Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Multiplication/Division Pixie Problems!

Mrs. Yollis' third graders have been working with the computer teacher, Mrs. Minicozzi, to write multiplication and division story problems. 

First, students chose a X/÷ fact family and wrote the four equations


6      7     42

6 x 7 = 42
7 x 6 = 42
42 ÷ 7 = 6
42 ÷ 6 = 7

Second,  students selected one of the fact family equations.

Third, students wrote a story to match the math equation. Fictional characters were used as the main characters.

Finally, students used the computer program called Pixie to illustrate their story problems. 


Word Problems by Mrs. Yollis's class

What was the most difficult part about creating your Pixie pages? 

What advice would you give others who are using Pixie?

Make up another word problem in the comment section!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Wow! I never knew our class could be so creative!

    Here is another word problem.
    John has 45 pencils and he has 9 jars to store them. How many pencils are in each jar? 45 divided by 9 = 5 pencils in each jar.


  2. Mrs Yollis
    Thank you for teaching me something new, again. I loved the fact that you've used Youpublisher and also have such detail in your description of what you were completing. I've got to show this to my students, who started back at school yesterday.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.


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