Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Back, Mr. Salsich's Class!

Mrs. Yollis' class is Quad-Blogging buddies with Mr. Salsich's class in Connecticut! 

They just published their first post of the year. Please head over to their blog and introduce yourself. Be sure to tell them you are from Mrs. Yollis' class. Try to make a connection! Ask a relevant question!

Mr. Salsich and Mrs. Yollis are also sheriffs of the world famous Reading Round-Up! literacy blog!

Here is one video these two trailblazers created about non-fiction text features! Yee Haw!

Did you leave a quality comment for Mr. Salsich on his blog? 

What do you think of the non-fiction text feature video?

What was your favorite feature and why?


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I just left a quality comment to Mr. Salsich about what I did over the summer. I told him I am looking forward to doing Skype calls with him. I always Skype with my mom when she travels to another state or country.

    I really liked the video that you and Mr. Salsich made together. How did you make the video together? My favorite nonfiction text feature is captions because I like to look at photos and the captions explain about the photo.


    From your student,

  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I visited Mr. Salsich's blog and left a quality comment about chameleons. The best part about Mr. Salsich's blog are the chameleon videos. The videos are interesting because one has photos of real chameleons. When showing the adaptations I couldn't find the chameleon in the leaves because of his camouflage.

    I love your Reading Round-Up video. It reminded me of a real western with cowboys and you were the star! The non-fiction text feature I like best is the glossary. A glossary is a mini dictionary that will help you spell and learn the meaning of new words.

    Do you have a favorite non-fiction book?

    Your student,

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I`m sure you don`t remember me so i`m
    gonna say who I am I was a student in Mr. Salsich`s class my name will be at the end.

    that was in Mr. Salsich`s class last year.

  4. Hey Mrs. Yollis and students,

    It's Miss B's Block again...we just finished leaving a comment above and then scrolled down to learn a little more about you and we all needed to comment on this video because we LOVE IT!!!!

    You are both excellent cowboys...very knowledgeable too!

    My students learned about some new text features in nonfiction books!

    Thomas said: That was awesome !

    Mercedes said: Miss B can you be a cowboy?

    Justin W-L: Looks like the really were in the wild west :)

    We just did a video of "Said" aka Say's funeral. You might enjoy it too! here Time to say goodbye

    Miss B's Block
    (carpet comment)


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