Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Typical California School Day!

The first week of the global project called Our World, Our Stories has been magnificent! 

Watch our PhotoPeach of a 

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  1. @ Mrs.Yollis,

    Great blog post about the Our wold,Our storis blog post we look at it evry day at school and at home some times.
    Here is my blog address if you what to check it out,
    I am a new blogger as you chould see if you check out my blog now that you have my blog address now.
    I am Mikayla from 2KM Mrs Morris's class.

    Your blogging pal,
    Mikayla (Austalia)

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis's class,
    I am Matthew's sister, Taylor, in seventh grade, and I was wondering if you wanted to know what a typical middle school day is like for me. Our day is separated into six parts, called periods. My first period class is math. It's difficult, but I have an amazing teacher named Mrs. Asher who explains the challenging problems really well. We have to do things with variables, which are letters that take place of numbers. For example, it might say x+1=2, and we must figure out that x is 1. However, we must do problems like 78/5x=-1.34. Sometimes the problems are hard, but I have friends in my class who I can work with. Between classes, we have 5 minute "passing periods," where we walk from classroom to classroom. After math, I have band class. I play the alto saxophone, which is usually just called called saxophone, or just sax. We are playing a really fun Halloween song, called Fright Night. It has parts of songs in Jaws, Adam's Family, and Thriller in it. I am also going to do jazz soon, which is a really fun style. After band, I have a science class. We are studying genes, which pretty much say how people look and act based on our parents. For example, genes say that Mrs. Yollis has red hair. In science, we also learn some computer skills, and we are building virtual houses on a program called CAD. My partner and I are going to build either a pink or purple house. We both like bright colors. After science, I have history class. In my class, we study the medieval world, and right now, we are learning about the religion Islam, and its leaders. The people who practice Islam are called Muslims. Most Muslims live in the Middle East. After History class, we eat lunch. After lunch, I have 15 minutes of silent reading, then PE. This week, we are learning to play soccer. We are learning skills like punting, dribbling, and passing. I'm not very good at any of these, but I'm still practicing. We are being tested next week. Later in the year we will learn dancing and track and field. My last class of the day is English. We are reading a book called "The Outsiders," and writing stories about it. My story is about a nurse when a boy named Johnny who was in a fire comes into the hospital. I enjoy writing about it, because it is a perspective that I am not used to. That is basically a day in middle school.

    <3 Your Blogging Buddy,

  3. Hi Mrs. Yollis and class!

    It's Kyli, a former Chaparral student. I enjoyed looking at your video about a, "Typical California School Day!" I moved to a ranch in Murrieta, California, and started at a new school.
    I was excited to see that your class is reading the same story that I am in my class! It's called, "The Talking Cloth". It's a great story. A day at my new school is very similar to your schedule. However, I start at 8:30am and get out 2:40pm. My early out day is Monday. A lot of kids at my school play jump rope at recess and lunch. I've learned many new jump rope games and songs and I am getting really good at it :-)
    I am also studying polygons this week and your video was very helpful to me!
    I miss you all and hope to visit Chaparral soon.

    Happy Halloween!
    Your friend,
    Kyli G.

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis and her class of exceptional students,

    It was wonderful to be able to visit with you last week. I was very impressed with your technology skills and learned some new things about blogging. I will now use the @ symbol when I reply to posts. It is so important to be respectful when communicating on the Internet and your posts show great care in responding. I like the way you carefully edit and review your posts using spell check and peer review. I was checking my e-mail today and had new mail from a site called Classroom 2.0 which I subscribe to and get updates daily. Imagine my surprise when the e-mail had a post to Our World, Our Stories and your class was featured! It was fun to view the video about your day and I appreciate the way your pictures show your activities while keeping privacy in mind. I have bookmarked your blog and will plan to check in to learn about the amazing things your class is doing. Mrs. Yollis is my new role model! Best Regards, Mrs. Kirsch


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