Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Word Problems :: Explain Yourself!

Word problems can be complicated. Sometimes they involve many steps. If you make a mistake and don't realize it, your entire math problem will be incorrect.

We have been learning how to label or explain the steps in our word problems. Labeling helps students understand what each number means.

Here is problem #17 that was annotated in Skitch. (It is also available at the Google Play.)
Each color is a step.

Here is problem #12: 
Lauren has 43 stickers. She finds 5 more. She puts them in a book that holds 8 stickers on each page. How many pages will she need to put all the stickers in the book? 

Choose a problem to annotate and email it to Mrs. Yollis. If it is correct, it will be added to this post. Hint:  Use arrows wisely. Too many unnecessary arrows leads to confusion for the viewer!


Here is a new annotated photo from Miss Jordan in Victoria, Australia. Teachers are always learning too! 

What did you learn from her annotations? Do you have any questions for Miss Jordan about her work?

What are some other ways to clarify word problems?


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    I really enjoyed this blog post, it is great to see what you are learning about at school.

    At my new school this year, Barwon Heads Primary School, my students will all have their own iPad to use. I am currently on holidays and have been spending time looking for good iPad ideas to use in the classroom. Mrs Yollis always has great ideas, and using Skitch to annotate maths problems is one of them!

    It is great when teachers can learn from other teachers, and blogging really helps make this happen! Teachers are learners too, and I look forward to a great year of of learning ahead with my students and with all of you too!

    Your friend in Australia,

    Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Mrs.Yollis and class,

    I really like how you took a picture of the problem and posted it on the blog. It really helped me on my homework not just by looking at the answer but actually figuring it out. I hope it helped other kids to. Did it help any other kids in are class?


  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and Class,

    We thought what you did on Skitch was excellent and creative. We love that you labeled what you showed us. Great work! Did you know we use Skitch for spelling and division to make work easier. Do you think it makes work easier?

    If you have the time visit our blog

    Mrs. Keever's Class

  4. Keira, Ali, and ClareFebruary 7, 2014 at 12:43 PM

    Dear Ms Neumeyer,

    What a wonderful welcoming post!

    Keira enjoyed your post, and here are some of the things she liked best about your video. Keira liked your slide about snowboarding. Even though she has never been snowboarding, she would like to go. On your slide, you showed a picture of someone snowboarding. Was that person you? If so, how did you like going snowboarding? Keira also enjoyed your slide of the map of Canada. She has always wanted to go to Canada for summer, but her family has not let her because her sister did not want to go. If she ever visits, she would want to go to Ottawa in Ontario. Have you ever been to Ottawa? If so, what was Ottawa like?

    Ali wants to go snowboarding, but he has never been in snow. The only reasons he would like to go snowboarding is because he loves wind blowing on his face, and he loves going down steep hills. What does it feel like when you go snowboarding? By the way, that was some great music you played on your slideshow! I believe that music was called Jingle Techno. Do you think that that music was named after Jingle Bells?

    Clare has been in snow before. In fact, she went on a tram (that goes up into the mountains) in Palm Springs that had lots of snow! It was 1800 feet up in the mountains and 10°F there! Have you ever been on a tram? If so, where at? What would you do in the snow?

    Keira, Ali, and Clare


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