Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday, AA (Australian Parent)

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Today we are sending a special birthday song out to a wonderful Australian parent. This parent, named Alma or AA,  has been a supportive person of this classroom blog for the past two year. Here is a post from 2010 when she and her daughter, Bianca, sent our class an Australian care package! This mother-daughter pairing has developed an online friendship between Mrs. Yollis and her mother!

AA's daughter, Bianca, is a former student of Mrs. Morris in Australia.Through our classroom blogs we have gotten to know one another. AA dedicates a lot of her time to support classroom blogging. She regularly leaves quality comments for students, and we certainly appreciate her support!

Thank you, Sarah, for the violin accompaniment!

A classroom blog is a fabulous project filled with wonderful friendships!

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Click here to see a special birthday blog for Alma's birthday! 


  1. Hi class,

    Well, I am at work and I just received an email from Mrs. Yollis about the blog. The email contained a link so I clicked on it. I was quickly whisked away from my email program to my web browser. The web browser showed me a little video of the class singing happy birthday. What a lovely way to break up the day. You all look so great and are so polite. I must admit that sometimes I forget to go on the blog so an emailed link is a great way to remind me. Good job, class. From a hardworking dad of one of you.

    1. @ a hardworking dad from the class, :-)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a quality comment. Music is a great way to brighten up a day, especially from children!

      I try to include direct links to all of our posts because it is so special when the class receives a comment from a parent. That home connect helps bring the learning to life. The look of pride on a child's face when they read their parent's comment is priceless.

      Alma has been an amazing supporter of our blog. Her daughter is now in fourth grade, but Alma and Bianca continue to be a part of our learning!

      One idea I recommend is to subscribe to our blog via your email. That way, you will be notified as soon as a new post gets published. The email subscription box is in the sidebar, just below our ClustrMap gadget.

      Thanks again for your support!

      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Craig,
      That was a good comment.
      I was not there when my class sang to AA.
      What does break up the day mean. Will you do another comment.
      Please comment again.

      Hugs and kisses,


    3. @ Madison,

      What does "Break up the day" mean? Well, sometimes the day can go by really slowly. I bet you all know what that is like. The seconds hand on the clock seems to move slower and slower. Tic, toc.....tic, toc. tic...............toc.................tic..............................toc. But just when you think time has stopped, something really fun happens, like singing a song, eating ice-cream or playing at break. When you are done with the fun activity, you realize that a lot of time has passed and the day has been "broken up."



  2. Dear Mrs Yollis' class,

    What a lovely and touching performance you all gave.

    Dear AA,
    Thank you for being so supportive of our class and students. It has not gone unnoticed. The video message is a testament of how positively you have affected all of us. We wish you a happy birthday and hope you will continue to be a an inspiration for not just our students, but parents as well.


    1. @ Victoria,

      Yes I agree with you it really was a touching performance. I had the biggest smile from ear to ear which I still have. :)

      Thank you for you lovely comment and the birthday wish you have made my day so special too.

      You have been amazing too with all the support you have given Bianca on her blog too. I know for a fact Bianca gets a real buzz when she receives a comment from you or Miriam and Sarah. It really is so lovely to see a family taking on the blogging world together.

      Now take care Victoria,

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post wishing me a happy birthday it really has moved me.
    Your singing was amazing as I felt like you were all in the next room to me.

    Sweet Sarah thank you for playing the violin for me it really was music to me ears and I am so very grateful.

    To everyone you all have made this day so special which I know I will never forget.

    Mrs Yollis I feel so very lucky that we have crossed this road and I have connected with you and your class. I am always amazed with blogging with the friendships which are made and how we can learn from each other no matter where in the world we may live.

    Once again thank you for this beautiful post and happy blogging everyone.

    1. Dear AA,

      Happy Birthday! I am really glad that you liked our post. I hope you will continue to visit our blog and leave us lovely comments.

      How did you celebrate your birthday?

      Your blogging buddy,

    2. @ Sarah,

      Thank you for the Happy Birthday comment as I really do appreciate it a great deal.

      I loved the post! and with you playing the violin was just a prefect start to my birthday celebration.

      I celebrated my day with heap of friends calling in and visiting me and I must say they are still showing up today.

      Bianca her dad and I went out for dinner which was really lovely. However I did get more of a surprise for when it came to paying for our dinner the waiter informed us that the bill had already been paid for.
      I only found out later on in the night when I arrived home that my very dear and special friend had prepaid our meal for us.

      So I really have had a truly beautiful birthday on so many levels.
      Thank you for sharing this day with me too Sarah.

      From your pal,
      AA. :)

    3. Dear AA,

      Happy Birthday!

      I hope you enjoyed the song my class sang to you on your birthday.
      I thought Sara played the violin beautifully, and she is very talented.
      Do you agree with me?

      I'm sure you had a wonderful day with your friends, and it was really thoughtful of your friend to prepay for your dinner that night. What a lovely surprise!

      Thank you for leaving wonderful comments on Mrs. Yollis' class blog.


    4. @ Atrina,

      Thank you for writing a comment on my very special birthday post.

      I enjoyed and loved the song you all sang for it was just beautiful so BRAVO! to you all.

      Yes, I agree with you Sara played the violin just beautifully. How right you are she is very talented.
      Do you play a musical instrument Atrina?

      I really did have a wonderful day as I am still smiling.

      Take care Atrina.

      From AA.

  4. @ AA,

    I loved your comment!

    I play the piano! I have learned almost every note.
    I am thinking to start playing the guitar. My guitar is brown, and I got it for being a good girl around the house.

    Do you play an instrument?
    If you know how to play more than one instrument please tell me witch one do you like most?

    Have a spectacular day!


    1. @ Atrina,

      Thank you for writing back to me. I enjoyed reading your great comment.
      That is so wonderful to read that you play the piano. I wish I had learned how to play the piano when I was your age but I didn't.

      I would have also loved to learn how to play the harp. How wonderful that you are thinking about learning how to play the guitar. Learning to play a musical instrument is music to my ears.

      Atrina I really love your name. Are you named after someone in your family?

      Keep blogging Atrina.
      And I hope you to have an awesome day.

      From your pal down under,


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