Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Blogging Month Winner, Heather!

Second grade Heather was one of the top winners during our Family Blogging Month! 

Here is her free-choice post! She took all the photos and wrote the text.

This is naughty Rocky. As you can see, his is pretty cute, but is naughty. He is a golden retriever mixed with a chow. Rocky’s legs and tongue make him part chow. Rocky’s legs are shorter than a regular golden retriever. On his tongue, he has bluish-purplish dots.

When we got Rocky, he was only one year old. We adopted him from the animal shelter. His birthday (adopted date) is March 17, 2011.

Here is Rocky holding the tennis ball in his mouth. Do you know why the tennis ball is whiter than usual? All the white things are saliva. When we throw the ball we don’t wear gloves. Instead, we use our hands and after we are done throwing the ball, we NEED to wash our hands. If any of us don’t wash our hands, germs from Rocky will spread.

Now, Rocky has dropped the ball. When he doesn’t want us to thrown the ball, but we throw it, the next time he lays down, he will keep the ball in his mouth.

Most dogs stick out their tongues because they are happy. They also stick out their tongues when they are hot. In this picture, it looks like he is hot and happy.

Do you have a dog?
If yes, what type of dog is it?
If you don’t, what is your dream pet?


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,
    I love golden retriever dogs, your dog is such a cute dog. I have a dog, his name is tick. We got him from the shelter! He is a German Shepherd mixed. He was just about a day from getting put to sleep. I think your dog is adorable. Please see my blog http://firedragon23.blogspot.com/

  2. Dear Heather
    Congratulations on being one of the Family Blogging Month winners. I think you have made a great choice of a blogging topic.
    Rocky does indeed look very cute! Will he grow much bigger than he is now?

    We don't have a dog, so next week when my brother comes for a few days and brings his dog, we will need to put up some extra fencing to make sure the dog stays safe!

    Do you do obedience training with your dog? What do you think are the important things for him to be able to do?

    best wishes
    Mrs McKenzie from New Zealand

    1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      Thank you for the excellent comment!

      I think I will not grow any more. Mrs. Yollis' dog, Buck, is about the same size as me. What type of dog is your brother's dog?

      Since I am only one year old, I think I am smarter than usual. (See what I just did! I typed a dependence clause!) Is your brother's dog smart in your opinion?

      I like to jump over the fence. Especially when I see something that attracts me such as other dogs, treats, and people playing something that looks fun. What does your brother's dog love?

      My owner trains me. They trained my how to: sit, stay, come, drop, shake, and stop. Do your brother's dog know all those tricks?

      Your new buddy,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    We are 4th graders at Carolina Day School in Asheville, NC. There are 15 kids in our class and 10 of us have dogs. So does Mrs. Burton, the teacher. From our class, we have 3 golden retrievers, 1 golden doodle, 1 flat coat retriever, 3 cavalier king charles, 1 great dane, 1 bull mastiff, 1 westie, and 3 mixed breeds. Wow, that is a lot of dogs. We think Rocky is adorable and we really like his purple tongue. How many kids in your class have dogs and what kinds are they?

    Mrs. Burton's class

    1. @ Mrs. Burton,

      You are a fabulous blogger for a starter. :-D

      If Heather didn't have a split class (a third and second split), we would have less people than you. (I did a dependent clause again!) Heather's class has ten second graders and twelve third graders. How many girls do you have in your class? How many boys do you have in your class?

      I was surprised that you went on your computer and found our class blog! Thanks for leaving a comment on my post. :-)

      The second graders are talking about survey. I did something similar to your question. I asked, "What are your favorite dog breeds?" It was not about whom has dogs and whom does not, but I had some choices. They were: chow, golden retriever, hound, and bulldog. Most people chose golden retriever. Nobody chose chow. I thought nobody chose chow because they didn't know what a chow was. A chow is a dog that has short legs and a purplish tongue. What is your dog breed?

      Your happy buddy,

    2. Thanks for your reply!

      We have 8 boys and 7 girls in our class. How many do you have of each?
      My dogs are a golden retriever named Kyle who is 8 years old, and a golden doodle named Daisy who is 5 years old. A golden doodle is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle.

      Mrs. Burton's class

  4. Dear Heather and Rocky,

    Heather, Yes I do have dogs. In fact, I have 4 dogs. They are all King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. They all are very very friendly. Their names are Mika, Cooper, Pokie, and Rory.

    Rocky, You seem very friendly and naughty. I noticed that your owner, Heather, taught you how to sit, stay, come, drop, shake, and stop. You are very talented.

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Heather,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post about Rocky.
    He looks and sounds like a wonderful pet to own. I also love the photos you included in your blog post.

    I do own a dog and he is an Australian red heeler dog. Hack is his name. Hack has a wonderful personality and like Rocky just loves to chase balls and BB.
    We take him for a walk just about everyday but some times I am pretty sure he takes us for the walks.

    Hope you and Rocky have a barking great Christmas.

    AA :)

    1. @ AA,

      Hi! I am Heather, Rocky's owner! Rocky sure left a lot of comments!

      You are right. He is a wonderful pet to own. Sometimes when we keep him in the kitchen for the night, he sometimes walks on the kitchen floor. If he does that, he will slip because the kitchen floor is built with smooth tiles.

      I read some grand comments from BB. She is an amazing blogger. So is Rocky! ;-) You are too!

      I hope you had a naughty Christmas!

      Your buddy,
      ♥ Heather ♥

  6. Dear Heather,

    Congratulations on being the family blogging winner and putting together a guest post so quickly. You are on your way to becoming a great blogger.

    Rocky is really lucky to have a caring girl like you to devote an entire post to him. He is really cute. He certainly has an unusually colored tongue. Is that normal for this breed?

    Where do you and Rocky like to go?

    Enjoy your winter break.


  7. @ Keira,

    Yes, I am talented, but I did not master all of them. I missed one that I can also type. I do not have fingers, so I cannot keep my finger nails on the home row keys. :-( Do your dogs know how to do all those things? About how old are they?

    I know a book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid that Heather and her brother reads. There is a collection. In one of the books, there is a monkey named Rory. I do not know the whole story, but I know he was as naughty as me. :-D


  8. Dear Heather and Rocky,

    Arf Arf

    That's a nice ball you got there. When and where did you get the ball?

    Heather, you asked what our favorite pet is, or what your dream pet is. Sadly, I do not have a pet, but I do have a dream pet. My dream pet is a Maltese.

    Do you want another pet?


  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,

    I did have a dog (Poncho). But sadly two years ago in March he got lost :(. But I know he loved being a part of your blog when he could. My favorite pet is a dog (of course)! Again I don't have a pet anymore, but my dream pet is to get Poncho back, or to get a Maltese.

    From your old student,
    Moraiya Pourfarid

    P.S I am so glad you taught me everything clearly because in Middle School you really need it :)


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