Sunday, March 10, 2013

Old Bay Surprise!

We received a mystery box! 
The box was marked fragile and had a return address from Maryland. Hmm...

Mrs. Yollis said that we knew the person who sent the mystery box, and that there was a clue in the October section of the archive on either the class blog or the 365 blog.

Heather and Collin were first to find two possible people in the October archive. One person mentioned in October was Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters. After a brief discussion, we ruled out Scooter as the sender. We did not believe he lived in Maryland and could not think of a reason why he would send us anything.

We next turned to photo number  297 :: Google HangOut on the 365 Blog. This photo featured several  teacher friends from the Google Teacher Academy Mrs. Yollis attended. 

After searching through the comment section, we discovered this comment from Joquetta Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland!

(Click to enlarge.)

Thank you Keira and Nate for your wonderful reply to Ms. Johnson in Baltimore, Maryland.

We would like to thank Ms. Johnson for her thoughtful gift! Everyone has been enjoying the delicious chips.

Thank you, too, for the wonderful book and the super spice! 
YOU are so nice!

What did you think of the Old Bay Chips?

Have you ever been to Chesapeake Bay, 
the largest estuary in the United States

Share some Chesapeake Bay facts!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I thought that the chips were delicious. I have never been to Chesapeake Bay. I also never knew that Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States? These are two facts about Chesapeake Bay. Two of the United States' five major North Atlantic ports-Baltimore and Hampton Roads-are on the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay holds more than 18 trillion gallons of water. What states border the Chesapeake Bay?

    Your comment loving student,

  2. I'm so excited and glad you enjoyed your special treat. I wish I could have delivered the box to you in person. Did you know, there is a breed of dogs named after the bay? This breed is known as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Sorry, but I can't send you doggie. Have a great day of learning.

    Your friend from Maryland,
    Ms Johnson


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