.Yollis,
    I had a very fun time meeting Mrs.Ranney. I decided to go with Mrs.Ranney and Mrs.Yollis. Mrs.Ranney and Mrs.Yollis are teachers, best friends,traveling buddies, and pals. I hope you enjoy!


  5. Dear Mrs Ranny,
    This is my masterpiece sentence.
    Once my dog and I got lost in a very dark,damp, cold, noisy tunnel in the middle of nowhere.We were so scared that my dog
    Roger was shaking,then we walked and walked till we found
    somebody to drive us home and we lived happily ever after.

  6. Dear Mrs. Ranney,
    This is my masterpiece sentence.
    My camera on my iphone has about 59 photos which are mostly from my trip to the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. For example, there are picture of the light sand on the beach, the enormous view of the ocean, the tourists on their large paddle boats and the tall hand carved tikis.

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis and her NEW class,

    If you don't know me yet, I was one of Mrs. Yollis' proud former students. I was in a 2-3 grade split, and I was in second grade. When I was in third grade, I got a choice between Mrs. Yollis or another teacher. Clearly, I chose Mrs. Yollis.

    Can you find the subject, predicate, and verb in my following sentence?

    1. My Labrador retriever dug a tiny hole next to my pear tree and buried his favorite squeaky duck toy in it.

    Below are the masterpiece sentences I made with your stated subjects:

    1. The tunnel was built for a giant train that carried lots of cargo.

    2.Stan, from Dog with a Blog,(If you watch that, tell Mrs. Yollis about that show!) was typing away on the guide keys until Avery came down to go on Buddy Bop, even though she's not supposed to.

    3.My camera is in my Iphone, so I won't have to take both everywhere.

    4.Snoopy lay on top of his red roofed dog house enjoying the evening.

    5.Thanksgiving is the perfect time to eat turkey, and is a couple of days before my birthday.

    6.Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Ranney might not be working at my school together, but are two peas in a pod that can't be separated.

    Did you like my masterpiece sentences?

    Your new and old blogging buddy,

    1. @Chloe,

      I love all your masterpiece sentences! However, number 6 is, of course, my favorite! You are definitely right about Mrs. Yollis and me. We may not be working together at Chaparral anymore, but we are definitely keeping in touch. I have been enjoying blogging with her new students, and I plan to visit the class from time to time to help out!

      Thanks again for your sensational sentence!

      Mrs. Ranney

  8. Dear Mrs. Ranney

    Here are my masterpiece sentences.
    The scared dog was lost out in the dark night.
    A colorful fairy burst up out of nowhere.
    The dog barked and barked very loudly.
    The fairy changed the barking dog into a cute, little girl!

    Do you like my fantasy masterpiece sentences?

    Your blogging friend,

  9. @Asha,

    What clever masterpiece sentences you composed! They tell a delightful story!

    I'm look forward to reading more of your writing throughout the year!

    Mrs. Ranney

  10. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Mrs. Ranney,

    Here is my masterpiece sentence:

    Snoopy likes to sit comfortably on his colorful Christmassy dog house and drink a cup of coffee while sleepily waiting for Santa Claus.

    Your student, Winston


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